Hitler Didi 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 6th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Indira, Rk, Indu and the veiled ladies enters the house and the doors behind them is shut, this boggles her Jamna comes and ridicules Indira as she smirks, Rishi introduces Indira to Jamna Tai. He says, she is one of the oldest househelp in the house and in this house her decision is respected by all her. He asks her to touch her leg. Indira goes to touch her leg, but instead vomits on her, She was controlling till now, but couldn’t control anymore. (It Seems that Chiku hates her lol), Everyone is shocked expect Indu who laughs at her. Indira is given water, Rk helps her to drink. Jamna is disgusted and is about to scold Indira but Ammu gives Nanda Bhabhi instructions of taking Indira somewhere, Indira wants to spend sometime with Rk but he tells her he will come later. Ammu commands, Veeru to take Rk out on the wrestling zone, Veeru does so leaving Indira there hurt.

Living Room
Some ladies are shown dancing as Ammu is watching them, Nanda Bhabhi brings Indira there, her pallu is falling from her head now and again. Jamna notices this.

Part 2
Rk wins the fight and his cousins and uncle rejoice.

The women are still gifting Indira and applying Sindoor on her forehead. Indu comes and sits on her lap. She starts telling Indira about how Rk is fighting and all. Jamna starts scolding Indu for sitting on her lap while a ritual is going on. She continues scolding her, she is about to slap her but Indira holds her hand. This shocks everyone. Indira realises this and tries to reason with her but she doesn’t! She continues teasing both Indira and Indu! Indu tells her she is a maid in. this house therefore she should know where she stands. Everyone is shocked, even Indira herself, Jamna feels insulted and says she has worked here for so many years and no one has ever called her that! Ammu is angry with all this. Indira tries to calm the situation but Jamna manages to make Ammu punish Indu for her mischievous nature.

Part 3
Jamna continues to add petroleum to the fire. Indira ‘s pallu keeps on falling, she is questioned on this, Nanda helps her. Ammu gets extremely mad and questions Indu character, Indira tries to cool her down but the lady doesnt listen Indira tells her she understand her laws but ….. Jamna buts in saying that no one has ever questioned Ammu. Ammu gets angry and the issue of girl child and boy child is arises, Ammu claims that she wants a baby boy so that their lineage is extended to the coming generations! Indu laughs and says that it doesn’t matter at all if its a girl or a boy. Ammu gets super angry and walks towards Indu but Indira apologizes and manages to calm her down! she then supports Indu that there isn’t any difference between a girl and a boy child, she explains in todays world the capability of women, Indira ‘s head isn’t covered, she realizes this and covers it as Ammu looks at her

Indira tells Ammu that Indu is a child, Ammu leaves from there. Scene shifts to Indira’s room where Indu has draped a Sari as she imitates Ammu, Nanda sees her and she smiles, Indu sees her and she runs! Nanda starts crying, Indira sees her and asks her what’s wrong, she tells her she was looking at Indu she noted she missed being a mother since she can’t give birth, Indira wipes her tears and tells that her children are hers as well she smiles. Nanda introduces her to Champa who will tend to her. Indira wants to change, Champa wants to help her but she disagrees, nanda asks her to leave, Indira takes out her salwar kameez, Nanda informs her its not allowed for her to wear that in the house! Indira tells her she isn’t comfortable in sarees and heavy jewelry, she tells her she wants to meet Rk. Nandu tells her its not allowed! Indira tells her she will see who will stop her. Jamna hears this and she smirks

Episode Ends

Jamna is continuing her bad habit of adding petroleum to fire (Ammu) she again makes an evil smile.

Update Credit to: AK

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