And the story of ikrs seems 2 b moving another way.Conspiracies,doubt,Faith and drama ofcourse.The story is going well…till now.But the scene now…like all that murder stuff.This story was meant 2 b realistic but it has turned into the dark colours of the evil family members.We want to see more of the views about widows and how the boy Viplav changes it with his love fr Dhani.
11 jan episode was not somewhat mindblowing but okay.Though Viplav who was going to be the most understanding and mature gave into assumptions.Believing the CCTV footage.Wish he showed just a little of this doubt on his THE evil mother KT and the danger dadaji DT.Its awful to not get a little positivity in a epi. Except for the part where the duo disagreed to call off their engagement.

The crocodile tears of thee great cunning mother drowned and shook the faith in Viplav for Dhaani.But brace yourself there is more to come.KT planning a murder.Ok! people r evil but don’t make them so evil like killing their own family members.

AS PRECAP SPEAKS- too much drama tomorrow KT planning DT’s murder.Dhaani sneaking into house.Tripurari jumping walls.And everyone gathering at a room,shocked. Seems like these stuff were not bad enough.Worse stuff coming up. With so much drama in the next, we can wish for a little Vidha talk to clear misunderstandings.

Misunderstandings are a serious no-no.If any way blame of murder comes on Dhaani, which is a probability, lets hope there will be no torture drama but support from Viplav(if u remember he is a lawyer though he doesn’t solve cases.I DON’T KNOW WHY.they should something about his work).Revelation of the past is coming up..i guess.

  1. A bit unfortunate that IKRS is taking an evil turn with murder plans and lots of negativity and mistrust.
    We only hope and pray that the writers and directors of this show veer it back to some nice beautiful and tender romance between Viplav and Dhani, and show victory of good over evil.
    The best part of this story was when Dhani had saved Viplav from the river and subsequently the care and love she had shown in doing everything to save his life at Sarla Kaki’s house; Dhani should do more to protect and treasure her love, Viplav, after all he loves her unreservedly and has sacrificed everything for her and stood by her like a rock. And then the episode where Viplav fights and saves Dhani from all the evil frustrated people who want to burn her tied to a tree… that episode was so special and showed the pure love between these two soul mates, the way Dhani and Viplav looked at each other after Dhani is saved and she was leaving with her mother/ashram people and she turns back twice to look at Viplav …was so beautiful. I hope that IKRS can return back to such beautiful love

    1. you are right tintin…… No worries… i hope the unconditional love between ViDhaani will be back… and evil will be destroyed by good…
      have patience

  2. Right Tintin…the story is about a widow and the change in society.But is it so easy to plan a murder of a person just because you don’t like them? Guess anything can happen in serials.!
    I mean murder is a very negative thing.Its not like one morning u wake up..and think what am i going 2 do today? how about murdering someone i don’t like…!! duh! DT plans murder of Dhaani.KT plans murder of Dhani.Tripurari attempts to kill Vip and Dhani. KT plans to kill Dhaani…Whats going on?

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