Tose Naina Jabse Mile…Since My Eyes met Yours …Part 3

Sorry for the late update.As you all know Piyali ad I were writing this SS together.The first chapter was written by Piyali and the 2nd chapter was written by me.Many were asking for the update.But since Piyali was busy it was impossible for us to update.But now I have decided to continue it as Piyali is too busy to write it.She had given a gist of each chapter.I elaborated it by creating my own scenes and dialogues.The concept belongs to her.

Tose Naina Jabse Mile…Since My Eyes met Yours …Part 3-Paying guest
As Gauri moved towards the door Omkara felt an unknown pain of losing something of his.As Gauri reached near the door she felt dizzy and felt that her head was spinning.
She slipped down due to weakness and Omkara rushed towards her to hold her.
She fainted in his arms.All were shocked to see her condition.
He looked at her emotionally.
Tose Naina Jab Se Mile..
Tose Naina Jab Se Mile..
Ban Gaye, Silsile.. (Mickey Virus).

Omkara placed her on the bed.He was restless and worried seeing her in this condition.
Om:What is this?Why Gauri is again ill?
Anika:Shivay…ring up the doctor.
Shivay:Yes Anika.
Shivay rang up the doctor.
Om looked at Gauri emotionally.He did not know why he felt pain in his heart seeing her like this.
His lips shivered:Gauri!
Soumya: Bade Balon Wale Bhaiyaa…Gauri will be alright.I think she needs proper medical care.
The doctor arrived.
Om:Doctor…please test this patient properly.She fainted again.Why is this always happening with her?

Dr:Don’t worry.I will check.
The doctor did a check up.
Om:Doctor..what’s Gauri’s exact problem?
Dr:I had told earlier itself that she fainted due to stress,trauma and weakness.Otherwise she is fine.I had prescribed medicines also.Right?She needs proper food and medicine.Without food and medicine how can she be alright soon?
Om:I am sorry doctor.She wanted to leave immediately.So we could’nt…
Dr:That’s not an excuse.It was your responsibility to make sure that she got proper food and medicine.Only then the weakness will go.
Anika:Sorry doctor.This time we will make sure that she takes food and medicine.

After some time…
Omkara was staring at Gauri lovingly.She seemed to be a sleeping beauty to him.Even in sleep her innocent beauty reflected on her face.Her glittering eyes may not be visible during her sleep as her eyes were closed.Still her eyes appeared beautiful to him as her thick eye lashes were spreading beauty all over her eye lids.Om’s hand longed to caress her sweet face.He extended his fingers to touch her face to soothe her inner pain.But he pulled his fingers back.
Om:I wish I could erase your pain in a second.But sorry for not making it possible.

Slowly Gauri opened her eyes.Om’s face blossomed seeing her gain consciousness.
Om:Gauri…are you alright?
Gauri:Omkaraji…I am sorry.I could’nt leave.Again I became a burden for all of you.
Om:Gauri…why are you saying that you are a burden for us?No Gauri…no…
Gauri looked at him emotionally.They shared an intense emotional eye lock.

Saathiya… Saathiya…

Saathiya… Saathiya…

All others entered the room.
Kalyani:Thank God…you are conscious now.
Pinky:Oh my Maata!You fines.
Shakti:Pinky…it’s you are fine’.
Pinky:That’s what I meant.

Jhanvi:Thanks to God.But you need to be taken care better.
Anika:Don’t worry.This time I will make you eat good food.

Shivay:Anika…I hope you did’nt cook food for Gauri.
Anika:Come on Shivay.I am not lazy to sit simply in my room.I did cook for Gauri.

Shivay:Then how can it be good food?According to the doctor Gauri has to be fed good food.
Everyone laughed.
Anika punched his shoulders:Shivay…stop teasing me.
Unknowingly Gauri smiled.Om was lost in her pretty sweet smile.
Suddenly Gauri noticed the dress she was wearing.
Gauri:My dress…
Soumya:Don’t worry.We have kept it safe.Actually you are too weak to wear the heavy bridal wear for a long time.So Anika di and I changed your dress.

Gauri:I don’t care if the bridal wear is kept safe or not as it gives me nightmare.
Everyone felt sad for her.
Gauri:I was just anxious to know about the dress change like how it happened without my knowledge.
Anika:Did you like the dress you are wearing now?It’s mine.
Gauri:It’s very pretty.Thankyou for taking the trouble to change my dress.
Anika:Hey…what’s the need of thanks?
Kalyani:Anyways you should eat well.Otherwise you will become more weak.
Anika:I will bring the food now.

