Dewana dil Part 49

Sam is thinking when a fellow associate is talking about surrogacy and ivf treatment for his wife. His focused hearing makes him hear the two words that could solve his problem. And even sanju’s relatives in India r also bugging them for the good news.

Sam is seeing some files, sanju comes from hospital and goes for shower and ask Sam to arrange some food. Sam hides the files in the closet and with out any eye contact leaves the room. Sanju is frustrated with every day comments of vikram about her character and so misses suspicious sam’s behavior. As she comes out of the shower, she tries to find ointment for her sore ankle, and so she opens the closet, the files catches her eye.

She opens it to find that Sam had consulted an ivf specialist. She is shocked that Sam didn’t share such a big thing with her, and directly consulted to the specialist. She thinks to ask Sam directly but then remembers his reaction when he found that neferti was pregnant with his child, when she died. So she decides to dig a little deep before making a direct assault at Sam. And if that’s wat Sam wants she would agree to it.

At dining table its a cold war condition. Sam is worried about relationship loosing its spark, sanju on the other hand about the desperation of Sam to have a baby.. They both eye each other when the other one is not looking. Tanaya notices the tension but keeps quite.

Sanju breaks the silence.
Sanju: Tanaya !! Today we had done surgery on a very young girl, she was so awesome. Thank god she will be OK soon.

Sanju thinks to see Sam’s expression at the talk of kids.

Tanaya: good..
Sanju: I think kids r just amazing.. Don’t u think, Sam??
Sam starts to cough..
Sam thinks she indeed is obsessed to have a baby. She is also talking about the kids. He sees her with sympathy.

Sam leaves from the table. Sanju thinks wat is Sam up to?? Why is he behaving so strange? An expression of frustration occupy her face.
Tanaya: wat’s wrong sanju??I could clearly see the tension between u two.wat is it??
Sanju: (whispering) I saw files of an ivf specialist in Sam’s closet.. And I don’t know wat he is up to.
Tanaya: oh my god!! That means something big. After Timmy he never thought of having any kids. U know that we don’t age and if adopt a human child it age and finally die. And the worst possible thing is for a parents to watch their children die. Its good that vampires don’t procreate. But even adoption is also not valid. If he is thinking about all this then he must love u a lot..

Sanju: Timmy who??
Tanaya: did he never mentioned Timmy to u?? Ya but timmy was closed to his heart. During early phase of industrial revolution, we used to reside in London, back then London was not one of the clean city as it is today. They were two classes, a rich class of society and poor classes. We had a nice casa built their. Timmy was just 7 when her mother started working at our house, cleaning all bit. Her father was a drunkard and so her mother would rather bring Timmy to our house than to keep her at home.

A flashback is shown. A little blonde cute girl eating the pastries. Sam finds her.
Sam: so it is u how steals our pastry??
Mary(Timmy’s mother): sorry lord Samuel, she is a bit unmannered for u, pls forgive her!!

Timmy is shocked and still has mouth full of pastry.
Sam: Mary, an apology is not required. Her name??
Mary: Timmy
Sam: so Timmy how about I give a nice big cake and u tell me what u do for having fun??

At the background screams can b heard, as usual Sam was punishing for breaking his vampire code. Fb ends

Tanaya: Timmy and Sam got along well. She became his human connection to the world. He would spends hours playing with her. But once her mother didn’t came. He waited and didn’t have food for entire day, when I went to convince him he left for slum to find Timmy.

A fb is shown. Sam reaching Mary’s house. Mary’s husband is dead. Mary and Timmy are also sick. They had cholera. And Mary dies soon as well. Timmy is crying at her mothers death. And is soon also about to die. But Sam feels he couldn’t part with Timmy. So he converts her. Tanaya doesnt approve this. As a child once converted will not grow ever. And so they would have to shift rapidly from city if they want to keep Timmy with them. But Sam shoos her off. He is in every way is spoiling timmy. Expensive clothes, servants, food jewelry. She had something that even princesses didn’t have. A most extravagant and lavish lifestyle. And she grew amidst it, but only her mind and not her body. She felt that the girls of her age were settling down and having kids while she was still a kid. She started to find her immortal life frustrating. And then started to take her anger out on Sam. Sam on the other hand loved Timmy so much that he didn’t pay hide to Timmy’s rude behaviour.

But Timmy started to think that Sam was her enemy. She plotted against Sam. And leaked the vampire secret to a boy she liked. The boy asked her to convert him as well. But now the problem was how to convert him without letting it know to Sam. And it was only Sam who could do it. The nobles found her consorting with the boy and reported to Sam. Sam was blind in father love, attacked the nobles, it were some elder who brought the boy for witness against Timmy. But Sam was still not ready to let any harm come to timmy. Instead he killed the boy for cheating his princess to become an immortal. She her love being killed by her father figure, Timmy attacked Sam, at the court room. Sam didn’t even retaliate. He was ready to die at Timmy’s hand, for to see that much anger in her eyes was the worst pain for him. But elders got threatened that if Sam dies than so shall they, so they attack Timmy, Sam in turns to save Timmy attacks the elders. But Tanaya puts Sam down, so that he could only see and couldn’t move even a muscle. He sees them killing Timmy in front of his eyes and then burning her. A few days later he made a rule to not adopt any child, till its mature.

Sanju: then why is he thinking if ivf??
Tanaya: may b u should clear it all.
Sanju comes to bedroom and sees Sam sleeping. She comes close and kisses him on fore head. Saying that she would make everything alright. And switches of the light to sleep. Sam opens his eyes and tears fall from his eyes. As the night proceed

  1. Y cant sanju tel vikram’s matter to sam. Else it wil creat a big prblm later . . . N thank u 4 fast updts. . . Luv u 🙂

  2. Nice episode .

  3. Thank u dear.. Sanju feels that Sam has a lot on his plate. So she didn’t tell him

  4. The fast updates is due to telly updates team.. Thanks to them. That the episode got posted within a few hours. Rather than the 12 hrs delay that it was taking for a few days..

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