Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Amma teaches a lesson to Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the kids searching something. Amma asks what they are searching. Hritik says he is searching heels sandals which mummy took for 1000 Rs. Amma asks if 1000 Rs is less. Hritik says sometimes mummy spends money. Chamchi says you will not get it. hritik asks why did you say with confidence. Chamchi says if something goes missing then will ever it be found in this house. Rajjo thinks if Amma is having my sandal. She asks Amma to get up and says she will take her blessings. Amma asks if you are thinking that I have stolen your sandal. Rajjo says I am sure that you can do this, then says you can’t do this. Amma shows her feet and asks her to touch her feet. Rajjo says she has not taken bath yet. Amma asks her to take her blessings and tells that Avdesh and Jayanti shall touch my feet too. Rajjo touches her feet. Malaika comes there and tells that Bapu sent slippers for you. Rajjo opens the box and finds it flat slippers. She dislikes it.

Tallest asks Kat how is he looking and says today he has clean shaved for her. Kat tells that gol gappa is very much tasty. The gol gappa seller calls her angrezi billi and tells that he will slap her. Kat asks how can you insult me. She asks Tallest how can he see her getting insulted. The Tallest tells that he is karate champion. The gol gappa seller tells that he had done murder thrice. Kamlesh watches them. Tallest says we will meet in college and runs away. Kat gets afraid seeing the seller holding knife. Kamlesh hits on his head with brick to save Kat. The seller beats Kamlesh. Manohar comes there and arrests him. Kat regrets to get mean and befriending tallest who ditched him. Kamlesh says its ok, Kat and Kamlesh will always be friend. Kat says she will take him home.

Later Ranbir and Hritik find Chamchi tall. Chamchi tells that she is wearing Mummy’s heels and tells that she has stolen it on Papa’s sayings. Hritik asks what is Papa’s problem? Chamchi says Papa is upset, he don’t want anyone to call him Tingu’s wife and that’s why he made me steal her heels and then gifted her flat slippers. Rajjo hears them and goes to her room. Happu thinks his shoes are height now. Rajjo says you have become taller than me in height, but short in my sight. Happu asks what are you saying? Rajjo confronts him for asking Chamchi to steal it. She says you feel ashamed that I am tall and you are short. Happu reminds her of what Sanjay and his wife told. He says he felt that his wife might feel ashamed and that’s why he will get his shoes heeled, so that she don’t feel shame to walk with him. Rajjo sits on the bed and cries.

Happu regrets to marry her, and tells that Amma was happy when our kundali matched, but my height was short. Amma comes there and slaps him for thinking this. She slaps him and says if Rajesh had thought like you, then we wouldn’t have so many children in our lawn. She says before marriage, I went to her and said that happu’s height is short, but she said that she will not get a gem person like Happu in tall person. Rajjo tells that she likes taller guys before their marriage, but she got much love from him and the difference really didn’t matter to her. Happu apologizes to her. Amma asks them to be happy and warns them not to have 19 kids from 9 kids. Happu says I like Amma and hugs Rajjo.

Later kids argue that their height is high. Amma scolds them and asks them not to talk about height next time. Rajjo comes there and gives tea to Amma. Amma says you are not that taller. Rajjo says she is not wearing heels, as she left it. Happu comes there and tells that he has brought something for her. He tells that he brought high heels for her and wants to see her with his ehad high. Rajjo smiles. Amma scolds him for over spending. Rajjo wears it. Happu looks at her. She hits him. The kids dance around them. Ranbir sings song. Amma also dances.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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