Udaan 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli kills Karan

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Udaan 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj praising Chakor. He says man doesn’t get hurt, its a small wound. She says I will make Kasturi do your aid. He says I have a better cute, just hug me. They have a sweet talk. Inspector comes and says its a good news, Nisar and his gang is caught, you will be rewarded by govt. Suraj says no, I want to talk to him and ask why he did this. Inspector says we got a news that he has committed suicide. Chakor says it means we can never know who has sent him after us. Inspector says no, we got a news, someone paid Nisar for this, his name is Karan Oberoi. They get shocked. Karan says my work is nearly done, I just have to kill Imli. Chakor says Karan is a famous builder, how can he do this. Suraj says yes, he can’t do this. Inspector says just see that man’s kundli. They get shocked seeing Karan’s criminal record. A truck follows Karan. Karan says I will call you back and ends call. He drives ahead. Truck hits his car. Karan tries to get saved. Suraj and Chakor recall Karan’s words.

Inspector says police is after Karan, he is a sharp criminal, he has changed many names and disguises. Chakor says how did we trust him. Suraj says I also made this mistake. Chakor says its my mistake, you tried to alert me about him, I blindly believed him. Inspector says we will arrest him soon. Chakor says you said he tricked police many times. Inspector says this time we will reach him before he makes any plan. Suraj says yes, Karan doesn’t know what we know his truth. Chakor says I want to ask him, why did he stab my and villagers’ trust. Karan’s car hits a tree. The truck goes ahead. Karan falls on the steering and gets injured. Imli drives the truck and smiles. She goes to Karan and asks what happened, were you not driving carefully. He tries to hold her. She waves him bye. He falls dead. She smiles.

The mad guy wakes up and drinks water. He knocks the door and asks for water. He sits and shouts. Suraj and Chakor come to village. They hear people talking about the accident. They go to see. They get shocked seeing Karan dead.

Villager asks what about Unnati project now. Suraj says I wanted to come to know and tell about this fraud, Karan was cheating us, I was working with him in Unnati project, do you know his real motive. Inspector says no. Chakor says you should go his house and find out. Imli gets angry and thinks of Chakor. She gets a tattoo machine and says Chakor’s mind is sharp, she gets saved always, this time I will do something to ruin her senses, she will go mad and then she will commit suicide. She makes a tattoo to baby toy. Suraj and Chakor are at Karan’s house. Inspector says we got his laptop, maybe we can know his motive. He sees the gold idol of temple. He says no thief could steal it. They see the pics and recall Karan’s words. Chakor says he was trying to steal the idol, it means the project was started to steal the idol, he wanted to dig the fields and make road there, only to make a tunnel to reach the temple. Inspector says maybe that’s why he has hidden pic in laptop. Chakor asks villagers to calm down, construction work will stop. Villagers says we got ruined because of you. Chakor worries.

Chakor tells Tejaswini that villagers are angry on her, Karan broke their trust. Imli comes there. Chakor says Karan died in Aazaadgunj, I feel someone killed him. Tejaswini says he won’t get soul peace. Chakor says someone would be supporting Karan. Imli says sorry, but just see the good thing, you all came back fine. Tejaswini asks her to shut up. Chakor says I felt someone wanted to fulfill enmity with us, the villagers have gone against us, we would have died there, thank Lord we got saved. Kasturi says you all came back safely, inspector is investigating, take some rest now. Chakor says yes. Imli thinks its your turn now Chakor.

Chakor sees the stamp on Saanvi’s hand and says someone wants to make Saanvi bandhua. She gets shocked seeing Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lokesh

    Waiting for paras Arora entry, finally he is coming back.

    1. Pobitra saikia

      who is paras arora ?

      1. Lokesh

        Vivaan ,real name is paras Arora.

  2. The episode was good, I like that Chakor used her mind and think who was helping Karan and who killed him. How convenient, instead of having the police arrest Karan right away, they had to wait so that Imli gets to kill him.

    I prefer if he died in a car chase with the police, why do makers always make Imli play God, she’s ahead of everyone and controls everyone. How did she get the truck? ridiculous.

    I hope the next episodes focus on how Chakor reveals Imli’s truth and not on how Imli is scheming against Chakor, they’ve made Sukor spectators for the last month and TRPs suffered.

    They need to show Sukor fighting back just like in Kashmir.

  3. Instead of wasting time on Imli remembering Chakor and Suraj, they could’ve shown Sukor meeting Saanvi or given a better ending to Karan’s track.
    Why did Karan pay the gang? How did they trace the payment to him so quickly.
    It would be ok if Karan introduced Imli to the gang but that was never shown, he only sent them to Kashmir and Imli took over.
    Chakor linked everything in no time, maybe instead show Sitapur police informing them that the bridge collapse was planned and not an accident and they see Karan’s wanted posters in Kashmir’s police station. They could’ve found the file that Imli read in the office.

    I hope we get a good logical explanation to why Vivaan is still alive and for his motives, don’t make him Imli’s puppet.

    Please the attention to details must improve, the story must make sense.

    1. Safiya Hosein

      I agree with you. Karan’s motives were never really explained or hinted in previous episodes.
      I am hoping Chakor and Suraj would start thinking smart and working as a team and not doubting each other on certain issues or suspicions.
      Karan should have been given a better send off. For God’ s sake Imli cant possibly that smart and resourceful. Argh!
      And with respect to Vivaan. He has to remember it was Imli who hit him on the head and had him in a bedridden condition. She basically ruined him. And you are righy therr has to be a really good explanation for him being alive. As i recalled, it was implied Ranvijay had killed him! Hmmm. And Imli was freaking out when Suraj and Chakor did that her the hollogram of his image. So it should mean, even she doesnt know he is alive!
      I was watching some older episodes recently, Chakor and Suraj had way more fight in them, spunk, team work and chemistry.
      Sometimes i really do miss Kamal Narayan. Can never get a better villian than him.
      Still love team Udaan though.

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