Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 30

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


‘’I donno Shivaay, but I want to trust you. I donno if I can help you in this, but I want to help you.’’ Om took steps backwards and without a word he left to his room.

‘’Om wait…listen to me…’’ Shivaay requested.

Om was in no mood to listen to anyone, he went in his room closing the door behind and caged himself. Shivaay threw the phone in anger and stayed outside Om’s room still requesting to come home.

‘’Om’’ Gauri called stepping into Oberoi Mansion

‘’Gauri beta…you at this time?’’ Dadi questioned

‘’Ji Namasthe Dadi’’ she touched her feet and said ‘’Ji Dadi…Omkara ji has asked me to get these documents urgently, so I came here to give them’’

‘’But..he..’’ Dadi sat in the sofa extremely sad

‘’Dadi ji…are you okay? I mean anything that I can be of help with?’’ Gauri asked out of concern to which Dadi ji sighed

‘’nothing..give these documents to me and ..’’ Dadi couldn’t ask her to leave up front on her face

Hearing their conversation Shivaay came out.

‘’Gauri…did you come to meet Om?’’

‘’yes Shivaay Sir’’

Shivaay thought about how Om these days spoke much about Gauri, how he had started living normal, how he has been smiling more openly…

‘’Gauri…will you help me?’’ Shivaay asked while Dadi looked on

‘’Sir..you can order…if I am capable I will help’’

‘’I think you can do it’’

‘’What sir?’’

‘’Just go and talk to Omkara…may be , may be he will listen to you ‘’ he requested her for the sake of his brother

‘’Sir…’’ Gauri took a pause and continued  ‘’ Please don’t request me, I donno what the problem is…but I will try to tackle the situation my way…’’

‘’Thanks Gauri…come I will take you till his room…he often locks himself in his room whenever he is upset and doesn’t open for few hours or sometimes few days… but after meeting you, we had seen change, disturbances or upsets in his life are not being taken by him seriously…but again today…’’ Shivaay stopped

Gauri looked on…

‘’again Today what Shivaay sir’’

‘’Something major upset him really bad …and this unfortunately has been done by me’’ Shivaay said being guilty

‘’you can never be wrong when it’s about your brother’s Shivaay sir…I have seen this and I trust you on this…so please I request you not to feel guilty’’

‘‘’this is Omkara’s room…I will be happy if he listens to you’’ Shivaay left from there and stood behind the wall.

Gauri knocked the door saying ‘’Om…please open the door…please…look you know you can share anything with me…just try once Om…for our sake..you promised me that you will talk to me and never hide anything with me..i am here…talk to me Om…please…’’

‘’Gauri…please leave..i am in no mood right now…leave me alone for God sake’’ he threw a vase in anger

‘’No Om…you are wrong…worries and upsets are part of life…you take them seriously, you will be a loser…you work against them you will be a winner…this Anika didi thought me in these few days.. what will you want to do…lose or win…no trouble or worry is bigger than family and when you have your family to support you then why lock yourself… try to trust them Om..’’

‘’gauri you know nothing…I said just go from here…please’’ Om replied

Shivaay came to Gauri…Gauri looked at him

‘’It’s okay Gauri…I will wait for him to open the door…I am accustomed to it…thank you for trying…leave now, you will be getting late…I will ask Khanna to drop you’’

‘’But Om’’

‘’don’t worry…as long as I am alive I will never let anything happen..’’ he sighed

She turned to go , Shivaay knocked the door…

‘’Om…I promise this time I will set everything straight…please once try to trust me…without your help, your brother will fall weak…I can fight with anyone but not with my siblings…you are my strength, you are my weakness…come join hands with me Om…’’

‘’Yes Om, Shivaay sir is saying right…fight against Om, we all are with you’’ Gauri joined

Om opened the door and looked at both of them with blood shot eyes…Shivaay hugged Om immediately…Gauri too went ahead to hug him, but stopped owing to the circumstances.

‘’I am glad Om, you are fine…don’t do this ever again…I just can’t take this ‘’ Shivaay voice was getting heavier while he brushed Om’s hair lovingly… Om hugged his brother tight.

‘’Thanks Gauri’’ Shivaay said to Gauri to which she smiled

‘’I will leave now Sir. Bye Om…take care’’

‘’Gauri ..i will drop you home’’ Om replied and looked at Shivaay.

