Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 6th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with both sisters going in different directions and Virat slams the door. There’s a cross-connection talk between both couples: Manvi asks Virat how could he even talk to Jeevika so rudely? Virat says that his intention wasn’t to hurt her, but just get his point across that they want to struggle. Viren on the other side too, questions Jeevika about why she went there? Knowing how Virat’s behavior has become, why does she want to get insulted? Jeevika denies and tries to explain that Virat didn’t intend to hurt her. Viren is pissed off.

Manvi admits that Virat has a tiff with Viren, but why is he removing his anger on Jeevika? He can’t do that! Virat once again justifies that he doesn’t mind her coming over, he only wants Jeevika not to show sympathy like bringing food and sending the milkman. Manvi is frustrated and says that between these two brothers, two sisters are being sandwiched. Virat keeps a calendar on the wall and tells Manvi that he doesn’t want to think about anything else apart from earning 100,000 rupees in one month. There, Viren tells Jeevika that he can bare his own insult, but not his wife’s. Hence from now onward, she will not to go the outhouse to meet Manvi. Jeevika is shocked.

Later on, Jeevika calls Beeji in Hrishikesh while crying. Beeji senses something wrong and inquires about the same. Jeevika spills the beans while crying. Beeji is saddened as to why her nor Manvi informed them about what was happening. Jeevika says that they didn’t want to disturb them. Beeji asks if she should speak to Virat about this? Jeevika quickly denies saying Virat wouldn’t like it. Finally Beeji hangs up before consoling Jeevika that everything would be fine soon.

Jeevika is then in her room, cleaning up. She thinks about how God has put her in a do or die situation between her sister and husband. Suddenly Manvi scream is heard. She realizes that Manvi might be in some problem and turns to run but sees Viren standing there. She pleads Viren to let her go to Manvi because Manvi needs her. Viren looks on, takes her hand and drags her out. Viren and Jeevika stand in a corner, only to see Virat teasing Manvi with a cat in hand, while Manvi moves from one side of the bench to another. VirIka smile seeing VirMan. Jeevika tells Viren that everything between the two brothers would be fine soon. Viren is still sad.

Virat and Manvi return inside the house and Manvi is complaining about the goosebumps she was getting with the cat, while Virat argues that it was cute and tickles Manvi, who hits him in return. While they are fighting, his phone rings, and it’s a call for his job. Manvi asks if Virat had applied to be a music teacher? Virat says that this is just the beginning and he has to struggle to reach his goal because he doesn’t want to live on other’s money. She leaves to make food for him, but he says that he would eat after returning.

In the Vadhera Mansion, Viren is walking in the hall when Tarun hands him a courier. Viren opens it to see two shirts with the name “Vadhera Warriors” printed. He gets a flashback of his conversation with Virat, where both say that they are the best and they should team up for the tennis match in order to defeat everyone and also get shirts written Vadhera Warriors on the back. Both brothers are happy with the idea. Viren returns to date and is almost crying when Jeevika consoles him, but he sadly leaves.

Virat is walking with his guitar in the heat, while Viren drives near by in the car. He stops and looks at Virat sadly, who looks back for a while but then walks off. Manvi is at home, done with cooking curry for Virat. She complains how her flu problem as she tries to light the gas when Beeji calls her. She goes to answer it, leaving the gas on (without lighting it). Beeji assures her that everything would be fine, and is amazed at how Manvi has become so mature that she is living alone with her husband and managing her house. Both are emotional.

Manvi then returns to make ginger tea for herself, and repeatedly tries to light the matchstick, but in vain. It finally works and there is an explosion of the gas. Manvi screams HELP! She calls out for Jeevika Di and Virat! Jeevika who is in her room hears Manvi but then thinks that Manvi might be playing around with Virat and she is worried unnecessarily. Besides, Manvi is always loud and up to something.

Manvi on the other hand struggles to stop the fire. She takes a kitchen towel and tries to stop it. In the process, she makes the oil bottle fall which increases the fire and makes the entire kitchen burn. Manvi cries and screams for Help again!

Precap – Jeevika opens the door of the outhouse and sees the entire kitchen on fire. She screams Mannu! And looks around for Manvi, but she is nowhere, until Jeevika sees something and her eyes widen in shock.

This episode was THE bomb! Viren and Manvi stole the show entirely, from the sad brother to the tense wife in fire! Brilliant episode. It’s a good one to watch for a change.
And I’m sorry for the errors today, in a hush!

Update Credit to: Predator

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