Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 3

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

Author’s Note : I know i haven’t replied to yesterday’s episodes opinions i will do it in couple of hours from now. Thank you for your understanding and apologies for the same.



Tring tring…tring tring

‘’ohh My Mata…are all servants deads? Why is none picking the call. Now should I do’s all this small works also’s?’’ Pinky Shakthi Singh Oberoi spoke as loud as possible

‘’Pinky why are you shouting? ‘’ Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi shouted back holding her glass of whisky

‘’Ohh My Mata…you started early mornings. I am also askings whom’s the drunkard lady of this house’s…forgets it…there is no’s use’’ Pinky exclaimed

‘’you…’’ jahnvi stepped forward in irritation…when Pinky lifted the call

‘’Hello’s who’s speaking’s’’ Pinky spoke with attitude

‘’Pinky…this is your mother in law Kalyani Oberoi speaking. Don’t you remember I call every Sunday at the same time. And why is the call being picked up by you? Where is Billu?’’ Kalyani Oberoi aka Dadi spoke

‘’mummy ji…how are you? And why can’t you talk to us? Why always the kids of the house?’’ pinky replied pouting her mouth

‘’because they are the only sane and sensible people in that house. Anyways call everyone and put the call on speaker’’ Dadi ordered Pinky , and pinky did exactly what she was told

‘’Dadi..how are you?’’ a manly dignified voice with lots of affection was heard

‘’Billu…mera puttar…how are you?’’ Dadi’s voice became emotional

‘’mein theek hoon dadi. Sorry I was cooking and didn’t check the time. You asked everyone to be here . everyone’s here. Tell us what you wanted to say’’ Shivaay aka Billu of Dadi spoke.

‘’I want all of you to return to Mumbai by next weekend’’ Dadi spoke at a stretch.

‘’what?’’ exclaimed all the elder oberois but all the younger ones were very very happy.

‘’aree..why are you surprised. Few years back I asked you to move there and now I am asking you to come back. ‘’ dadi replied

‘’but why maa’’ tej asked

‘’is your health ok’’ Shakthi asked

‘’I am fine and and my health is also good. But I am growing old. I am habituated to staying in India and can’t come and settle with you there. All these days I managed here and since the Oberoi’s next generation is ready, I want them to come here and handle the business while I spend time with my family. This is my final decision and I need no debates’’ Dadi made her point clear

‘’we are with you dadi’’ Shivaay, Om, Prinku and Rudra replied in Union

‘’I know , you 4 can never deny me. I will be waiting for you. Come soon’’ Dadi spoke

‘’maa..winding up everything here will take atleast 6 months , so we elders will come after 6  months, meanwhile Shivaay Om Rudra and Prinku will come by next week’’ Tej spoke after discussing with Pinky, Jhanvi and shakthi.

Dadi agreed to Tej as she knew it was genuine reason.


‘’Sahil..wake up…you will be getting late to school’’ a sweet yet strong voice was heard disturbing the yet to be young boy Sahil making him close his ears as tight as possible

Seeing him not waking up, a glass full of water splashed on Sahil and he woke up with thud

‘’who wakes anyone like this Anika didi?’’ Sahil exclaimed

‘’me..it’s me who wakes you up like this’’ Anika the beautiful lady replied folding her hands placing against her chest

‘’I don’t want to go to school’’ Sahil made faces

‘’you will be going else, you know what… another bucket full of water is waiting for you’’ Anika tunred back replying sahil

‘’No excuse works before her. I wish I go somewhere else’’ Sahil wished silently.

Anika was different, she was confident, beautiful , well educated and above all very well mannered. After the death of Sahil’s parents (her parent’s too) she took up the responsibility of bringing up sahil in a perfect way. She fought with toughest circumstances and emerged winner in most cases.

Sahil was her only relief. She used to have glimpses of someone holding knife and a dead body lying . she used to have glimpses of a lady and a little girl. She used to see a boy and herself playing and teasing. But all these glimpses she would see in her dreams which used to wake her up from her sleep making her feel as if all these were real. Little did she know that her feelings were right and those glimpses were not dreams but her past memories buried deep inside her brain. She used to look at the locket and tried to open it, but she could never open it as she forgot the mechanism of opening it. So she used to place it back in her drawer and tried to get back to sleep or work.



Gauri turned out to be a perfect daughter, Madhu ji could ever ask for. She used to help Madhu ji in everything. Sometimes even before Madhu ji could ask for it used to get ready. Gauri after the death of Sharma ji became a rock support for both of them. Madhu ji showered all her love to Gauri and encouraged her to become a very good person. She studied architecture . She was a very good artist and hence Madhu ji encouraged her to learn arts, which Gauri did with perfection.

—————— A week later, OBEROI MANSION (OM)

‘’daaadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’’ Rudra screamed at top of his voice while Shiv Om and Prinku tapped their heads thinking nothing could happen of him.

Rudra being the youngest was the most naughtiest and most pampered kid in the family. He had still the innocence preserved as he knew his Shivaay bhayya and O (Om as he usually calls) will not let any trouble to reach near him. he was a flirt but within limitations. When needed he used to become the strength to both his brothers and his only sister.

‘’Rudra …shall we get in..it’s time for Dadi’s Pooja and I am sure she must be in the mandir’’ Shivaay spoke with confidence.

‘’okk fine…I will get to eat laddooos’’ Rudra winked.

They got freshened up and reached the mandir of the house while Dadi made the aarthi ready , so that all her 4 grandchildren would perform it together.

