Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Kasauti Mohabbhat Ki Season 1 Finale

At Gaura’s and Parag’s wedding anniversary, Komolika is introduced at the party, played by Hina Khan. Gaura is completely broken after Parag announces that he will be divorcing Gaura. Gopi supports Gaura against Komolika.
Later, the wedding of Sindoora and Jigar starts. Gopi and Gaura both suspect Sindoora as not being the real Rashi. On the wedding day, both Gopi and Gaura find Rashi and bring her back home. Sindoora is exposed. She reveals that she came to avenge her sister Radha since she was raped by Jigar. Sindoora is arrested and has no proof against Jigar. Gopi feels sorry for Sindoora.
Gopi goes to visit Sindoora and agrees to help her. Gopi files a case against Jigar. The Modis are against Gopi, including Ahem. Once again, Gopi fights against Gaura and the whole family. At the end of the case, Jigar is proven guilty and sent to prison. Sindoora is released and she, Radha and Paro leave the Modis lives. Gaura is angry at Gopi and is about to throw her out. Parag arrives suddenly and shows Gaura her divorce papers. Gaura is thrown out and Komolika enters as his new wife. Gopi stays to defeat Komolika.
Gaura goes to meet Kokila and requests her to come back to the Modi mansion. Kokila returns in her old avatar and re enters the Modi mansion. She slaps Komolika and warns her to stay away from her family. Komolika has her own motive as she is a gold digger and desires power and wealth. Kokila sees that Ahem and Gopi are not close to each other yet. Kokila decides to send Ahem and Gopi on a honeymoon.
Gopi and Ahem go to Australia. Down there, they have their fun and become friends once more. But they had not confessed to each other. They return back to India. Dadi has more plans as she wants to destroy the Modi family. She brings in a man called Ansh played by Akashdeep Saigal. Aliya falls in love with him as per plans. However, he forces Aliya to have drugs and do a lot of bad stuff. Ahem doesn’t like it. Aliya becomes negative and plots against her brother and Modi property. Gopi learns about Aliya’s evil plan. Gopi changes her avatar and takes the property of the Modi mansion, as Kokila tells her to do it. Gopi becomes malikan of the Modi property. Gopi exposes Aliya and finally Ahem confesses to Gopi that he loves her. They consummate their marriage.
However, Ansh is found dead at his house. Ahem is blamed for the murder. Before Ahem is sent to prison, Gopi takes the blame on herself. Gopi is sentenced to 14 years in prison. In prison, Gopi finds out she is pregnant. After one year, Gopi gives birth to a baby girl called Meera. Meera is taken to the Modi mansion. Ahem cannot bear seeing Gopi in prison like this. Ahem breaks into the prison and helps Gopi escape. Whilst Gopi and Ahem run away from the prison, the police chase them.
Finally, they are stopped by Komolika and Dadi. Gopi and Ahem are shocked seeing them. Dadi reveals that she and Komolika had planned all of this. Dadi herself killed Ansh and put all the evidence against Ahem. She knew that Gopi would take the blame. Dadi takes out a gun and shoots both Gopi and Ahem. Gopi and Ahem both look into each other’s eyes and tell each other that they love each other. Both lovers fall off the cliff. Dadi and Komolika are happy with their victory.
Gopi is found by a woman named by Sarla who takes her to hospital. The doctors tell Sarla that Gopi has amnesia. Sarla cannot find Gopi’s family and decides to take her home.

Precap- 15 years later, Ahem is shown as a Bollywood actor, Gopi is shown as a Punjabi girl living with her sisters Bulbul and Pragya, her mother Sarla and Dadi.

  1. Isaaq

    Apologies for skipping season 1 but it has been over a year now and I wanted to move on to the next story. I wanted to do something new.

    The memory loss season 2 will start now. I got the idea from Kumkum Bhagya where Abhi lost his memory and forgot Pragya. In this fan fiction, both Gopi and Ahem have lost their memories. Instead of reincarnation, I made them lose their memories.

