Shakti 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer asks Soumya to keep Karwachauth fast for him

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Shakti 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno serving tea to everyone. Veeran asks Harak Singh if Harman went somewhere. Lavneet comes to Harak Singh and says Harman didn’t come yet. Preeto says he went to meet Khushi and asks him to call her. Harak Singh calls Sameer, but he tells that he don’t want to talk to him. He ends the call. Sameer’s mum asks Soumya to call Harak Singh and says there must be some problem with Jolly. Soumya recalls Harman coming to her house in night and asking her to open the window. She calls Harman, but his phone is switched off. Sameer’s mum asks her to call Harak Singh from Sameer’s phone and asks about Harman, says she will make Sameer busy till then. She acts to get leg pain and asks him to get medicine from city. She takes him to her room. Soumya takes Sameer’s phone and calls

Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks why did you call? Soumya asks him about Jolly and says he came to meet me, but I couldn’t meet. Harak Singh thinks they didn’t meet and tells that he might have went to thank you for engagement.

Surprisingly Lavneet is keeping Harman captive in the outhouse and comes there. She wipes his face with her wet pallu. Harman gains consciousness and asks her to free his hands and legs. Lavneet says I started loving you so much and you don’t understand. Harman says this is madness and asks her to free him, calls her mad woman. Lavneet says you made your way in my heart and I can’t let you go even if I want. Harman says I am married and asks her to understand. She holds his cheeks tightly and asks if his Gulabo was like her and if she can give her life for him. She says I know..but I can give my life for you and can take others’ life for you. She keeps knife on his neck and then acts. She says I will not kill you or give my life, but will clear the ones coming between us. She tells that she will go and kill her parents for giving laptop to Raavi. Harman tells her that Gulabo is made for him and he is made for her. Lavneet says I am keeping karwachauth fast tomorrow and will complain to God asking him why he didn’t make me first Gulabo. She says she will be the last Gulabo though. Harman asks her to free him. She makes him smell chloroform and says rest for now. She leaves.

Soumya and Sameer come home from shopping. She asks him to tell what is the occasion. Sameer asks her to keep karwachauth fast for him and says he will keep for her. Soumya says we are not yet married. Sameer says they will marry soon. Soumya says ok. His mum asks him if he is mad to make a kinnar keep karwachauth fast for him and says will you upset God. Sameer says if Harman can love a kinnar and set an example being a man then why can’t I. He says we will move to other city after marriage. His mum says I don’t need a son like Harman and tells that Harman didn’t marry her using fake identity. She says what will you tell her when she gains her memory and leave you. Soumya comes and asks why will I leave when I get my memory. Sameer makes excuse and tells that you used to get upset in the past and I used to cheer you up. He takes tea from Soumya and gives to his mum. Soumya says I don’t know how was I in the past, but now I can say that I will not fight and will stay in this house. Sameer likes the tea made by her.

Harak Singh tells Veeran that they are cursed by the kinnar. Shanno says we shall leave Harman alone and says he will return when he realizes the reality. Raavi says he won’t be back until he gets his Gulabo. Preeto comes home and asks Raavi to come, says she brought Palak and wants to make Palak Saag. Harak Singh asks if she is mad to make Palak Saag when their son is missing. Preeto asks who are you? Harak Singh says I am your husband. Preeto says Harman will bring his Soumya back and asks him to eat Saag and roti.

Some women come to Sameer’s house and asks his mum if Soumya kept the fast. They invite Soumya to have mehendi. Before she could say, Sameer tells that she will come and get mehendi applied on her hand. Sameer’s mum gets upset and thinks she won’t let Soumya have mehendi. They come to the place where neighbors are applying mehendi. Sameer’s mum thinks she will apply similar thing like mehendi on Soumya’s hand and will not insult God by applying real mehendi. They say lets dance. Soumya dances on the song Prem meri aankhon me hai…..The ladies join her as she dances. The ladies tell that they shall check their hands mehendi and see whose mehendi is darker. Soumya checks her hand and sees no design. Ladies tell that this marriage will not work and this girl is not auspicious. Sameer comes and says my love is enough for her. He says may be this mehendi is not good. He says I will apply mehendi on her hand and will see why color is not coming. He applies design and later checks, mehendi color comes on her hand. He asks her to smile. Sameer’s mum thinks I will see until when you will save this kinnar.

Sameer tells Soumya that they shall go and take love vows. He bends down as something falls before Soumya could see him through the mesh. Soumya sees Harman running and coming towards her through the mesh and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It is really too much now. One so good show is bring ruined. Ratings already flop a lot. We want to see HaYa together but there is always new twist and new way of keeping them seperated. It is too much.. Ham sab thak gayi hain.. this is becoming crap now. It is too much!! Please change the track. Harman-Saumya memory should come back. Also.. how can Saumya remember Chakor and Suraj and go there at their house, but she can not remember Harman and her past?? So stupid and annoying!!

    1. You are absolutely right. Now a days it is really boring. Unbelievable things are happening. It is not natural like before. They are using the wonderful actors as boring characters and now Harman’s character is not suitable to him at all. Please change the track and give back their memories instead of boring the viewers.

  2. Alister La Frenais

    Last night’s episode was total crap. I just do not know where the script writers are guiding the once brilliant show. Like my fellow viewers, I have found the storyline mundane and boring and in some instances utter nonsense. In addition to the poor script writing, the producers of the show must live in a weightless zone. Take for example, Lavneet, she manages to chloroform Harman, she then has super strength to drag him behind some bushes all in a matter of minutes. Now wait for it friends, she then manages to get a heavy body(commonly called dead weight) into a secret room, mount the body onto a chair and then secure the body with ropes. Then like magic she reappears at the Singh mansion and all this happens in a time period of less than 15 minutes. I know women are good at multi-tasking, but this is beyond belief.

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