Home is Where the Heart is…Part 11

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Recap: Arrangements for the couple’s engagement!!!

Part 11

Scene 1

Rakhi, Bani, Mahesh, Suman, Veena, Sukhmani, Deewan, Yamini, Neela, and Preesha are joined at the apartment’s temple and ask the panditji for a good mahurat.

Pandit: This week’s Wednesday is a good day and you can keep the engagement. If you leave this date, then good dates are available after two months.

Bani: After 2 months?

Pandit: Yes Baniji, next month, we don’t do weddings and engagements usually.

Veena: Ok, then we will have on this Wednesday itself.

Rakhi: But only 3 days to go.

Preesha: aunty doesn’t worry. We made plans yesterday itself.

All elders smile.

Scene 2

Preesha comes and informs everyone of the engagement day. All gets happy.

Sonakshi: Wait, I’ll come with the clothes.

She brings the lehenga and sherwani sets.

Rishabh: Sona, Rohit is not here. We’ll select once he comes.

Sona: He will come by night only. I’ll select for him.

Rithik: Sona didi, you started controlling him even before the engagement itself.

Sona swirls Rithik’s ears.

They all sit in that empty home and selects the dresses.

Sona selects lehenga and sherwani.

Rishabh: Karan, you select what you like. I’ll wear the left.

Janaki: Preetha, you also select what you like.

Preetha: Janaki didi, you are the perfect match for Rishabh Bhai.

Karan: Yes Bhai, exactly.

Preesha: Didi, this will be good for you. You take this.

Janaki: Fine, I’ll take this.

Srishti smiles.

Srishti: Janaki didi, can I ask you one thing?

Janaki: Sure.

Srishti: How you can accept everything wholeheartedly?

Janaki: Srishti, I was brought up by Yamini. And I brought up Rithik. From childhood, I’ll share everything like food, clothes, toys, and everything with him. I always wanted my younger ones to be happy. Maybe this is a good trait of an elder sister.

Rithik hugs Janaki.

Srishti: Yes, that’s true. Even Preetha didi will give everything to me first.

Preetha: That’s because, we are not just sisters, we are mother figures to you people.

Srishti: That’s true.

All smiles.

Shivanya sees the Mehendi designs.

Shivanya: Sona didi and Janaki didi, there is one design for R which I love the most. Who wants this?

She shows the design and both of them like it.

Sona: Janaki, you have this design.

Janaki: No, it won’t be fair.

Shivanya: Ok, both of you stop. I’ll have this design for myself.

All are surprised.

Shivanya realizes and tells everyone about Yamini’s promise. All get happy and rejoices.

Janaki: Rithik, you didn’t even tell me.

Rithik: Didi, I was about to tell you but then I forgot about your engagement arrangements.

Rishabh: Where did Avni, Neil, Preesha, and Rudy go?

Rudy: Here we are.

He comes there with Preesha and Chikoo.

Janaki: Avni is having some exams.

Rishabh: Then Rithik doesn’t have?

Rithik: No Jeju, it is for some extra course. I’m not doing that.

Janaki: Yes, Neil is teaching her.

Chikoo: Everyone look at this.

He made engagement invitations and it is pretty cool.

Karan: Chikoo, you made this? Really this is good.

Sona: Yes, you have a lot of talent in you.

Preesha hugs him.

She gives the invitations to Sameer and Rithik.

Preesha: Sameer & Rithik, give these invitations to everyone. Invite them properly. Do it soon as we are running out of time. Only 3 days are left.

Sameer: not 3, 2 1/2 is remaining.

Rithik: We’ll go now.

Shivanya worries as he will go to Dr. Neil and Ragini’s house too. (Hereafter, Ragini’s husband Neil will be addressed as Dr. Neil)

Shivanya: Rithik and Sameer, me and Srishti will also come with you. As we have no time, we’ll also give some invitations. After all, Srishti is the bride’s sister.

Preesha: Yes, that’s also a valid point. You both also go. Srishti, we can arrange the stage only at night. No other go. Because these kids will spoil that while playing.

Shrishti: Ok didi.

All four go for the invitation distribution.

Scene 3

Neil teaches Avni but her concentration is on Neil. He sees that.

