Hoon mein jahan tu wo wahan – part 3

The girl cluchted her pallu so tight and cried out loud to the raging storm outside, why ? why him? couldn’t it be a guy who is more caring,understanding and loves only me. Why laksh  why you?? why did I fall for you despite knowing that your love can never be mine. he loved her, still loves her…..

laksh  whisphered I never loved her , until you I truly never fell for anyone. I just thought I loved her. it took me so long to realise that I actually loved you not her,until you left me I never knew you were my everything. he stood before the dressing table they used to share since their marriage. everything in the dressing table screamed her name. her bindis, bangles and sindhoor box that rested on the top of the table. laksh  took it in his hand and opened the box and smelled the sindhoor , tears made its way through his eyes.everything in her room literally screamed her name. she was everywhere in his no their room.

girls pov

she looked out to the storm. she smiled slowly remembering their first day in college.


the girl left space for him to go. she twisted her lip  and thought cant any boy be different. he is same arrogant, airheaded ,spoiled rich brat. from his clothes n those expensive looking shoes she confirmed him as a rich spoilt brat with whom she wouldn’t make friendship with.

the boy was walking when suddenly another boy clashed with him. his anger reached its peak. he was about to thrash the  boy. he was ready to take it out on a boy but stopped thinking it wasn’t fair. his mind was battling between beating that guy and forgiving him.

girls pov

I was walking behind that jerk until a guy collided with that jerk. he was looking so angry. I was afraid that he would do something to that innocent guy.but he just let him go.  maybe he is much of a jerk, maybe he  might have had a bad mood. I hit my forehead slightly maybe he wasn’t as my prediction. I know its wrong to judge a book by its cover that’s what I did to him literally a few minutes ago.

laksh pov

I let the guy go I know I was in a grumpy mood. but that doesn’t give me right to thrash someone unnecessarily. moreover I didn’t want to make a bad impression or a complaint which would get my father upset. I looked back to see if the guy was gone and the girl earlier standing there. she was looking like she was in a deep thinking. she twisted her lips and hit her forehead slightly which was kind of cute. I dismissed those thoughts and made my way to the class.

girls pov

I dropped my thinking for sometime and tried to find my class.finally I found my department. I saw that jerk sitting there. he too belonged to my department. a part of me was sad and other was happy. sad because I had to see him daily for some reason I didn’t like looking at him and happy don’t know why? I made my way to the side girls were sitting.



the girl smiled now I know the reason why I didn’t like seeing him. its because I was scared that I will fall for him. but I didn’t know that soon or later it was going to happen…….

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