Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 40

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

Author’s Note : Dear readers, as my Dutch classes started the Updates will henceforth be delayed…i will try to publish episodes regularly and will also try to reply to all you responses on time, however if delayed please do forgive me…please do like and post your opinions without fail….Thank you for your support !!!!

‘’Gauri’’ Anika said and came to a halt…her eyes filled with anger and she walked away towards th gate where Riddhima being taken away by police …

Anika came to Riddhima and gave a tight slap ‘’how dare you? How dare you shoot my sister? How dare you?’’ Anika held Riddhima’s collar and was shaking her

‘’I just wanted to see this…such a fear on everyone’s eyes…and I am happy…i also cried the same way Anika when I lost my sister….and the anger which you are having now , I too had then and it continued….’’

‘’You are wrong..Gauri had no mistake…but you did a sin…I will never forgive you for this…I will never forgive you’’ Anika slapped again

‘’Sin….this is not sin this is getting justice….you will only understand when you are in my shoes…you will understand if all of a sudden you would get to know that your family was being killed by someone whom you have loved more than yourself…that day …on that day you would understand my pain…’’

‘’such day would never arrive…now leave from here…just go….and dare you come infront of me again…’’

Riddhima smiled and said ‘’I had done what I wanted to…now I have no qualms…who knows one day you will come to me by yourself’’

The lady constable took her  away………

——————On the other hand, in the OM


‘’Om…call Ambulance…doctor…what are you staring at? Om…’’ Shivaay was screaming

While Khanna did the job of calling the ambulance and doctor everyone else sans Shivaay stood still ….

Soon Gauri was taken to hospital….

Shivaay called up Gauri’s Mom Madhu sharma and informed about Gauri’s state….she was aghast and collapsed…. Shivaay asked Khanna to take the chopper and get Gauri’s mom to Mumbai….Khanna left immediately

Anika was shaken up completely, her tears were drying and she sat speaking nothing…Sumo joined the Obros and was helping Shivaay to handle Om …Rudra on the other hand sat beside Anika and tried his best to make her talk something, but of no use….

‘’Bhayya…Anika didi is not saying a word…I am afraid…do something bhayya’’ Rudra spoke

‘’Om’s state is no better….i should have taken proper step to ensure she doesn’t come up with such things…damn Riddhima…’’

The doctor came out of the Intensive medical care unit and soon Anika, Om, shiv ru prinku and sumo rounded the doctor

‘’Doctor…how is Gauri’’ shivaay asked

‘’We have taken the bullet…but ‘’

Anika Looked scared ‘’but…but what ?’’

‘’But since the bullet hit her the impact went so high that her bone marrow stopped creating new blood cells and if this continues she may develop other diseases which can lead her to death’’

‘’no..no..this…this cannot happen…this is not possible…she will be fine…shivayy she will be fine right…shivaay ask doctor say that she will be fine’’ Om held Shivaay’s collar when shivaay tried to persuade…

‘’Is there no way, we can get her recovered?’’ Priyanka asked doctor

‘’We need a bone marrow donor and it should be an exact match…call her parents and also her siblings…we need them here as soon as possible….’’

Doctor left saying this…an hour later Gauri’s Mom came to the hospital accompanied by Khanna

‘’Gauri…where is Gauri’’ Madhu Sharma asked Omkara

Tears dropped from Omkara’s eyes while his finger pointed towards ICU….

Madhu ran fast into the ICU and seeing Gauri’s state she cried inconsolably….but soon Shivaay stepped in and sat on his knees

‘’Mam…I know..i know you are drowning in fear of losing Gauri…I know and can understand but at this moment we need your help…help to save Gauri’’

‘’Help…what help?’’ Madhu asked Shivaay wiping her tears seeing a hope

‘’we need a bone marrow donor for Gauri and doctor said that generally family member can be of help…do Gauri have siblings? ‘’

Madhu was slipping into thoughts

‘’Gauri had an elder sister but we don’t know where she is?’’ Madhu spoke vaguely

‘’What?’’ Shivaay exclaimed

‘’Yes…Gauri’s sister has not been with her since she was 4 years old and Gauri has been trying to locate her ever since but nothing was fruitful’’ Madhu exclaimed