Shivaay smiled and pressed his hands over Om’s shoulder and made an exit.

Om and Gauri left from there and during their Ride Om just apologised Gauri for his behaviour. Gauri didn’t ask any question as she trusted Om. Neither Om spoke anything as he thought he will open up at right time.

—————-Next Day Morning, Oberoi Industries

‘’Come in ‘’ Shivaay said when he heard a knock on his Cabin door

‘’Good Morning Mr.Oberoi’’ the lady said

‘’You, how dare you come here? Get lost’’

‘’Relax..Mr.Oberoi…I am here because of professional matter, else even I am not interested to talk to you ‘’ she spoke

‘’If you are for professional matter, then I would like to close even that door for you…I will withdraw myself from this deal. The matter will end once for all’’

‘’you can’t do this Mr.Oberoi’’

‘’Ms.Riddhima Kapoor…you don’t know what I can do and what I can’t. so better be in your limits’’

‘’huhh…you don’t know us Mr.Oberoi or you are forgetting what we did. Anyways I haven’t come here to argue with you. If you want you can withdraw this deal, but I will ensure to bring down your reputation so down that you will pay for this’’ she spoke with confidence

‘’don’t try to act smart, neither did I forget what you did nor will I forget it ever. And regarding reputation, you need not worry because Oberois never allow any mark to fall on their reputation ever.’’

‘’fantastic..we will see, what will happen and what will not…you withdraw the deal and I challenge you, within 24 hrs I will bring the Oberoi Industries shares down. It’s a promise from your worst ever enemy’

‘’do whatever you can at the end win will be ours’’

‘’who your…that confidence less Omkara or the brainless Rudra or good for nothing Priyanka…when your elders couldn’t face us, what will you do….’’

‘’Shut up….just shut up…not a word more…one more word about my family and I swear I will not spare you anytime soon…and before I become a devil of my sort, get out..just getttt outttttttt’’ he screamed

She was shaken up to see this side of Shivaay. ‘’I will come back Mr.Oberoi…this time to bring you down in India also’’ Riddhima Kapoor left

‘’Damn’’ Shivaay broke his phone in anger. Anika who looked at Shivaay from her cabin could understand something was wrong, but she didn’t wish to interfere when he was talking to Riddhima. So as soon as Riddhima left, She rushed into Shivaay’s cabin

‘’Shivaay…are you okay?’’ Anika asked

‘’Leave me alone Anika’’ Shivaay said

‘’Shivaay atleast tell me what happened? I saw you were upset, angry and screaming at the lady. Who is she? Why were you screaming at her. I saw the same lady at the restaurant yesterday. ‘’

‘’I said leave me alone Anika. Don’t you understand this simple thing’’ he held her shoulders and screamed at her

‘’you are hurting me Shivaay. You are hurting me’’ Anika spoke with tears twirling in her eyes.

He saw that and left her and turned back.

‘’I am sorry’’ she turned and left his cabin.

‘’Damn’’ he rotated his chair in anger and realised what he did…but it was too late…

On the other hand, Om entered into the office when Riddhima came infront of him smirking

‘’hey Om..i mean Omkara Singh Oberoi…’’ she greeted

‘’You…why are you here…who allowed you? Just get lost’’ he angrily screamed

‘’I can understand if Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi screams..but I am getting laugh if you are doing so.. I mean come on Om…don’t joke’’

‘’enough Ms.Riddhima Kapoor , enough…I have listened enough of you…and if you are thinking me weak, then this time I will show you, what I can do’’ he roared

‘’ooohhhhhh…I am so scared…’’ she laughed

‘’Are you done?’’ a voice was heard

Om and Riddhima looked on

‘’Excuse me’’ Riddhima said

‘’I said are you done? I guess you have problem in hearing’’


‘’I am sure now, you are either acting stupid of not understanding a simple English line or you are deaf’’

‘’Ohh come on, now who are you?’’ Riddhima said

‘’Gauri Kumari Sharma…friend and colleague of Omkara Singh Oberoi…employee of Oberoi Industries…is this introduction enough or do you need anything more’’ Gauri replied

‘’ohh so Om ..now you are dependent on a girl to tackle us…how pity’’

‘’will you just shut up Ms…whoever it is…first thing he is confident, second I can’t see someone insult my friend, my colleague and my boss…so being a loyal, trust worthy person I am asking you to shut up and mind your work’’

‘’do you know who I am?’’

