Honge Juda Na Hum 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 6th March 2013 Written Update

A man comes to Rohan’s gallery and tells him that he is the one who had mailed him yesterday. He tells him to come along to meet his “madam”. Rohan denies and tells him that she should come here instead so he can judge her choice and make a painting accordingly. The employee insists and Rohan asks him why should he come along. He hands over a cheque of Rs. 8 lakhs to Rohan and asks him if he can reject it now. Rohan says he can’t but he can surely add a few words to it. Rohan takes his pen from his pocket and writes something on the cheque. He hands the cheque back.

In an office the cheque reaches a lady and she reads out what Rohan had written. It said that the cost of the paper of the cheque is less than the one he paints on so if she wants the painting , she better come herself.

A car stops infront of Rohan’s gallery and the same woman gets out of it. She shows a lot of attitude to Rohan and boasts a lot about herself. Rohan says that he does not care who she is and tells her to leave. She looks at a painting and says this is the one you denied to sell. She then takes out a lighter and sets the painting on fire before Rohan could react. She tells him that whatever she wants either she gets it or no one gets it and leaves. Rohan shouts at her. She turns back and throws some money in air and tells him that if that is not enough he can come to her office and demand for more.

At Mishra’s , Preeti is making breakfast for Chintoo. Rama comes and tells her to move away since she wants to have poori right then. Preeti has a tiff with her. Badri and Rohan’s dad come there and try to explain Rama who is not ready to listen to anything. Rohan’s dad tells Preeti to give some money to Chintoo for canteen for the day. Everyone leaves.

Someone is continuously ringing the bell. Rohan’s dad opens the door and asks the guy why he was continuously ringing the bell. He says he is there to meet Rama and spits in a flower pot in the home. ROhan’;s dad tells him to wait and he will call Rama. The guy asks him to bring his luggage inside and goes inside. Rama comes and hugs him. Badri comes out too. The guy again spits somewhere and Rohan’s dad tells Badri to ask him not to do so. Badri tells the Lallan (the guy) to touch chacha ji’s feet. He says he thought he was Ramu kaka. Rohan’s dad asks him if was never taught manners. Lallan tells him not to lecture and tears a page off a notebook to wipe his face. Chintoo says it was his notebook and teacher would scold him now. Preeti snatches the notebook and Rama starts fighting but Badri controls the situation and tells Lallan off. Lallan leaves demanding for a room. Rama follows him inside and asks Badri to get Lallan’s luggage.

The manager is buttering that lady who is showing a lot of attitude to him too. A guard comes in and tells her that Rohan wants to meet her. She asks him to tell him to wait. He says that its urgent and they should all leave at once to see what he is doing. They go outside and ROhan has painted all over her car. They both show each other some attitude and Rohan leaves. That lady says that Rohan is now in her wish list.

Precap: Lallan tells Rohan’s dad to sign his property off to His sister. Rohan’s dad says that the house belongs to Rohan and Muskan. Lallan says that he is just being polite and he better do what he is asked to

Update Credit to: saumya

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