His silent love – Chapter 15

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Chapter – 15- Skinny dipping and Kunj junior


Twinkle (POV)


Twinkle Taneja.

Time of death:

9 pm whatever the minutes are.

Yes, it was absolutely shocking.

Yes, I am in complete bewilderment.

Before I could react Kunj pulled back.

It was a two micro-mini-tiny seconds small peck on the lips.

But then something clicked.


“You said I’d be the one begging you to kiss me” I crossed my arms trying to disclose my on going urge of kissing or strangling him.

“That was just a starter for you to actually beg” he spoke breaking his silent treatment and I scoffed, “As if”

He just took your first kiss.

What the heck. He freaking took my first kiss.

Holy freaking fries. He just did it.

And I am hungry.

Can we focus?

“Oh. And like I said, I’d be your first kiss” he gave me a cocky grin and I rolled my eyes huffing out loud, “It wasn’t. It was just a peck”

Right. You are such a hypocrite. You literally were about to strangle him because he took your first kiss.

“Why are we here?” I shifted before landing on my feet and Kunj took the helmet from me placing it on the side

Is it still awkward? He just kissed me on the lips.

That’s not normal.

Not like I mind. I don’t know.

What? He’s playing with your head. Don’t let him succeed.

“Why are we here?” I question again and he sighed, “Do you ever stop?”

“Do you ever answer?” I retorted earning a not so kind look from him. He patted his pockets looking for something before pulling out a set keys and opened the entrance door.

There were about more than thirty of these small apartments in the shape of big cottages . And the rest I couldn’t see due to the dark.

Kunj lightly nudged me inside and I looked around surprised. This looks freaking cool. The interior was kept pretty simple more of a beachy style.

Everything around here was either floral or colourful.

“This is awesome. Do you guys own this or what?” I question and looked on as there was a small living room and two doors. One to the right and one to the left.

Beside the hall was the open kitchen.

“Yup. All of these small cottage apartment thing” he nodded flickering the rest of the lights on. “No one really comes here at this time of the year. So, we keep it close. It’s really crowded in spring and summer”

“Oh. Why haven’t we seen this place before?” I frowned because we literally have been to every place which our parents or their friends owned.

“The owner was close to his death bed” Kunj cleared his throat, “And we bought it recently. It’s like a private sector. You didn’t see the high security check or the gates to this place because you were knocked out”

“I wasn’t. I was just resting” I shrugged innocently.

“There’s a beach. Lakes. Perfect for a vacation” he walked towards the large glass doors fumbling with the keys before sliding them open and I followed behind.

“Woah” I smiled at the beautiful view in front of me. Outside were wooden craved floors which had steps leading to the lake beneath.

“I am going to spend my summer here”

“We are going to come here for summer”

We both said that in unison and look at each other before he started laughing and so did I. “So, why are we here now?”

“Strip” he simply stated and I gawked at him. “Pardon?” I question with a nervous laugh escaping my mouth. “Strip” he said in a duh tone and I quirked an eyebrow at him.

“You sure you aren’t high?” I question and he grinned shaking his head from side to side. “Then why the hell would I strip?”

“Because we are going inside the lake. For a swim” he smiled shrugging and started taking off his jacket and shirt. “No. It’s freezing” I mumbled.


“Wait. If we are going for a swim. Why do I have to strip?” I question boggled and he unbuttoned his shirt tossing it on the beach side. “Skinny dipping”

“Seriously?!” my voice sounded in between of astonishment and excitement. He looked at me amused, “You sound excited”

I cleared my throat as he started unzipping his pants and I looked down the other way at my shoes. I heard his footsteps nearing me and looked at his legs.

Yes, he isn’t wearing anything.

Why the hell am I here again?

Don’t look ahead else he’d flash you with Kunj junior.

“It isn’t a junior” Kunj remarked and I looked on wide eyed. Did I say that out loud. “I won’t look. I promise” he whispered gently brushing past me and I heard a thud as he jumped inside the lake.

I could see his backside as he reappeared on the surface running a hand through his hair.

Holy Kunj. He looks hot.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes and undergarments and stood at the end of the steps nearing the lake.

I am naked.

He can’t see me. He’s facing the other way.

I am still naked. Going for the first skinny dipping in life with the guy that I have mixed feelings for and who’s a complete a*sh*le.

“Get in” I heard him and I took in a deep breath before entering the lake. A small gasp left my mouth as the water was slightly cold but it felt good as I entered fully lightly swimming towards Kunj’s side.

“How does it feel?” he questions still looking ahead and I shrugged, “Kinda good. Kinda weird since I am naked” he smiled slowly edging towards my side and his shoulder bumped with mine sideways.

“It’s beautiful” I muttered tucking in the water more careful not to flash Kunj with my chest. “I know. Breathtakingly beautiful” he whispered turning around to face me.

