His past and his promise — RIKARA OS

Om was waiting outside the ICU impatiently. His wife gauri just went into labour a few hours ago in the night and he wasn’t allowed to come in.

Jhanvi was getting worried seeing her son refusing to eat and being so restless and impatient let alone very stressed out. She sat next to her son and placed her hand on his shoulder.

Jhanvi: Om, relax. Gauri is a strong girl na. She will be fine and your child will be fine.

Om: mum, I know gauri will be fine. That’s is not the real reason I am scared, I am scared because of my child.

Jhanvi: Om, you will be a good father.

Om was silent. He remembered when he was a child, how every second passing by was hell.

His childhood was a nightmare. He wasn’t the real son of tej Singh Oberoi and jhanvi Singh Oberoi . He was the son of the world’s famous gambler Manish Patel and fashion designer Alina Patel.

His real parents were never happy with each other. His mother hated the fact that his father was forever gambling and drinking.

He would beat both him and his real mother till blood was all over the floor.

He would waste his mother’s hard earned money on his stupid bets.

However soon his mother had enough that one day she drank so much alcohol that she miscarriaged the baby growing in her womb.

The fact that she was pregnant was unknown to Alina till the doctor told her and his father.

The fact that Alina miscarriaged the baby in her womb angered Manish and he would beat her up for not giving him another son. A son who would be more useful than Om. Ever since that day, Manish would spend day and night gambling, drinking and smoking. At midnight, he would drag Om from his sleep and beat him up as if everything was his fault.

Om would always go to school with many bruises and a broken arm or leg. Some days he wouldn’t go to school at all because he would fall unconscious due to all the beatings.

His mother didn’t help matters either. Her clothing line was slowly getting unsuccessful that she would come back home, drink as much as alcohol as she wanted. It was as if there was no tomorrow and then start starting abusive words and beat up Om as well.

But how did Om feel? He fell in depression. He lost a sibling he never had. He always wanted a sibling. Someone who he could share his fears with. He would stop eating and almost everyday he would do self harm because of everything happening around him.

It all got worst when his father lost the house because of his stupid gambling addiction. They had to stay in a shelter.

Om’s parents would argue like tomorrow wasn’t even a thing. Some days his mother would get injured in their arguments.

If Om came to aid his mother, he would get a tight slap by either his mother or father.

Everyday when he went to school, he would buy drugs from really cheap stores with the money he found on the street.

In school, he would go into the washroom and inject the drugs in his body.

His drugs made him feel relax for sometime but it slowly turned into an addiction because of his pain.

His friends and teachers always wondered why Om looked so pale and hurt. Om would never tell anyone what was going on in his life. It was a horror story in real life.

When he was 11, a teacher entered the shelter where Om and his parents were staying to give Om some books. What she saw was shocking.

Om was on the floor, life was fully sucked out of him. Blood was all over the floor and his dad was beating his mother.

That teacher was no other than jhanvi Singh Oberoi. She immediately reported to the police what she saw and both parents were arrested and later given a death sentence for child abuse. Soon the police found out that drugs were flowing in Om’s Blood.

They were all set to send him to a rehab but jhanvi refused to let him go. The police and social workers still didn’t listen.

That night, she spoke to her family what she saw and about Om. Tej knew that Om needed love in his life and a rehab was no place for Love.

That very night, tej and jhanvi went to the social workers and police and that was when Om came home with them. The oberois showered love on him that they slowly pulled Om out of his addiction.

As months passed, the Oberois loved Om as their own. But they wanted to make that official. Tejvi adopted Om and he became omkara Singh oberoi.

Om considered both jhanvi and tej as his parents. It took a while for Shivay, rudy and prinku to accept Om and soon he was their brother and best friend.

Soon he married gauri, the love of his life. He was madly in love with her. Despite being in love with her, Om was never sure whether he wanted a child of his own.

When gauri told Om that she was pregnant, Om was scared and told his past to gauri. Gauri told him that he is not Manish Patel. He is omkara Singh Oberoi and he would be he world’s best father.

Voice: Mr omkara Singh Oberoi.

Om came out of his thoughts, stood up and looked at the nurse carrying something tiny in her arms, a blue blanket was wrapped around that tiny thing.

Nurse: congratulations Mr omkara Singh Oberoi, you and your wife have been blessed with a baby boy.

She was about to give Chota Om to Om but..

Om: I will sit down and then put him in my arms.

Jhanvi knew why Om was acting all weird. Om sat down and the nurse kept the little jatadhari in his arms.

His son looked like a mixture of both gauri and Om. The noticeable features was the fact he had gauri’s cheeks and his eyes.

Om: how is my wife?

Nurse: she is fine. You can come and meet her. But just you and your son.

Om nods and gets up slowly with his son in his arms and went in the room gauri was admitted in.

Her hair was spread out on the place and her eyes were about to close when she saw Om.

Gauri: girl or boy?

Om: jatadhari.

Gauri: I win.

Om: yes you do.

Gauri smiles lightly and because she was tired, she closed her eyes and before you knew it, she was asleep.

Om looked at his son and om’s past flashed before his eyes. He kept his son close to his heart and said: beta, I promise you that I will forever be there for you. I will never beat you up or abuse you. My childhood was hell but your childhood… your childhood will be heaven. I promise you baby. I promise you that I won’t be like Manish Patel who beats someone up over a small matter. You are my son and omkara Singh oberoi’s son will live like a king.

He kisses his son’s forehead.

Gauri who wasn’t actually sleeping smiled hearing this.

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