Junoon 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 12th March 2013 Written Update

meera comes to prithvi’s room and tells him that daata thankur had called to ask about him.. prithvi gets emotional but then he controls himself and tells that noone needs to show care to him.. he can handle himself.. meera scolds him for not allowing aksh to call cops.. she tells him that she cares for him and she will always care for him no matter wat and leaves

prithvi goes to miu’s room and watches her sleeping from the window.. (loved the scene)

next day miu comes to prithvi’s room with kheer.. prithvi in black gangi and wet hair.. hottt…
and then he goes shirtless to change to a kurta.. hottt…
anyways control control nam lol

buaji enters.. and taunts prithvi that miu had made kheer since they lost the contract due to him.. meera supports prithvi… buaji taunts again that it seems like she knows prithvi from ages and shares a special bond with him.. even better than akash.. prithvi gets angry and gives it back to buaji saying that she needs to control her words as miu is going to marry akash..

miu tells prithvi to think from his heart once and understand thinks.. she almost hints her love for him.. he declines saying that he doesnt care.. i just loved the convo.. i could feel miu’s heart break..miu tells him that one day he will realize what his heart says surely..

part 2

prithvi back to his pushups for thinking..

daata and sudha come.. miu is surprised.. prithvi says that he called them for her and akash’s engagement

part 3

everyone welcomes daata and sudha.. RK introduces them to family.. and tells everyone that he took care of prithvi for so many years..
prithvi announces aksh and miu’s engagement.

Precap- prithvi telling miu that he will do all the arrangements for the wedding.. miu in tears..
miu tells akash that she cant marry him.. she loves prithvi .. she is in tears

Update Credit to: namratavyas

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