Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 23rd August 2018 Written *Maha* Episode Update: Kanchan learns Saurabh’s truth

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The Episode starts with Vishesh telling Rajmata about the good news. He says Saurabh gave me a big case, I have to go Delhi, I want to take kanchan with me. She says Saurabh gave me a suggestion to unite families, he wants Kanchan to tie him a rakhi on Raksha bandhan, if you both aren’t here, how shall I refuse to him. Kanchan says stop refuse, Vishesh will go, I will stay back. Rajmata agrees. Vishesh says no, I will also stay back and talk to Saurabh. Rajmata says its my mistake, I should have asked you two, this case is imp for you, Saurabh trusts you and gave this case to you, you have to go. He says yes, but I can’t leave Kanchan alone here, forgive me. Manika and Dadi look on and get angry.

Kanchan says Vishesh, listen to me once, you told everyone that you won’t leave me, but I m fine, Ananya already has problems because of me, we shouldn’t do this, you have to win this case of marital rape, you have to set an example for women, what are you thinking now, you have to go for my sake. He says I will fight case on this also, you are compelling me to go. She says fine. They smile. Dadi reads Ramayan. Saurabh is seen as Raavan. Kanchan helps Vishesh in packing. He checks the case papers. He asks shall I stay back. Kanchan says I will be glad when you win this case, focus on case. Vishesh says I don’t wish to go. She says don’t think much and go. He says we will always be together, I want to be with you all the time. He gives her an idol of Goddess and says I have always seen a Durga in you, you should always remember your strength, even when I m away. She thanks him.

Vishesh informs Saurabh that he is leaving now. Saurabh says I m there to manage everything. He smiles and says your step will be first one to ruin Kanchan. Rajmata asks Vishesh to win his first case. Vishesh says Shubham, Kanchan is new here, I m sure you and Dhara will help her if she needs help. He asks Kanchan to smile. He goes. Saurabh asks someone to deal with Vishesh. Its morning, Nandan and Kirti talk to Kanchan on call. They praise Vishesh. Dhara comes to Kanchan. Dhara says let me know what to do. Kanchan says I m happy as I m going to tie a Rakhi to Saurabh.

Saurabh gets ready. Trishna shows a set and asks is this fine to give to Kanchan. He says yes, its beautiful. He thinks I have planned a surprise for you. Kanchan says I made all these Rakhis, I didn’t had any brother. Dhara says you regard all relations so much, so Vishesh has chosen you. Kanchan prays and says I didn’t think I will tie a Rakhi to someone. He sees the locket and asks Lord to make her reach the culprit somehow. Saurabh says I will end the chapter today. Saurabh and his family come to Rajmata’s palace. Rajmata welcomes them. Kanchan greets Saurabh. He blesses her. Dhara says Kanchan will tie you many rakhis today. He says really, I will be lucky. Ananya does rituals with Shubham. He jokes and laughs. Rajmata says I will give you gift after Kanchan does the rasam. Saurabh stops Kanchan from doing rasam. He says we have a ritual, sister gives 7 coconuts to brother before the rasam, she buys the coconuts herself by her money. Trishna thinks he never had this ritual during Shivangi’s rakhi tying time. Saurabh says I know its strange, but pandit suggested this. Rajmata says if you told us before, I would have asked Kanchan to get it. Kanchan says its fine, I will go and get it. Saurabh says its okay, I did a mistake, I should have told you before, I will go with Kanchan to get the coconut. They all smile.

Shubham recalls Vishesh’s words. He stops Kanchan. He says I think you shouldn’t go, we will send someone to get coconut. Kanchan says I want to do this ritual, Saurabh is coming with me. Saurabh says don’t worry, I m with her. Saurabh takes Kanchan in his car. He says you stay here, I will get the coconut. She says but I had to get it. He says its enough that you have come here. Dadi stops reading and says I can’t read it further, its not clear. Some goons come there and try to snatch Kanchan’s purse. They blindfold her. She gets tensed. Saurabh comes back and says what are you doing, leave her. The goons beat Saurabh. Saurabh faints. Kanchan shouts to him. Saurabh acts and looks on, as Kanchan fights with the goons. He gets shocked seeing her bravery.

Kanchan comes to Saurabh and asks are you hurt. He says I m fine, are you hurt. She says no. He says its strange, a brother protects a sister on raksha bandhan day, but its you who protected me. She says really, I got blessing from Devi Maa, I will seek blessings in temple and come, don’t tell this to family, else they will worry. He says I can understand, go and have darshan. Vishesh calls Saurabh and says congrats, I have given good answer to opposition, make me talk to Kanchan, I called home and got to know she has gone out with you. Saurabh says yes, she went to temple for darshan, I m waiting near the car. He ends call and gets angry. Ananya says I got a new car from Vishesh, here are the keys, Shubham sponsored UK trip for me. Rajmata asks Kanchan to do Raksha bandhan rasam. Kanchan asks Dhara to get roli. Mishti runs and interrupts them. Ananya takes Mishti.

Manika asks Kanchan to ask something big, she can get anything. Kanchan says Lord has given me a family like you all, what else do I want, I just wanted a brother, I got a brother too, I will have a new relation with Saurabh today. Everyone smiles. She tells Krishna and Draupadi’s story. Ananya talks to Vishesh on call. Mishti goes to pray. Kanchan does the rituals to Saurabh. Mishti gets the box. She sees Saurabh’s locket in it. Kanchan is about to tie Rakhi to Saurabh. Mishti comes running and says Papa, I found your locket. Kanchan gets shocked. She looks at Saurabh and recalls the incident.

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