Maharana Pratap 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 18th June 2013 Written Update

The Queens are worried for Pratap’s safety. jayvantabai decides to send an emissary to the Ranaji to inform him of their son’s doing.

Man singh’s caravan’s are stopped by an unknown man on their way out of Mewar.It is revealed to be UdaiSingh himself who had come to bid his beloved sons goodbye..
For the first time we see a father in the king who is soft hearted and pained at the thought of not seeing his children ever again.. he wishes his fondest son Pratap a good life and blessings to be a good ruler for the people of Mewar… The same people for whom he is ready to perform Saka.

Pratap is almost caught by his dad and Mann singh but he is able to fool them into believing that he is fast asleep..

Pratap manages to reach the palace and find it being readied for a special guest..
He overhears chudavatji that the man is none other than Raj Rana BAhadur..Pratap is curious to know more.. He enters the chamber of historical data and finds out about the warrior in question.

A valiant warrior who is revered by the Rajputs and is often the battle clincher for kings therefore his army is always in demand.

In the meanwhile Shamz khan is waiting impatiently for the 2 days to get over… His scant regard for human life and barbaric ways have a chilling exposure today..
He orders the killing IDf a poor singer whowas brought in to help him pass the time.
He orders the man to be given a slow and painful death so that his screams might humour him.. A despicable man indeed.

As pratap reads up on him the man make his entrance to the MEwar palace.

Pratap is about to leave the room when he hears the approaching footsteps of his dad and others…To hide himself he enters into a room which happens to be the king’s war room.

He hides and hears the conversation between the king , rana BAhadur and the generals.Udai singh entrusts rana BAhadur with the flag of Mewar ands tells him to free the kingdom of the afghan flag which has encroached with domination on their motherland.

Pratap promises to himself and his king that he will do everything possible to make his father’s dream a reality hiding behind a chair.

Precap: udai sing h is worried about the whereabouts of PRatap.. Jayvanta bai glimpses the silhouette of his son.she implores him to reveal himself stating he can hide from the world but not his mom…Pratap is shown retreating the promise he made to himself and his dad today.

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