Yes, Dadi ensured that Prinku is equal along with Shiv Om Ru and took care that Prinku should never be left alone or deprived of any right that the rest 3 got being the heirs.

They all performed the aarthi to the deity and took blessings of Dadi.

‘’I am very happy Billu, Om, Ru , Prinku…you all came with my single call. You all are my pride. I couldn’t raise my kids properly, but I am happy, you 4 grew up the way I wanted to ….you 4 are the pillars of Oberoi empire and Oberoi family and I always wish that you never do any such thing for which I will regret later’’ Dadi spoke emotionally

‘’Dadi..please…don’t be senti..i can’t bear all these’’ Rudra became his usual funny self

‘’yes Dadi..please bless us and let us know what you want us to do..we will do the same’’ Shivaay assured her

‘’Billu…I want you and Om to handle the business . I want you , Om and Prinku to get married  and ‘’ she took a pause and said ‘’Rudra to grow up’’ Dadi laughed

Shivaay bent his head down , somewhere his thought travelled towards the band that he kept safe, but never looked at it again.

‘’dadi….let Shivaay get married first and let Prinku enjoy some family time with her elder sister-in-law for some time then I would think of my marriage. And I doubt if Rudra will even wait for such a long time.” Om teased  Rudra at the end

Everyone burst out into laughter while Rudra put up a sad face .

‘’awee mera Ru…’’ dadi took him into her embrace

‘’Dadi…I , Om and Prinku will see the business you have been taking care till now , only because you wanted us to take this up. Please don’t think we are asking for our shares. When Rudra  completes his studies, he would also join us’’ Shivaay put his point straight

‘’Billu..i was waiting for this day and you made my day saying this. I need a promise from you four, will you make that promise?’’ Dadi forwarded her hand

ShivOmRu Prinku laid their hands one on other over dadi’s hands and said ‘’anything you ask for Dadi’’

‘’Never bring money in between your relation. It will break your bond. Keep the business and relations separate. If one makes mistakes , stay united to solve the problem instead of blaming each other. I never want the love between you four to be broken up for any reason. And if such day occurs,  I will breathe my last.’’ Dadi spoke emotionally

‘’dadii’’ all four closed her mouth instantly nodding in NO

‘’dadi, how can you even think like that. We are ALL FOR ONE and ONE FOR ALL. Did you forget?’’ Om said hugging her

‘’no Om..i didn’t forget but seeing both my sons and my only daughter fighting for power and money made me scared to this extent. But forget it, you four am sure will always stay united.’’ Dadi hugged all four.

————–OM , Shivaay’s room

Om and Prinku came inside and sat with Shivaay

‘’Shivaay you called us both?’’om asked being skeptical

‘’yes Om and Prinku.. I have seen and understood the business related things and I believe we need to go more aggressive to make Oberoi empire reach heights. And for this we need to hire some new talents . Here you go with my business plan. Check this out and if you both agree , we will work on it’’ Shivaay spoke, stating the purpose of calling them

Om and Prinku nodded and left to their rooms to read the files given by shivaay


—————– somedays  later

———-Sangli, Maharastra

‘’Didi your mobile is ringing…please pick it fast, I am getting disturbed’’ Sahil shouted

Anika came running and lifted the call

‘’Hello …who’s this?’’

‘’Am I speaking to Ms. Anika Chaturvedi?’’ the person on other side replied

‘’yes’’ Anika replied

‘’Hello Ms Anika, I am calling from Oberoi Industries…we have received your application for the post of HR (Finance and Management) and we are glad to inform that your application has been selected. ‘’ the person replied

‘’Ohh thank you, what would I need to do further?’’ Anika questioned

‘’I just wanted to know if you are available on Friday this week, so that we can schedule an Interview with the senior management. If selected you can discuss the pay and other stuff on the following day that is Saturday’’ The person spoke

‘’I have no issues, but I stay in Sangli ..so ‘’ Anika sounded hesitant

‘’We understand Ms.Anika, and I would like to let you know that the company would arrange your stay for two days. Can I confirm your presence on Friday’’ the person spoke as polite as possible

‘’yeah sure. I will be attending the interview. Thank you so much’’ Anika replied

‘’thank you for the confirmation. I will send out the call letter through email in couple of hours. Please read the call letter and the attached annexures completely. Please also ensure you bring the call letter and the required documents specified in the letter’’ the person spoke

‘’Sure. But can I know from whom will I receive the mail. I mean can I know your name?’’ Anika asked

‘’you are speaking to SOUMYA TENDULKAR , Ms Anika Chaturvedi’’ saumya replied

‘’thank you Ms.Saumya. I will do as you asked for’’ Anika smiled

‘’We will be looking forward to meet you this Friday in Mumbai. Have a nice day. Bye ’’ Saumya replied and disconnected the call.

‘’Thank You and Bye’’ Anika replied and saw the mobile.

Anika’s face glew and she jumped in joy…somehow her heart was beating a bit fast since she felt a strange connection listening to the name Oberois.


Anika attended the interview with the senior management of Oberoi Industries, the management was very happy with Anika’s performance. Anika was offered the job at a very good parole. She too took up the offer and was elated that she could give a better future to Sahil. She asked for a month and half time to join the Oberoi Industries , so that she could resign from previous job and shift to Mumbai and get Sahil admitted in a good school .


Precap : Finally Anika and Shivaay to come face to face . What will happen further ?


This is the Third episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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