“I was talking about the view” I smirked turning to face him too. “And I was talking about you” he bluntly replied shrugging wiping of the smirk on my face and I moved closer if only possible.

I felt his hands creeping down my waist and he stopped lightly pulling me closer and I took in a sharp breath as our fronts touched together.

You guys are totally crazy.

Back off. Back off. Back off right now.


His finger tips slowly massaged my back and I sighed looking at my right. “Feels good?” he murmurs, his lips lightly brushing my jawline and I nodded as if spellbounded by him.

Something poked against my stomach and my eyes widened suddenly.

I suddenly chuckled and now looked at Kunj’s flustered face. “Did you just get a boner?” I whispered and he cleared his throat moving away from me. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

If this isn’t anymore awkward…

“Hey! Come back” I yelled as Kunj started swimming towards the right, “It’s okay. Happens. It’s natural. Plus, I am hot so yeah” I looked at him disappearing inside the water.

A couple of minutes later, I squealed as he wrapped an arm around waist from behind and pulled both of us inside the water.

I quickly swam back to the surface gasping for breath and spitting out water. “You co-could h-have warn-ed me” I coughed hitting his chest as he easily soothed out his hair.

Looking like a Greek God.

While I sure looked like a pirahna.

It took me a couple of seconds to compose my self and I moved towards Kunj standing by his side again. He seemed to lost in deep thoughts so I didn’t bother him.

“I don’t want her to hurt herself again” he breaks the silence and I looked at him. “Not after what happened two years ago” he muttered, his voice lacing with abhorrence and I gulped down the nervousness.

I laced our fingers together inside the water and he sighed. Two years ago, Maira started dating one of Kunj’s football team member. It was more of a summer fling for Drake.

But Maira couldn’t accept it. She started dating him again and they both were doing well. Well, according to us. But Drake showed his violent side and it was a shock for everyone.

I still remember Maira coming back from her date with marks on her face and back. He tried to actually s*xually harass her too but luckily Maira escaped.

But Drake couldn’t escape.

Kunj was furious and literally killed him if Dhruv, Yuvi and the rest of my friends hadn’t stopped him.

Luckily, Drake went to another state and we all tried out best to help Maira out. Maira’s determination and strong heart helped her through.

“You are right” I mumbled nodding my head and Kunj’s head turned to my side in a second, “You are completely right. She shouldn’t date anyone. She has no right to fall in love or experience being cared for or loved”

He looks at me as if I had lost my mind.

“You want that right?” I ask removing my hand from his, “You don’t want your sister to date Jacob. Firstly, because of his reputation with girls. Secondly, because of the incident”

“Aren’t you being a hypocrite at this point?” I muttered. “You don’t want Jacob to date Maira because she’s your sister. And you don’t want your sister to get hurt. But you allowed Jacob to play with other girls feelings because they weren’t related to you”

“Yes, maybe you have no right to stop Jacob but think about it. He loves you and considers you as a family. Besides, you are no less Kunj. You date girls too. Their brothers don’t end up with their claws on your throat”

“Everyone here gives the other person a chance. And Jacob was never given one. He had always loved Maira. Since middle school” I smile remembering the times I would catch him secretly staring at Maira and maybe protecting her more than we did.

Or giving her Valentine presents as an anonymous.

“But he respected you. Kept following the code not to hurt the best friend’s sister” I breathed out a sarcastic laugh. “Now he knows. It’s now or never. And I am really proud that he did man up and asked Maira”

“And she’s really happy” Kunj speaks breaking his side of silence. “I know. But my brotherly instinct raised at that time. It was a shock for me too. Seeing them kiss”

“It was unexpected. I was scared” he breathed out and I shifted closer placing a hand on his shoulder and lightly massaged it. “I thought if things didn’t end up good. I would lose my best friend and I would be torn between my sister and my best friend”

“Just let it go with the flow” I whispered, “And you know me. I wouldn’t have ever agreed with their relation if I didn’t think Jacob was a good person”

He smiled nodding and took a deep breath. “Thank you” he reached for my hand on his shoulder and kissed the back of my hand. “I really needed it”

“Ice cream” I looked on grinning. “Buy me ice cream as your thank you” he chuckled at my beaming face and nodded leaning down to kiss my cheek.

Why has this become a constant thing for us?

And why do you like it so much??

I looked on unable to comprehend the situation and looked on as Kunj was already walking on the steps.

Holy Butts. I just saw his freaking cute butt.

I quickly averted my gaze and swam towards the edge too.

You both are perverts .

Thank you


“Yuvi!” I grinned hugging him tightly and literally strangling him in the process. He laughed hugging me back, “I see. You have never been this happy to see me” I smiled pulling back and shrugged at him.