‘’Mam…mam…we can look for her later but please come along with me…I hope your bone marrow might just match…’’ Shivaay requested  and Madhu walked along with him towards Doctor’s room leaving Rudra and Prinku with unconscious Gauri

Doctor did the test to see whether the bone marrow matches or not, but Madhu’s bone marrow didn’t match…Om, Shivaay and everyone else became tensed

‘’We need an exact donor ASAP…we have very less time….’’ Doctor reminded them

‘’is there no other way Doctor?’’ Shivaay asked again

‘’Mr.Shivaay I have also initiated my medical fraternity with the bone marrow request, if we can get exact match, we are saved else the only way left is to find her long last sibling…at this point only her sibling can save the patient ..no one else can do anything…the maximum time you can get is 4-5 hrs because the patient cannot survive more than that, as she is giving up already and her state is critical’’

Anika who went out to temple to pray for Gauri entered just then….Madhu ji left to the ICU exactly when Anika stepped in

Everyone else were tensed and were slowly losing hopes…..

‘’what did Doctor say? Shivaay  tell me what did doctor say?’’

‘’She needs a bone marrow transplant and for that we need to search her sister’’

‘’Then what are we waiting for…come on Shivaay we will bring her sister…why are you all standing still…’’

‘’Didi…didi…please…please relax….’’

‘’Rudra…what’s the matter…listen don’t hide anything from me…I am in no mood to play hide and seek’’

‘’Didi…Gauri didi has a sister but where is she now is not known to anyone not even to Gauri didi’’ Rudra almost cried while saying

‘’no…this can’t be possible…Shivaay did you ask auntyji properly…there must be some clue regarding her sister….’’

‘’Anika….i have asked her many times by now…but the only answer we got is , that when Mam took Gauri with her, Gauri’s sister was nowhere to be seen. No picture of her childhood is with her , but even if we have any picture the features must have changed by now and we don’t know where in this large world is she now? It is seeming impossible, the only hope is a miracle to happen’’

‘’Shivaay…I will go home and check her belongings for any thing that might lead us to a way’’

‘’I …I will come along with you Anika’’

‘’No Shivaay…you need to stay here to console Om ‘’

‘’I will come along with you didi…’’ Rudra spoke

Sumo, Anika and Rudra left towards Anika’s home while Om went to meet Madhu to get any other information

Anika and RuMya searched Gauri’s room for any item related to her sister, but couldn’t find anything….

‘’Gauri’s bag? Where is Gauri’s bag? ‘’ Anika screamed

‘’It might be in the hospital’’ Sumo replied

‘’may be…I will ask Prinku to search her bag’’ Saying Anika called Prinku

Few minutes later Anika received a call on her mobile ‘’Anika , Gauri’s bag is not in hospital’’ that’s when Shivaay came to Prinku and said ‘’Prinku …Gauri…Gauri left her bag in Oberoi Mansion…it is there in the Mansion and I am sure about it’’

‘’Shivaay …Get the bag now to the hospital, I am reaching the hospital right now’’ Anika replied to Shivaay in the call and disconnected

Shivaay left for OM

———–Meanwhile In ICU

‘’Aunty ji…I am Omkara..closest friend to Gauri and because of whom Gauri is in this state’’ Om spoke sitting on the floor while letting his tears out

‘’Beta…please don’t say so…I know Gauri, she is a warrior , nothing can happen to her…’’ Madhu spoke crying

‘’Aunty ji…at this moment we need to know about Gauri and her childhood…please let us know something, with which we can find her sister…any smallest thing will be of help to us’’

‘’beta….Gauri is not my real daughter…she is my Sister’s daughter….my sister Meghana and her Husband Harshavaradhan Trivedi’s daughter….one day we got a call that Meghana and Harsh both were dead and their elder daughter Anika Trivedi went missing ….’’

‘’Anika Trivedi…Anika…’’ Om repeated the name thinking of Anika

‘’yes beta Anika was Gauri’s sister’s name….Gauri was the second kid of Meghana and Harsh….we were asked to take Gauri with us after my sister and her husband’s death….…we had no children of our own , so we were more than happy to become Gauri’s parents….we used to stay in Amravati initially but later my late husband got a permanent and a good job in Bareilly, so we shifted there….then we bought Gauri up with whatever we could…. Gauri had one bag which she brought with us and she never allowed us to touch it , whenever she used to see the bag , she used to remember her elder sister …seeing her becoming sad for her sister, we too tried to find her …but after years we gave up….’’