‘’I need not to, because neither you are polite, nor you have manners nor etiquettes. So it is better I don’t know you. Now if you excuse us, we have lots of work to look at and don’t want to waste time on you. So please…that’s the way to exit, just for your information’’

Riddhima looked at Om angrily, to which Om smiled heartily and came near to her and spoke

‘’I guess you got your answer, Or do I need to say something else or to say something extra’’ he smirked holding Gauri by her shoulders.

Riddhima left from there.

————– Nanded, Maharastra

Rudra stopped for the day in Nanded. But his time also stopped with the kiss that Sumo gave to him. That day both didn’t see each other or to say they rather avoided looking at each other. There were many questions running in Rudra’s mind, but he didn’t had the courage to ask Sumo. The sleepless night passed by and the morning welcomed him to with new hopes.

While at the breakfast table,

‘’Sumi…I am going to neighbours house…they called me for a Pooja…make sure you and Rudra have your breakfast and then take him out somewhere …he will get bored…I have a spare key with me , so ned not worry for me.’’ Saying this Sumo’s mom left from the house leaving Rudra and Saumya .

‘’Duff..i mean Rudra..take your seat…I  will be getting your breakfast’’

‘’Fats..i mean Saumya…i..i need to talk …talk to..to you’’ he spoke

Sumo knew what was about to come up, so she denied right away give the reason of having breakfast first.

Rudra held her hand and stopped her, she looked at him

‘’Rudra…please leave my hand..i…I will get the breakfast’’

‘’no..answer me first’’


‘’What you did yesterday was just to stop me or ‘’

‘’or’’ she looked at him

‘’or you understand what I am saying’’

‘’I don’t understand anything Rudra…and about yesterday, I ..i’’


‘’nothing…’’ she started to leave, but he pulled her near him making her hit his abs and she quickly closed her eyes

‘’tell me Sumo…did you just do it to stop me ?’’

She nodded No and smiled and left from there as fast as possible…a wide smile appeared on Rudra’s face.

————-Anika’s Cabin

‘’what does he think of himself. Anyways it was my mistake too.. I shouldn’t have showed my concern. He clearly is thinking of moving with some beautiful girl , he made this clear to me…knowing this why should I at first place rush to him seeing him upset. But the way he screamed and held me has hurt me a lot. This was the second time he has been so rude to me, first at the day of Ganesh Pooja and now . I should think less and not care about him. He has his won life who am I to meddle in it.’’ She spoke to herself.

She decided she will not care anything regarding him and she started working on the video Game project work.

After an hour Shivaay knocked the cabin door of Anika and entered.

‘’we are going to attend a meeting ‘’

‘’what meeting?’’

‘’didn’t you check your schedule Anika. We are getting late. Now come down, we have a long way to talk about everything’’

‘’Ok..’’ she picked up her laptop and bag when

‘’no need of all that…I have everything readied…we just need to leave now’’

Being Confused Anika picked up her purse and walked along with Shivaay.

————-The Ice Mountain, Mumbai

‘’Shivaay, why are we here? You said there is a meeting’’ Anika asked confused

‘’yes, meeting between us’’

‘’what sort of joke is this Shivaay? I had some really important work in office’’

‘’but there is much more important thing that I need to do’’ he spoke and looked at the staff

They brought almost all sorts of Icecream flavours for Anika…Anika had already her mouth watered, but yet she wanted to be angry

‘’Have it Anika…they are all for you and if you want I will order more’’

‘’I don’t need them , I want to go back to office’’

‘’Come on Anika…have it…I know you love Ice creams’’

Anika looked on

Anika TAM ‘’as far as I remember I never said him Ice creams are my favourite, how does he know?’’

Shivaay TAM ‘’I know everything about her. Even how to calm her when she is angry. I hopethis works ‘’

‘’I really don’t want to have any and by the way all these suddenly’’

‘’because I behaved very rude to you in the morning. ‘’

‘’ohh so you are trying to calm down my anger with these Ice creams. And you think I will calm down after having this?’’

