Amita Ka Amit 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 6th June 2013 Written Update

Amit looks at her stunned as she looks gorgeous in the beautiful yellow full length dress. Ammu smiles shyly as he watches her without blinking his eyes. He looks away first. He stutters… look….very different in this dress. She says she doesn’t wear such dresses but had no option so wore it. I have worn it for Jigna’s sake. Actually, she and Preeti gifted me this but as every other dress was wet so had no choice. I never thought that I will.
Amit compliments her. It suits you (well this is very much a compliment from Amit Shah). They share an eye lock and a new romantic sizzling tune plays in. They both look away. ammu gestures him about the tea. He goes outside feeling awkward. She smiles and follows him outside holding the tea cup. They both sit near the bonfire. She hands him the cup and starts warming her hands in the fire.
He notices this and asks about her tea cup. She cites an excuse saying she is not feeling like having it. He realises that only one cup was made. Under this open sky, cold weather and after getting wet in the rain who would want to have tea? They both smile. He tells her to get the other cup so that they can share it half half. She tells him that she has put candle in the other cup. He very coolly tells her to have from this only. Ammu is surprised (we too!!) and repeats his words…from this cup only? He nods in agreement but a second later realises and corrects himself. I meant I can sip from from one side n you other (showing the sides of the cup lol ). She again asks him if he would drink from the same cup. He simply tells her to drink or else the tea would get cold. Thoda sa pyaar hua hai plays as they both take a sip and pass the cup to the other with an unblinking gaze. They share a long eye lock and then as the song ends (and their tea too) they look away.

Rohan, Ria & Tina mock Amit’s fate. Rohan says, I pity Amit for he is my brother. There he is busy enjoying is vacation and here I have closed all this chances of entering back in the business. Ria reminds him that it is his duty to inform his brother about all this. They continue teasing Amit and laughing evilly.

Ammu suggests going inside the tent for they have to leave early tomorrow morning. He tells her to sit for some more time…..he is feeling good. Ammu smiles. He quickly changes his statement. I meant sitting here near the fire….I am feeling good. Ammu nods understanding.
Ammu hugs herself and says, you know I wanted to sit outside near a bonfire since my childhood. He turns to look at her as she speaks. But I never got any chance to sit and speak my heart out this way. I, Preeti, Aarti & Jigna used to go on picnics. We used to have fun but our picnic used to end by the time it was evening. I shared every small big thing almost everything with them. I also told them about my dream about marrying my prince charming who would come and take me with him on a white horse.
Amit interrupts, but you got Amit Shah instead of your prince charming right? Ammu looks at him taken aback. Carrying one office file in his hand, wearing specs…you felt bad right? Ammu denies straight away. Not at all! Why are you saying so? You are my prince only. I love…..stops and feel awkward. She looks away struggling to find words. I mean…I love this place. Let us go and sleep for it is getting late. She gets up to go but Amit holds her hand. read full updates daily with pics only at Hum tum starts playing in the background as they share a long eye lock. He makes her sit again. Amit tells Amita that they should stay back another day. She asks about his office work and his preps for US. He replies work will always be there. Let it be. They move closer to each other for a kiss and romantic Hum Tum plays in the background. Ammu closes her eyes in anticipation while he continues looking at her (so much time in one kiss :O ). SUDDENLY, AMIT’S PHONE RINGS (I almost fell off my sofa when this happened ). Amit looks for his phone. Ammu thinks Amit was about to kiss me? It cant be.i must have felt it. She smiles shyly.

Rohan fakes to be worried about Amit as he was trying to call him. He tells maybe because of the network problem you couldn’t reach me. He tells Amit everything in mute. Amit is tensed….I am coming. Rohan smirks.

Amit goes inside the tent with Ammu in tow. He calls the hotel manager asking to get the bill ready for they will leave today only. Ammu asks him about the same. Are we going back today itself? He replies (back to old Amit ), you heard it right and goes out. Ammu gets tearful.

In the morning, Ammu looks at Amit who is busy driving the car. She recalls every happy romantic moment spent in Lonavala. She thinks what has happened that he has gone quiet all of a sudden? Why are we going back so early in the morning? What must be the matter?
Amit looks at Ammu who smiles at him but he simply looks away. She prays, Kanha, I know something has happened for sure but I only want you to give Amit the strength to fight it.

At Shah House, everyone is seated at the dining table eating breakfast. Fallu tells Kirath to have his tea or else it will get cold. He denies. She sits next to him worried. I know you are angry on Amit but don’t do this to yourself. Kirath replies it is because he did such thing.

Just then Amit & Amita enter. Nani is the first to notice them. Fallu wants to know how come they came early. amit replies how could he stay back when he got to know what happened here. Amit right away goes and sits next to his father. I don’t know how and why this happened but I will get the clients back. I will rectify the mistake. Kirath sternly declines. You wont do anything. There is only 1 thing left for you to do which is that you will hand over your work to Rohan. Amit looks at Rohan who gives innocent looks while Ria & Tina are thoroughly enjoying it (mann me laddoo foota types ;/ ).

Rohan very naively asks his kaka about his decision. Amit asks for one chance. Kirath denies. Now what will you do when all our clients have chosen to work with Wise Investments? Why, how all this Rohan will find out. You wont do anything. Fallu tells him to not take any decision as he is upset right now. kirath says I have taken this decision after much thought only. Amit is no more the signing authority for Shah Stocks & Traders from this very moment. He neither can do any business using the company’s name nor can he take part in the business anymore. Rohan will replace you from today itself. I announce Rohan as the new CEO of our company. No one is happy with this decision except Tina & family.

Precap: Ammu tries to soothe Amit’s pain. I know that papa ji’s words have hurt you. Amit replies who said so? He is my father I made a mistake so it is his duty to scold or rectify my mistakes. You don’t have to sympathise with me for anything. Amita looks at him hurt

Update Credit to: pooja

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