Hitler Didi 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 18th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Episode starts with Kala agreeing to Indira’s suggorate plan! Ammu give a very sharp look at Indira. Indira apologizes for taking the action of taking the duo to the hospital for the tests and also for the surrogation plan that will also save Nanda bhabhi marriage. Jamna interferes and scolds Indira saying that her daughter cannot be a surrogate mother! Indira says that her daughter is not the only lady who can be the S mother, she says they can get a helpless lady who can do it in exchange of money. Jamna is surprised and shocked. Some househelps calls Ammu her and tells her that Sugandha is not opening her door. Jamna cries in grief, Indira runs to the door and starts calling for Sugandha, everyone joins her! Veera brakes the glass top on the door and opens the door. But they can’t find Sugandha. Ammu says that Sugandha was just here, where has she gone now? Munna in a very different Avatar, he asks a man where Jagotia Niwas is. The man directs him to the wrong way.

A furious Munna comically runs on the road but he falls down dirtying his white suit. Munna goes to a nearby river and takes of his clothes so that he can wash them. He says he cant go to meet Indira like this, he removes his trousers and coat a woman steals them, remaining with his vest and boxer and shoes Munna looks for his clothes. He asks god how can I now go like this and a chuni.falls on him, he is happy but when he looks up he is shocked.

Part 2
Ammu can’t understand how Sugandha can disappear into thin air. She goes downstairs, Indira wants to follow her but Jamna stops her and tells her that if anything happens to her daughter, she will be blamed for it. downstairs Ammu is about to leave, Munna comes in carrying a lady in red bridal lengha, he is still in shorts and vest. Indira is boggled to see him here. Ammu scolds him for his code of dressing. Munna asks her to shut up. this shocks everyone, Ammu is about to slap him but Rk comes to help him

Munna is excited to see him and they side hug. Munna asks what is wrong with this hag and why is she talking to him like this! Munna tells him that is Ammu. Munna asks for forgiveness! The woman he was carring turns out to be Sugandha who is still Unconscious, He begs Ammu to excuse for his behavior earlier. Jamna reprimands him for misbehaving with her daughter and bringing her home unconscious.

Wrestlers comes and carries Munna, Indira intervenes and tells them it is not necessary to carry him. Sugandha wakes up and tells everyone that Munna saved her! Munna starts hugging everyone as soon as he is let lose. he is about to hug Ammu when Indira pulls him and ask him what is he doing at her sasural. She signals to Veera to take Munna and find something suitable to put on. Sugandha is shown laying on a pillar sobbing, Indira comes there and reprimands her for running away. She tells her she can’t stand seeing Nanda crying or sad. Indira tells her she willfind her a good Hubby in 15 days, Sugandha smiles and they leave from there. Jamna who was listening says she will make her suffer in the next 15 days and she smirks.

Part 3
Jamna is going to a locked room and inside there is a woman who is playing with her payal! she tells her that her work is about to begin and she will help her. Indu is passing by and she sees Jamna locking the door, she goes to investigate. Jamna doesnt let her and she pulls her from there. Sugandha asks for pardon from Nanda and she forgives her and they hug. Beera comes and scolds them. Rk and Indira comes to.lecture him on his love, trust and understanding for his marriage!

he asks where they will get a suggrogate mother, Munna who is outside the room suggests Shweta’sname, RK tries to shut him by signaling but he doesn’t. Indira drugs Munna from there and takes him to her room and asks him why he is here. He tells her, he is looking for Sunaina who ran away because of being mistreated, overworked and denied food by Meher! Rk feels sad. He takes a box of sweets and eats sweets. Rk removes a bundle of money from his pocket and wants to give Munna for the family but Indira stops him and reminds him how Kutumb told her that they are happy and so on. Munna gets choked and she pours some water for him. Rk rubs his back. Indira asks him to leave, Munna tries to plead but she leaves. he tries to convince RK he also.asks where he can get a job Rk.asks him to calm.down, Indira returns and asks your not gone yet. Munna says Rk asked him to stay for a while. RK manages to convince her to go and buy supplies for the sharmas and they leave.

Episode ends as Indira imagines how her family is suffering on the hands of Meher.

Update Credit to: AK

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