“You were out of town for like two days and I missed you” I smile sheepishly at him and he smiled helping me get some books from my locker. “You could have taken a day off. You must be tired”

“It’s alright. I missed two days of my senior year. So, just dropped my luggage at Theo’s house and came by” he shrugged picking his backpack and I nodded.

He opened his locker which was right next to mine and started reading his time table.

“Hey Twinkle” I slightly turned my head and raised an eyebrow at this somewhat familiar guy and he gave me a nervous smile. “Hey..” I trailed giving him a small smile in return.

“Uh..So.. actually I just saw you..I mean since Yuvraj isn’t in school these days. And-“ he rubbed his forehead, sweat clearly visible on his face.

Yuvraj was standing right next to me. How didn’t he notice him.

Oh. My locker’s door was blocking Yuvi’s face who was standing to my right and this guy to my left.

“I am sorry. I am Miguel” he tried to give me a toothy grin but failed big time. I nodded smiling at him, “Nice to meet you, Miguel. You were saying..” I trailed giving him a somewhat encouraging nod.

“Yeah. Since, Yuvraj isn’t around and he kinda has this overprotective thing for you..” he breathed out a nervous chuckle and I kept a hand on his shoulder, “It’s alright. If Yuvi troubles you somehow, just come to me”

“I can always kick his ass and he’s afraid of me too” I leaned in whispering but unfortunately, Yuvi heard it and he gave me a slight nudge from behind pinching me in the back.


“Umm thank you..” he nodded, “But that’s not the point. I wanted to ask you something” he breathed out and in, “Will you go out with me?”

I closed my eyes shut.

The locker next to mine was closed forcefully by my sweet as a donut brother and he cleared his throat stepping forward. Yuvi crossed his arms raising an eyebrow at poor Miguel.

“You were saying?” Yuvi stepped forward ruffling Miguel’s hair a bit. I rolled my eyes pushing Yuvi back a bit. “It’s okay, Miguel. You can..”

He didn’t even let me finish and ran off the other way never looking back.

“Why brother why?” I grumbled as we walked towards the grounds outside where the rest of my friends were. I spotted Maira and Theo cheering for Nat and Ben who were arm wrestling and Chloe arm wrestling with Jacob.

“I can’t wait for you to get out of this place. You literally eye-killed the poor boy” I glared at Yuvi who shrugged taking a seat beside Chloe.

“Eye-killed who?” Jacob questions now trying to make small braids in Ben’s hair who was constantly trying to shake him off because Nat was winning and Jacob was distracting Ben.

“Poor Miguel. Tsk. Tsk” Yuvi smirked at me and I shoot him a glare. I sat beside them and looked at Nat who was booing at Ben. “You cheated. You made Jacob distract me”

“Shut up, loser. I won. You have to help me now” Nat pointed at Ben who was sulking but nodded reluctantly.

“Who’s Miguel?” Ben turned around in his chair grinning at me and I threw Yuvi an agonising glare before turning back to Ben. “Some random guy here in school. He asked me out and then Mr. Nobody-dates-my-sister-while-I-get-to-f**k-girls comes and ruins it”

Maira laughed leaning back against the benches, “That’s a cool name. Suits him” Yuvi sticks out his tongue at her and I sighed shaking my head.

“Where’s Kunj?” Yuvi asks and I looked around at everyone. Yuvi was out to town for two days and he isn’t aware of Jacob’s and Kunj’s fight yesterday.

Well, Yuvi isn’t aware of some other things too. Like you going skinny dipping with Kunj....

It was just swimming.

Right. And I am the queen of England.


“Hello from the other sideee” I immediately turned around. Sarah grinned at me in her funny position as she was sprawled like a star fish on the bed and I raised an eyebrow at her.

“I thought you were asleep” she sheepishly smiled at me scratching the back of her head and I closed my books waiting for her reply. “I really want to have ice cream”

We both said simultaneously and looked at each other in awe. She grinned crawling towards the edge of the bed, “Let’s go”

“But wait” she frowned quickly standing on her feet and wearing her mulan slippers. This girl has everything themed mulan.

Like you don’t.

“There’s no ice cream left” she crossed her arms, “Benny and big guy finished it” big guy as in Dhruv. “Don’t worry. We’ll kick their peaches tomorrow”

“But it’s close to 1 am. I don’t think any grocery stores would be opened” I muttered to myself and Sarah giggled, “I have an idea”

“Let’s go to you brother who was a cute butt” I blurted out the last sentence and immediately looked on wide eyed at a giggling Sarah. “Just forget what I said okay?” she nodded and I smacked a hand against my forehead.



Hello hello hello???

How are you all?

Here I am. Early with a new chapter.

I hope you liked the chapter and well yeah I included some romance scenes ? and do you guys want a Kunj Pov?

Comment, like or dislike and share your reviews. Hope you liked it.

And yes, Kunj isn’t selfish. He just really respects and care for both his best friend and sister. ?

Thank you for the love on the last chapter.


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