Daayan 26th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi’s Plan To Expose Nandini’s Truth

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Daayan 26th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Harsh informs Prithvi that hospital called and informed that Jahnvi is injured and in hospital. Prithvi asks how can it be, she is in her room. They check her room and don’t find her, so reach hospital where doctor informs that they could not save Jahnvi. Prithvi asks to try again. Doctor says they did their best. Veer also reaches and cries holding Jahnvi’s body. Aakarsh reaches next and cries holding Jahnvi and reminiscing her proposing him. Nandini enters and starts her drama. Narendra and Sapna reach and asks what happened. Nandini informs them that Jahnvi is no more. They all cry shattered. Nandini tells Aakarsh that she cannot stay among crying people and if he can drop him to hotel. Aakarsh says his driver will drop her to hotel. Nandini gets into car and picks lipstick from wallet, but keeps it back thinking she should act as in sorrow. She asks driver to switch on music and is shocked to see Jahnvi standing on road. She gets out of car and does not find anyone. In hospital, wardboy takes Jahnvi’s body for postmortem. Pritvhi and Harsh shout they will not let postmortem on their sister and will take her home. Inspector reaches and says they have to perform postmortem as Jhahnvi was fell from a building where she was not suppose to and they found a man’s shoe prints on the venue, may be she is murdered. In hotel, Nandini meets man and says his work is done and Jahnvi is dead, reminiscing man pushing Jahnvi from building terrace. Man asks to get mangalsutra from Aakarsh soon and get its powers. Nandini says wedding is after 3 days on pooranmaasi and they have to wait. Jahnvi’s family return home with her photo. Nandini badmouths Mainka and Asha that Jahnvi brought death on herself was she was doing black magic. Seyansh and Bablu discuss they will achieve what they need after 3 days on pooranmaasi and their pain will end forever.

Nandini returns to her hotel room and books makeup and manicure appointment for her wedding after 3 days. She gets into bathroom thinking good Jahnvi is dead now and is shocked seeing Jahnvi in bathtub. She panics and shouts. Hotel staff enters followed by Aakarsh. She hugs him and says she knows Jahnvi is dead, but her memory is not going away from her brain. After sometime, Aakarsh informs her that he wants to postpone their marriage for sometime till he gets out of Jahnvi’s memories. Nandini panics and threatens to suicide from balcony if Aakarsh does not marry her. Chandrika and Mainka force Aakarsh to agree t marry Nandini on decided date. Nandini sees Jahnvi again and gets afraid. Janvi is seen hanging with rope and Veer helping her. He pulls her up. Jahnvi reminisces how Nandini pushed her from terrace and she holds bamboo support and falls down with minimal injuries. Veer reaches there and rushes her to hospital in ambulance. In ambulance, Jahnvi opens eyes and informs that Nandini chudail pushed her from terrace and they need to trouble Nandini so much that she herself accepts her crime. In hospital, Jahnvi tells Veer that Kundini Roy’ death when she entered was not an accident and chudail must have killed her, she has to save children from chudail Nandini. They convince doctor to help them in making everyone believe she is dead.

Jahnvi and Veer go to market to find some clue where Vishakha identifies her in car. Jahnvi drives car away. Vishhaka reaches home and informs Pritvhi. Family performs Jahnvi’s shanti pooja where Janinta gets labor pains and is rushed to hospital. Jahnvi tries to leave hospital and hides seeing her family. Her father sees her and informs Harsh who says Jahnvi didi will be in their memories always. After sometime, Seyansh and Bablu meet Dayan and discuss tomorrow on Pooranmasi, they will be relieved from their pain forever. Jahnvi enters Nandini’s room at night and frightens her that she killed her and has to confess her crime. Veer uses magnetic gloves and flies objects in Nandini’s room. Nandini shivers in fear. Jahnvi says she will not let her marry Akarsh and she has to accept her crime. Family rushes in hearing Nandini shouting and see no one there. Next day, Aakarsh and Jahnvi’s wedding rituals start. Aakarsh sadly sits for haldi ritual reminiscing Jahnvi. Nandini panics reminiscing Jahnvi’s warning to confess her crime and she will not let her marry Aakarsh. Jahnvi continues executing her plan.

Precap: Aakarsh applies sindhoor on Jahnvi’s forehead and is shocked to see her alive.

Update Credit to: MA

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