Honge Juda Na Hum 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Honge Juda Na Hum 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Honge Juda Na Hum 12th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ramas bro.. is fast asleep in Ramas room! Rama wakes up with a start and asks her bro to wake up as its morning..! He asks her whose life does she want him to darken that she woke him up? Rama says Muskaans! Her bro says..will do it.. and today entire family will realise what he is! Rama smirks contentedly!

Rohan is sulking thinking of the wedding n other romantic moments with Muskaan! Priti asks Rohan to keep faith and be strong..! She reminds him of all the struggles he and Muskaan have faced and that they will find Muskaan soon! Rohan says that if anything happens to Muskaan he wont be able to forgive himself ever! Priti – Rohans dad- Rajiv all reassure him ..! Rohans dad tells him that after all difficulties, Muskaan returned in his life..so why fear! He says how Duggal ji has gone to talk to the commissioner of police! Ramas hubby comes as well and asks Rohan to have faith n be strong..! He asks to fight the situation n solve it..n says that he has faith that Muskaan will return soon! Rama agrees as well …! She says that when they pay the money the kidnapper asked for Muskaan will return ..! All are shocked..! Rama says that it was based on what she saw in movies!

The phone rings and Rama comes to receive..! Rohan comes too. .n snatches the phone from her! Ramas bro calls as the kidnapper n tells Rohan that he has just 2 days.. to arrange Rs. 5 Crores .. as ransom! Rohan assures he will collect the money .. but nothing should happen to Muskaan! The kidnapper asks him to dare not act oversmart n involve cops..! He cuts the call! Priti asks Rohan the matter n amount asked! Rohan says.. Rs. 5 Crores in two days..! Rajiv is shocked . n so is Rama ..but she smirks on! Rohans dad- Rajiv ask how will they arrange? Rohan says..he will arrange..n nothing should happen to Muskaan! Priti suggests to tell Avi but Rohan says no..they cant..as Avi will tell cops n things will be a mess! Priti reasons that Avi is father of Muskaan .. he wont call cops! Rohans dad and Rama all agree.! Rohan calls Avi .. n struggles to give the details! Rohans dad talks to Avi n gives the details..! Avi says that he will manage it all..! Rajiv asks Priti to make tea for Rohan.! Rohan refuses to drink..! Suddenly the landline rings again.. n Rohan receives..!

The kidnapper tells Rohan to talk with respect .. else he will teach Muskaan a lesson! Rohan asks him dare not touch Muskaan! The kidnapper says.. he needs money not in 2 but 1 day ..! He warns Rohan not to act smart! Rohan asks how will he manage in 1 day? The kidnapper says that its his free will…in 1 day . .2 days or 24 hours or 2 years.. he needs money.. rightaway!

Part 2

Rajiv asks what the kidnapper said? Rohan says..the kidnapper wants money in 1 day! Rama self thought that her bro has lost it.. gonna drive her Mental..! She sneaks out of the hall to call her bro! Rajiv calls up Avi and informs him the latest development..! Avi reassures that he will handle it all ..!

Part 3

Rama asks her bro why he asked Rs. 5 Crores..?? He says.. Muskaans dad is like Kuber .. he will be able to manage! He says that here the cow is fat.. n gives more milk ..so better use big utensil to milk the cow! Rama grins..n says that he has done a great job! She asks him to inform the family about the location of payment..where to send n at what time! He says ok. .n tells her to keep him updated of the whereabouts! Rama turns n its her hubby ..! He chides her for her heinous plan..! She feigns ignorance! He requests her to wisen up! But she asks him to stay quiet! She says that she had asked for money but no one gave. .n Muskaan had insulted her.. so! She asks him to be patient. .n that they will get Rs. 5 Crores n she will release Muskaan!

Precap — Avi asks Rohan..how can the ransom money get stolen? Where had he kept?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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