‘’Aunty ji….do you…do you have any pics of her sister, even the childhood pics if any…please aunty think once’’

‘’No beta…I don’t have…I wish I had kept one atleast it would have been useful now…’’

‘’it’s okay aunty ji…can you tell me where did Gauri used to live in her childhood , where did Gauri’s father work anything…any minor clue’’

‘’yes…I know…they used to live in Mumbai…he used to work for , what’s the name…’’

‘’please aunty ji try to remember, it is important’’

‘’they were very rich…and Harsh ji was almost like a family to them..we asked many times to come to our place but Harsh used to right away deny saying that his owners will not be able to do anything without him…Harsh used to feel pride working for them…’’

‘’fine aunty if you are not remembering the name, atleast do you have any fairest idea where they used to live…I will take you…’’

‘’It’s been many years I came to Mumbai and I don’t remember anything….wait their name …Gauri is working for the same people….’’

Om stood shocked, when Shivaay reached the ICU

‘’Om…did Anika come ?’’

‘’Shivaay…Gauri…Gauri is…’’

‘’yes Om…Gauri is Anika’s sister….now we can save her’’ Shivaay smiled amid being emotional ’’….but’’

‘’Did you find Anika, Gauri’s sister?’’ Madhu came forward with hope

‘’Yes Aunty ji….We found Anika…she is right with us and will be arriving here anytime soon…but’’ Shivaay stopped

‘’What happened Shivaay? Why are you looking tensed’’ Om asked

Shivaay spoke something to Om and Madhu, which made them shocked and sad at the sametime…Shivaay requested them not to reveal anything to anyone till he asks, to which they agreed. He gave Gauri’s bag to Madhu ji and asked to keep it safe with her.

‘’Shivaay…Gauri should know this….she has been madly searching for her sister since years and now when we know who her sister is , it is not fair to hide it from her’’

‘’I understand Om , but ‘’

‘’I will tell Gauri everything and make her understand the situation once she gets fine…don’t worry’’


‘’Beta..i want to see my another daughter…I want my both daughters back…please’’ Madhu cried

———Few minutes later

‘’Shivaay…did you find her bag?’’ Anika came running

Madhu stepped forward , but stopped reminiscing shivaay’s words she stopped

‘’Anika…Anika relax…what is your blood group?’’

‘’B +, but why are you asking now? What about the donor?’’

‘’Anika…listen…right now…Gauri needs B+ blood group immediately and among us only you are with the same group…also I would ask Doctor to check your bone marrow, who knows if it matches , we can get our Gauri back….will you go for the test? Next prinku, sumo  also will go and get them tested’’

‘’but Shivaay’’

‘’Anika…sometimes we search for a thing in entire world and doesn’t see the one infront…please…give a try…’’

‘’I will do anything for Gauri …SHIVAAY….if by God’s grace my bone marrow matches , I will be more than happy to give it to her….i mean it Shivaay’’

‘’Come with me then’’ Shivaay held her hand

Om came to her and hugged her ….Anika looked at Madhu, Madhu smiled hiding her tears

‘’Aunty ji…I couldn’t meet you properly , but after the tests I will meet you…please bless Gauri and Me and hope she gets fine….’’ Anika spoke and bent to take Madhu’s blessings…

Madhu blessed and kissed Anika on her forehead .

The tests done and results matched, Anika was soon taken to the operation theatre along with Gauri and the operation began

Sumo ‘’that means Anika Didi and Gauri didi’s bone marrow matched…this is a miracle…I am so happy…’’

Rudra smiled while Prinku and Shivaay were tensed …Om sat with Madhu ji and tried to gain and give confidence

The Operation was done and the doctor came out and everyone surrounded him

‘’Don’t worry, the operation is successful…both are safe and Gauri is out of danger….Mr.Shivaay I need to talk something with you…’’

‘’Doctor can we meet both of them?’’ Rudra asked

‘’Not now…they will be shifted to the room in few minutes then you can meet…but I am afraid they will not be in conscious even then…so better you wait’’

‘’prinku, Saumya…go back to OM as Dadi is alone and tensed …you can come back when one of us returns home’’ Shivaay ordered and left with Doctor

————After few hours

‘’Gauri slowly opened her eyes and saw Anika lying beside still eyes closed’’

‘’Anika didi’’ she slowly whispered

‘’Gauri beta’’ Madhu came to her ‘’I am so happy to see you …what would have I done if something would have happened? How can you be so irresponsible? Didn’t you for a moment think of your maa?’’

