His Hostage in Love- Date ep. 30 IMM2

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Vansh walked towards Riddhima who was sitting beside the pool, dipping her feet. She looked into the night sky. Vansh had a few bottles of beer along and went beside her. He placed the bottles on the ground and rolled up his shirt sleeves as well as his pants. Dipping his feet in the water, he sat beside her.

Riddhima: Beer?

Vansh: hmm, thought to chill out. Here for you (handing over one bottle)

Riddhima: Me….I don’t…..(cut off by Vansh)

Vansh: Now don’t say you don’t drink. You were heavily drunk in the pub, 4 nights before. So please! Here (handing over a bottle)

Embarrassment flushed over Riddhima’s face and she looked down, sheepishly smiling and accepting the bottle. It had been 4 days since Randhir was hospitalized. Randhir was recovering slowly and was still in the hospital while Aryan and Vansh had cooled down their anger on Kabir’s sayings.


Aryan and Vansh told Kabir about Vyom and his attack on Randhir.

Vansh: I’m not going to leave that rogue! He dared to do a lot, especially to my family! (anger)

Kabir: How sure are you it was Vyom? It could be any other enemy of Randhir Shah? (suspicious)

Aryan: As far as I know, Vyom is the biggest and most dangerous enemy of my father. Yes my father belongs to the mafia and underworld and he has other rivals too but the rivalry between them isn’t as deep as of Vyom and my dad’s.

Vansh: And the bracelet we found, exactly Vyom’s! And you do know how Vyom commanded us to kill Riddhima to harm Randhir! What more do we need after that.

Aryan: What! What do you mean by that Vansh?

Vansh: Aryan….umm nothing. I’ll tell everything else later but for now we should prepare on how to avenge him.

Kabir: No bhai! If we do anything now, things may go really bad and there’ll be more threat upon Bhabhi and Randhir uncle. He wouldn’t stay quiet

Aryan: He has a point

Vansh: Fine, this time no action but the next time he does something, he’s definitely gone! He’ll face Vansh Rai Singhania’s wrath! (attitude)

Kabir: (murmuring) Bhai has definitely fallen for Riddhima….officially my Bhabhi now! (chuckling)

Flashback ends

The water created ripples as they swayed their legs in the pool. They both sipped their beer and looked in to the night sky, enjoying the stars. There was silence between them when Riddhima broke it with her questions.

Riddhima: So Vansh, what are your hobbies?

Vansh: I like playing snooker, horse riding as well as darts. You?

Riddhima: Interesting! I like dancing, designing of course (chuckling) and wildlife! (gleefully)

Vansh: Wildlife! So I guess you love documentaries?

Riddhima: A lot. What abt your favorite ice cream flavor?

Vansh: Mine’s chocolate, yours?

Riddhima: Hazelnut!

Vansh: Wait a minute, I’m coming.

Vansh stood up and quickly went inside, leaving Riddhima alone there. After some time he came back with two tubs of ice cream and sat back in his position. He handed over one tub of ice cream to Riddhima and spoon while the other one with him.

Riddhima: Ice cream! (squealed in happiness) Hazelnut, gosh! Thanks Vansh!!

Riddhima in excitement hugged him and opened the tub leaving Vansh in shock. He smiled at the child in her and felt her scent lingering around him.

Riddhima: What happened? (breaking Vansh’s trance) Why are you not eating? Listen I’m not going to share any of mine so back off from it. (hugging the ice cream towards her chest) This is too good to be shared. (licking the spoon)

Vansh: (chuckled) Not that I’m sharing my chocolate with you! (sticking his tongue out)

They both started enjoying their ice creams, talking and laughing, sharing lots of things just the way friends do.

Riddhima’s POV

Vansh looks just like a baby, cute while eating his ice cream. This was such a beautiful night we’ve had together. I wish there were many more like these to come, some peaceful and cozy like these and some naughty and crazy with our talks.

Riddhima’s POV ends

Vansh: So this is our first date! Ice cream date!

Riddhima: What!!

Vansh’s POV

How I wish what I said was true. Our first date, such a wonderful night with each other however it’s not true. (sad) I had to say that because I saw mom and di eavesdropping and watching us from the poolside entrance. I signed to Riddhima to look at the entrance sneakily and she got my sign.

She’s my smart girl! (grin) My girl…..?

“One month Vansh! And she’ll leave” my inner thought reminded me once again.

But can I count it as my date with her?

Vansh’s POV ends

Riddhima: Yea. Our first date after marriage! (smiling) a beautiful one!

Vansh: absolutely! (smiling)

On the other hand Anupriya and Ishani bloomed in happiness as they heard and saw the couple enjoying themselves.

Ishani: Vansh is so happy, finally life gave him some happiness after dad. It was almost impossible to make him smile and laugh wholeheartedly but today Riddhima and her talks managed.

Anu: Yea Ishu, he always plastered smiles for us to be in peace and in happiness but he doesn’t know that his mother understands his pain. Till he doesn’t get to know about Ajay and his death he won’t live in peace. (emotional)

Ishani: Don’t worry mom, Vansh and Kabir both will do their best in finding the culprit. (comforting her)

Kabir: Caught you! (shouting)

Kabir entered the scene, shouting and scaring both the ladies. Anupriya gasped and hit him on his shoulder.

Kabir: Mom! Chill

Anu: What chill huh? One day you’ll give me a heart attack

Kabir: Don’t I do that every day? (laughing) Both of you have got bad manners!

Ishani: What!

Kabir: Yea di, you’re not supposed to eavesdrop someone’s conversation. That bad manners!

Anu: And you shamelessly listening to us is also bad manners!

Kabir stood with his mouth wide open, staring at the two ladies who giggled and went away. He shifted his gaze towards the pool and saw Riddhima and Vansh gone. He sighed and went to the pool area, picking up the ice cream tub. He looked in shock.


Riddhima turned on the bed and saw a shadow near the door. She went tiptoeing towards the door as she noticed the bathroom lights on, indicating Vansh’s presence in the room. She went and unlatched the door and opened it. A person in a hoody had a small weapon type piece in his hand and was about to attack Riddhima. Riddhima screamed in reflex.





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