    Just when Gopi and Ahem had their daughter Meera, they are both separated. Will fate unite the two lovers once more? Will Dadi finally be exposed?

  2. Jasminerahul

    yesterday i was thinking of your ffs n surprisingly today you updated the last update you write that kamolika is Anita.but in this update you changed kamolika into hina. shocking that sindoora came to take revenge as jigar raped her sister radha.oh jigar in jail.liked gaura herself brought kokila to fight against kamolika.oh sad that aliya cell for ansh n he turned her against her own family.shocking that Dadi with kamokila shot gohem.happy to know that both are alive though they lost gopi with sarla n her daughters.
    I am disappointed that you rushed to end season1 to start season2.I wanted it to lik romantically like balh.but the story is changed.but it’s ok

    1. Isaaq

      Yh sorry about skipping. I really wanted to move to season 2 as the story wasn’t that interesting. I didn’t want to do reincarnation. You didn’t get to see a love story in season 1 so I guarantee you will see a love story in season 2.

      Like Kumkum Bhagya, the story will go back to the starting. Gopi, once more, will be the middle class simple girl and Ahem will be the rich Bollywood actor. Unlike season 1, this won’t be an arranged marriage. Gopi and Ahem will fall in love. However, Ahem will not be the only man in Gopis life.

      Since I can only focus on one ff as I have my studies to focus on, I will continue the kasauti zindagi ki story in season 2. Gopi will have a love triangle with Ahem and another man. It’ll be a mix of Kundali Bhagya And Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

      I said it would be a 15 years leap but it was a mistake. It was meant to be 5 years leap. Meera would be 5 years old now. Dadi will be the secondary villain. The main antagonists of season 2 will be Mohini (Ahem’s new mother).
      Aliya will also be set to return for her revenge as she learns that Gopi and Ahem are alive. Aliya will play the role of Radha. Radha wanted to avenge Umangs death. Aliya wants to avenge Anshs death. She believes Gopi and Ahem killed him. She will be very similar to Radha.

      Dadi And Komolika will also return with their new evil plans as they learn that Gohem are still alive. However, Aliya will be the main antagonist of this season.

      I’m not doing any sautan villains this season. I wanted to do something fresh. I like Aliya more than Tanu in Kumkum Bhagya. The best villains are those who are family members. Radha was the best saathiya villain because she was Gopis sister. Paro And Sindoora are not returning any time soon as Jigar has been imprisoned.

    2. Jasminerahul

      I don’t agree with you that season 1 wasn’t was the best of all your ffs.and i was happy to balh on gohem.but you ended it I am a bit disappointed.I like kggk bcz it was a kzk adaptation with dharam meera n barun. these three have a special charm. I will still wait for it

    3. Isaaq

      It is still balh. It is a reverse leap. They have to fall in love again like they did before. They won’t get their memory until the end of season 1. Season 2 will be a repeat of season 1, but different story. It’ll be very similar BALH. Gopi and Ahem will be in their 30s and will be old to get married.

      Season 2 will be a mix of Kumkum Bhagya And BALH characters. Ahem is a Bollywood actor yes but his evil stepmother and his siblings live off his money. Gopi will enter his life and give him that love that he has been missing for 10 years, not knowing that they are already husband and wife.

      And yes it will be 10 years leap instead of 15 years leap. Aliya will play the role of the main antagonist and she will make sure Ahem and Gopi never be together.

  3. Jasminerahul

    shocking that Dadi only killed ansh n put the blame on ahem.poor gopi took the blame on herself to save ahem.sad that she delivered meera in the jail.but happy that ahem supported her

  4. Jasminerahul

    as you know kzk has please update kggk which is based on kzk.I am longing to read your version of kzk with meera dharam n barun

  5. Hey Isaaq where were you girl??? You took such a long time to give us your FF but it was worth every bit of the waiting. Gopi as usual paying the Martyr,why would she want to take the blame for killing someone?? Regardless Ahem being her husband its not easy spending 14 years in prison not me girl I am not so great. Love the pre-cap looks interesting waiting on your next.

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