Om who stood near the door looked at her with tears flowing and a smile adorned his lips to see Gauri recovering

‘’Maa…sorry…please…don’t cry…you know I cannot see you like this….’’Gauri spoke trying to wipe the tears

‘’Thank God Anika came at the right time and gave you your life…else’’ Madhu stopped while Gauri frowned

‘’Anika didi gave me my life? What are you saying maa?’’

‘’Nothing…just thank God that you both…my both daughters are safe now…you take rest…I will be back after thanking God…’’ saying Madhu ji left while Om stepped in

‘’Gauri….how are you? What was the need to take the bullet? Can you imagine how many times I died in these few hours..had something happened to you, I would have died in guilt….how did you even think of doing it..’’

‘’om…please…I can do anything to save you’’

‘’you are pagal Gauri…truly pagal’’

‘’I know…’’ she smiled

‘’Take rest, while I will inform Shivaay about you coming into senses and all others too’’

‘’om…why is Anika didi lying here…what happened to her? Why was mom saying she gave me my life back’’

‘’I will answer you everything Gauri , but you must recover first….you saved Anika once today morning and Anika saved you in return…you both sisters can do anything for eachother …even give away your lives…’’ Om smiled

Gauri looked at Anika

Gauri TAM ‘’Anika didi…wake up…what happened to you? I am not liking seeing you like this…for me wake up…please’’

Anika was fluttering eyes ….Madhu ji came in and sat with Anika caressing her head and gave a forehead kiss….

‘’Aunty ji….Gauri…How is Gauri?’’ Anika asked opening her eyes

‘’Didi’’ Gauri called in extreme low voice

Tears ran down both their eyes and they smiled….

‘’Gauri never ever dare to do anything of such sort…it must be me who have to save you, not other way round..take it as my order or request but you must follow’’ Anika spoke in a warning tone to which Gauri held her ears…Anika , Madhu ji smiled

Madhu TAM ‘’Thank you Shiv ji for making me meet both my daughters at the right time…Harsh and Meghana, wherever you are, your both kids are here with me and will always be with me…now I will become mom to Anika also….give her all the love which she missed….’’


Precap : Many unanswered questions to be answered and Shivaay to Take Anika for her amnesia treatment….Sumo and Rudra to  ????

This is the Fortieth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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  1. Hi hari
    Awww you everytime make me speechless by updates. Gauri protected anika, finally it is revealed that anika and gauri are sisters. But there is twist in it oh god story is getting khidkithod day by day.
    One thing i need to say my exams are near by and i would be preparing for it in case i couldn’t reply please pardon me if i will get time I’ll do that.
    All the best to you for your dutch classes.
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. VHM

      Hi Medha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…no worries dear, take your time and post your opinions…next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  2. Katz

    Absolute best episode till now. What a roller coaster ride of emotions I had, when I read this. I literally got emotional, cried, smiled, all the way. You nailed it with your absolute trademark story telling. Fantastic harika dear. Waiting for the next episode. Bye

    1. VHM

      Hey Katz…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….awee that’s really so sweet of you dear…next episode is posted …lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  3. JeevithaTK

    Hi akka. Hru nd Akki…. Hope u both r doing great…
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    Ya All The Best for ur class akka… Lots of love to u nd Akki TC

    1. VHM

      Hey Jeevitha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…i am so happy to know you liked the episode…next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  4. ItsmePrabha

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    1. VHM

      Hey Chelli…thank you so much talli…thanks a lot…ledhu Riddhima ki teliyadu Anika evaro….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  5. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous update di…loved it eagerly waiting for next part
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    1. VHM

      Hey Harini…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot..next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  6. Pritika

    Hi Di
    Awesome update…..loved it…so its revealed finally that Anika and Gauri are long lost Trivedi sisters…waiting to know what happens next…
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