Anika brought the food for Gauri.Gauri was weak to sit straight to eat food.Om kept pillows at back for her support.
Anika:Don’t strain yourself.I will feed you.
Anika started feeding her food.Gauri became emotional.
Gauri:I wish I had a sister like you.
Anika smiled:Then consider me as your sister.Call me di.
Gauri smiled emotionally:Thank you Anika di.
Anika hugged her emotionally.Everyone smiled.
Gauri:By the way your cooking is good.Not like Shivayji said.

Anika stared at Shivay:See what Gauri said.Only you don’t enjoy my food.
Shivay:Chill..I was just joking.
Everyone smiled.
Om:Now take your medicine Gauri.
Om brought the tablet close to her mouth.She opened her mouth.He inserted the tablet in her mouth and fed her water holding the glass in his hand.

Unknowingly their eyes met each others.

Saathiya… Saathiya…

Saathiya… Saathiya…

Kalyani:Anyways Gauri…now we won’t let you leave.Once we did the mistake of letting you go and again you fell sick.We can’t repeat it.You should stay here.
Tej and Pinky were irritated.
Pinky:Oh my maata!What are you saying mummiji?
Kalyani:Me..Kalyani Oberoi knows what I am saying and doing.Do you have any problem with hearing?

Kalyani knew what Tej was going to say.She stopped him showing her hand.
Kalyani:Gauri has to stay here.
Everyone forced Gauri to stay.
Gauri:Ok..I will stay here.
Everyone smiled.
Gauri:But on one condition.
All were curious to know her condition.
Gauri:I don’t want to be a burden for anyone.
Om:Gauri…I told you that here you are not a burden.
Gauri:Please Omkaraji…for my peace of mind I will stay here only as a paying guest.
Jhanvi:This girl has a lot of self respect.
Tej:But it can be her drama too.
Pinky:I find this girl a drama artustee.
Jhanvi:Pinky…it’s drama Artiste.Not Astustee.But sorry to disagree with you.I find her genuine.
Shivay:Ok agreed.You can stay here as a paying guest.
Gauri smiled alightly.
Kalyani:But Gauri..are you sure about it?
Gauri:Yes Dadi.
Kalyani:But how will you play money?
Gauri became dull:I will search for a job soon.
Everyone kept quiet.

Gauri was in her room…
She was tensed.
Gauri:Will I get a job?I don’t even have my certificates with me.
Shivay reached there.
Shivay:I know why you are worried.I heard what you talked to yourself.But don’t worry.Without certificates also you will get a job…in my office.
Gauri was surprised.
Gauri:But without knowing my capability how will you take this risk?There is no guarantee that I will be fit for this job.
Shivay:You don’t worry about that.I will manage it.Seeing your attitude I am sure that you can do well in my office.

Gauri smiled.
Anika came inside.
Gauri:Anika di…
Anika:Gauri..actually I came here to talk to you.You want a job.Right?Why don’t you join my office?
Gauri was surprised.
Gauri:Thank you.But sorry Anika di.I can’t.Because Shivayji already offered me a job.Since he is the first one to do that I think I have to join his office.
Anika:No problem Gauri.Whether it’s Shivay’s office or mine…both are equal to me.

Gauri smiled.
Gauri:Thank you Shivayji for taking the risk of giving me job trusting my ability so much.
Shivay:I will accept your thanks only if you stop calling me Shivayji.Instead of Shivayji,if you call me Shivay Bhaiyya it would be better.
Gauri smiled emotionally:Shivay bhaiyya…I got a brother and a sister here.
Shivay and Anika smiled.

The next day…
Gauri came ready to go to office.
All were surprised.
Shivay:What a dedication!Despite of being unwell you are ready to work.I am impressed.
All were smiling.
Om brought Kheer for Gauri.
Om:Mom says that before starting something good having a sweet is necessary.

Jhanvi:Very much true Om.You did right.
Everyone except Tej and Pinky smiled.
Om and Gauri looked at each other deeply.
Om:Have it Gauri…This is made by my mom.She makes the best kheer in this world.
Gauri smiled.
Om took a spoon and fed her a spoon of kheer.

Saathiya… Saathiya…

Saathiya… Saathiya…

She smiled:Thank you Omkaraji.

Om smiled.
Saathiya… Saathiya…

Saathiya… Saathiya…

Gauri reached the office.She found it very difficult to work.
Gauri:Oh no.I think I am breaking Shivay bhaiyya’s trust in me.I don’t think I can do it.
Shivay came from behind.
Gauri:I failed.I am not able to do anything.
Shivay:You can do it Gauri.Don’t give up on the first day itself.

I am confident about you.I will help you.
Shivay taught her the work patiently like a big brother.
Gauri:Thank you so much Shivay bhaiyya.You really made me relax.Otherwise I would have died out of tension.
Shivay:Be cool Gauri.If there is any doubt approach me.
Shivay left and Gauri focused on her work.

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