‘’yes..i thought you will’’

‘’for your kind information I ‘’

Shivaay looked on

‘’this trick is not going to work now..huhh’’ she turned her face

‘’okk…tell me what to do to calm you’’

She didn’t speak and he applied the most easiest trick…he picked up an ice cream and started eating it making ‘’issp …yummm’’ sounds…she was dying to eat them and it was getting hard to control…she pulled the spoon that he was about to put into his mouth and said ‘’all these are for me..dare you try to touch them ‘’ saying this she completed almost everything that was served to her

‘’So…you forgave me right’’

‘’did you say Sorry to me Shivaay?’’


‘’forget it saying Sorry and Thank you are the most difficult tasks for you…but you know what I understood, you really love being rude with me. You really hate me and I have complied to this fact. How much ever I try to be soft and polite with you, you will not reciprocate the same. How much I try to come near you, you will push me far away’’

‘’it’s not like that Anika’’ he said as soft as possible.

‘’it is like that Shivaay, and I know the reason too’’

He looked at her with frowned eyebrows

‘’Because you are finding someone to move on. I agree I asked you to do so, but then I never expected that you would really…forget it… After giving so many hints, making your date a disaster you couldn’t identify what I was hinting to. And then when you said you were searching for someone beautiful, I got it…I am not so beautiful that you would look at me’’ she turned her face downwards as her voice was getting heavier

‘’Where are you taking the topic to Anika?’’

‘’The topic was interconnected Shivaay’’


‘’if today morning your so called beautiful date would have been in my place and asked you in concern about what was the reason for you being upset..i am sure you wouldn’t have shouted at her like you did to me…’’

‘’stop it Anika…just stop it…do you really think I can move on with someone else other than you?’’ He spoke without thinking making her look at him with wide eyes


Author’s Note : Tomorrow the update will be delayed as i i am not at home till my evening. Kindly bear with me !!!

Precap : The budding relationships !!! To know more stay tuned !!!

This is the Thirtieth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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    1. VHM

      Hi Medha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee, hope you get a super duper awesomest boyfriend pretty soon….all the best for all your works and i am sure you will rock everything….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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    1. VHM

      Hi Ritu….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…ha ha ha every couple has developed understanding but the best of all was RuMya….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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      Hi Chelli…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…yes main idea ade, iddaru kalisi chepthe gani talupu teeyakudadu ani….ice cream tintune rasanu anduke naaku aa scene bagha nacchindi….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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      Hi Chaithu…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot..awee glad you liked those scenes….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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  10. Hi friend how is your day out. I think you had a nice spent of time. Always there will be no objections in you’re updating. Just to say missed you a lot. It’s delighted n delicious to shivaays thought of taking out anika for ice-cream melting. Her angry towards shivaay n thought how he know his weak spot to cool her n vowed not to bow down before bunch of ice creams finally who is there her about well known khadoos in front. so she melted like an ice-cream n forgotten her angryness n stated her inner possessive ness for shivaay. She is just like adorable as his stupid. He thanked his luck that worked to flat his anika as same now in present also. When she stated that she is not looking beautiful to shivaay n given so many hints that she is there to share as someone special it’s soo sweet n cute then shivaays saying that house you thought that I can move on with out you is just repeating their childhood innocence jealous n ones right on other. It’s very impressively sketched by you. You too melted us with your creamy writing on anikas support for shivaay n more chessey on gauris defendeding to omkara in front of riddhima.not did not expect riddling is the villain it’s a great change done by you. Very interesting to know how this villain dealed with oberois n for what shivaay left her not to deal in his way. for a variety she should with their better partners aniri instead of shivaay. By this how the budding relationship to take place between shivika n omgauri too. not to forget rusaumya part also nice n growing in healthy way. Lastly you are spectacular n specialised one to make us special n smile for your narration. I too blessed to be in contact n loving you n overwhelmed me both our feelings n opinions matches that you awaits for reply n likes mine every day. It’s a big achievement for me dear. Take care.

    1. VHM

      Hi Raji…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…reading your opinion makes me go back to what i wrote earlier and makes me think how to write much better….it’s true that your opinions are the best motivation for me and i will always treasure them…..next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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