Neil: Avni, you have an exam. Study now.

Avni: Neil, it’s boring. How long we’ll study?

Neil: Till you complete. Please avni study properly. If your diverting because of me, then we’ll break up.

Avni is shocked.

Avni: What?

Neil: Yes, I’m telling this seriously. If you are not scoring the cut-off marks, I’m going to break up with you.

Avni: Ok…ok…ok fine. Don’t get angry with me.

Neil: Where is Neela aunty?

Avni: She is in her room. Nowadays, she is confused over something. Need to find what it is.

Neil: We’ll do CID work later. Now study.

Avni makes face and study.

After some time, Neil gives her a chocolate.

Avni: Wow, chocolate??

Neil: Yes, you completed this chapter as a good girl. So, it is your compliment.

Avni: Ok, I’ll accept this if you feed me.

Neil: Avni???

Avni: Comeon Neil.

Neil: Fine.

He feeds her the chocolate. She too feeds him!!!

Scene 4

After some time, Rohit comes early from the hospital. But he feels dejected. Sona comes to know that Rohit has come. So, she goes to his house with the selected sherwani.

Sona: Rohit, what happened? Why are you looking dull?

Rohit cries. Sona worries.

Sona: Please tell me.

Rohit: Today, one of my patients died.

Sona is shocked.

Sona: How is this possible?

Rohit: He was my patient but dad’s enemies got him to their hospital and did the wrong surgery by mistake. They wanted to ruin my career by snatching patients from me. But…

Sona: Rohit, don’t worry.

Rohit: How to not be worry? Because of me, one patient died.

Sona consoles him.

Sona: Rohit relax. Come lie on my lap.

She makes him lie on her lap.

Sona: Rohit, you need not be guilty. The mistake is on both the hospital and the patient. The hospital tried to ruin you but instead, they got themselves ruined and the patient cheated you and went to them on his own. You didn’t send him. So, it’s not your mistake. Relax. Sleep now.

She makes him sleep. Veena sees this from far and thinks Sona is the perfect wife, bahu for her.

Scene 5

Preetha comes to Karan’s house.

Rakhi: Preetha, he is his room.

She goes to his room and sees him shirtless and turns.

Karan drags her in and closes the door.

Karan: This is too much. I’m your future husband. No need to act like this.

Preetha: Haha very funny. First, you put dress.

Karan hugs her.

Preetha: Karan leave me.

Karan: No.

Preetha: Karan…

She tries to remove him but they both fall on the bed. They have an eye lock. Karan moves her hair and kisses her face. Preetha too enjoys.

Janaki comes and opens the door and sees that.

Janaki: Sorry…

They both go apart…

Preetha: Didi…

Karan: Bhabi, bhai’s room is next.

Rishabh: I’m here only.

He comes behind Janaki.

Janaki: I came to inform you about the meeting. You two are the only ones who have not joined yet from my team. But you both are romancing here.

Preetha: Didi, I came to inform that, but this idiot boy only.

Janaki: No excuses, go and join immediately.

Karan: You are not coming?

Janaki: I’m your manager. I don’t need to attend.

Karan: So, you are going to romance with bhai now.

Janaki beats him smiling.

Karan and Preetha go to attend the meeting.

Rishabh: Even his statement was good.

Janaki: What statement?

Rishabh: About romance.

Janaki: I’m surprised.

Rishabh: Why?

Janaki: Even, a robot can romance?

Rishabh: Who is a robot?

Janaki: You only, a programmed human.

Rishabh: Is it?

He drags her to his room and kisses her.

Janaki hugs him.

They both have a romantic moment.

Scene 6

Rudy comes in and finds Preesha hiding.

Rudy: Hey biwi, what are you doing?

Preesha signs him to be quiet.

Preesha: We both are playing hide and seek. Now I got caught by you.

Rudy takes her to the corner and holds her waist.

Rudy: I didn’t see you and you didn’t get caught.

Preesha smiles.

Preesha: Leave me, he’ll come.

Rudy: No, I won’t leave you.

Preesha: Rudy…

He kisses her.

Just then Chikoo comes and says that he found Mumma.

Rudy: Yes, mummy is out now.

Preesha beats Rudy and they three hugs!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!

















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