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Uma entered the room and saw Riddhima seated on the sofa, trying to dress her wound. She saw Aryan adjusting Randhir and his pillow. She was horror-struck when she saw the room all messed up. She glared at Siya who was beside her with her head hung down.

Uma: What happened? (tone with a glint of anger) What has happened here? Will anyone bother telling me?

Riddhima: Mom nothing. Don’t worry (trying to be cool)

Uma: Don’t worry! (mocking) Right I shouldn’t worry when I see this room messed up, you hurt, Vansh in anger! Don’t you guys seem it to be necessary to tell me anything? (anger) Siya you knew everything right?

Aryan: Mom don’t scold Siya, we told her not to tell you anything, we didn’t want to give you any stress.

Uma: Really Aryan? Knowing that you all are hiding things from me itself is stressful.

Aryan went to Uma and held her shoulders calmly, trying to calm her anger. He took her to the sofa where Riddhima was seated and placed her there while he kneeled before her. He held her hand and caressed is softly as he saw her eyes go numb and watery.

Uma: Randhir, he’s fine? (teary)

Aryan: He is don’t worry. We saved him at the right time. Someone came to attack but we reached on time.

Siya: Did you catch the guy?

Aryan: No he escaped.

Uma: What if the person comes again and…..(choking on her words)

Riddhima: Mom! Don’t worry nothing will happen….we all are there!

Uma: first take care of yourself…how did you get hurt? (worried)

Uma took the first aid box from her hand and started the dressing on her palm. She winced a little bit as the antiseptic touched her wound but sooner it started getting cooler. Uma tied the bandage around her hands and packed up the box. Riddhima immediately hugged her and cried a little bit, trying to pour out her feelings.

Aryan: Riddhu! (worried)

Uma: Riddhima…all well?

Riddhima: (sobbing) Mom

Uma: is everything well between you and Vansh? I mean he was angry and now here you’re crying? (caressing her back)

Riddhima: nothing like that! Everything will be fine right? (sobbing)

Uma: yea dear, your dad will be fine don’t worry.

Siya: Di are you really crying for dad or?

Riddhima: Sorry, I am too tired so I…

Uma: Siya! (loud voice) Riddhima you don’t have to say sorry for such a thing. You can and you have to let out your feelings

Riddhima: Hmm, I’ll come I’m going out for some fresh air.

Riddhima stood up, wiping her tears and headed for the door when a few men dressed in white arrived inside. Aryan and the rest got alert and went near Riddhima, enquiring them about their identities.

Aryan: Who are you? What do you want? (suspicious)

Man 1: My name is Angre. Mr Vansh Rai Singhania has sent my team and I to safeguard you and your family as well as Riddhima ma’am. (stern) We are here to do our duty.

Aryan: Oh but we have our own bodyguards.

Angre: We know sir but I guess they didn’t help much during the attack so we’re here for a backup. I’ll be behind Riddhima ma’am.

Uma: That’s so sweet of Vansh. Thank you. (to Angre)

Riddhima looked on and a small smile appeared on her face. Why did he always think good about her?


A person seated on a revolving chair turned around in the dark. The person had held bracelet in its hands and looked at it intensely, examining each and every part of the bracelet. Another person entered the room and switched on the lights to reveal the person seated to be Vansh. Aryan had entered the room.

Aryan: Vansh your hunch was right. That bracelet belongs to him. (stern)

Vansh: Aryan, I know that man very well. He’ll never stop from his useless ploys.

Aryan: (taking a seat) He tried harming my father, my sister…now he’ll see what I can do. All this time I was quiet, now no more. He did a big mistake of trying this stunt and even worse, dropping his bracelet. (smirking) He thought he’ll escape easily but he doesn’t know that we helped him escape so that we could catch him.


Aryan loosened his grasp on the man so that he could escape. The man struggled and pushed Vansh and Aryan away, later pushing Riddhima and jumped off the window. Vansh stood up and went towards the window, inwardly smirking and looking at Aryan who nodded.

Aryan remembered how Vansh messaged him earlier about this plan as Vansh had his suspicion on the person from before, hence the bracelet proving it.

Flashback ends

Aryan: Riddhu almost caught me that time!

Vansh: Hmm. His hideout, I’m sure he’s there.

Aryan: Yea that’s the only place where that rascal can hide anyway. (anger)

Vansh: I’ll add Kabir in our plan, we’ve got our side of enmity with him too. (gritting his teeth)

Aryan: Yea. I’ll go back to the hospital and check on dad. We meet in the next half an hour.

Vansh: yea

Aryan got up and left while Vansh remained seated, gritting his teeth in anger. The thought about hurting Riddhima boiled his anger, ignited some sort of fire within him. Getting up he fisted his hands and went outside the room, carefully closing the secret door of the unknown room in his study of VR mansion. As he went outside in the corridor he saw Riddhima.

Seeing the bandage on her hand he sighed a breathe of relief and tried moving away when Riddhima called out for him.

Riddhima: Vansh!! You’re here? When did you come?

Vansh: I was here in the study (looking away)

Riddhima: But mom was downstairs, she never saw you in fact she doesn’t even know you’re here? How? (curious)

Vansh: Riddhima I guess just the way you didn’t need me that’s the way I don’t need to clarify anything to you. (anger)

Riddhima: Still upset with me? Vansh! Vansh! (she called him again as she didn’t get any response) Bhai!

Vansh: What! I’m not your bhai….i’m your husband! Why are you calling me bhai?? Are you mad or what! (shocked)

Riddhima: Arre stupid! I’m not calling you my Bhai, I’m my Bhai my Bhai! Aryan Bhai! (pointing)

Vansh looked behind and saw Aryan awkwardly smiling. Vansh squinted his eyes at him and mentally slapped him. He knew Riddhima would know bring up a whole bunch of questions.

Riddhima: Bhai what are you doing here? (curious)

Vansh: Yea Aryan what are you doing here? When did you come? (glaring at him)

Aryan: (chuckling) Umm Riddhu I came…..

Vansh: To look for Rihanna? (trying to cover up)

Aryan: Yea yea. Where is she?

Riddhima: why would she be here? She’s at her place.

Aryan: Okay, I’ll go there. (whispering to Vansh) Thank you

Vansh: (whispering) who told you to go around the house when your sister is always on the loose.

Aryan: (glaring at him) You’re talking about my sister! (loud)

Riddhima: Huh? Me? What are you whispering? (frowning)

Aryan: Nothing! Bye! (cheekily smiling)

As Aryan left Riddhima turned to Vansh who was standing there glaring at a retreating Aryan. To tease him further, she started her drama.

Riddhima: So now for you to talk to me I’ll have to call you bhai….right Vansh?

Vansh: Huh! (shock) No way! (remembering how he spoke to her when she called bhai)

Riddhima: Okay Bhai! Bye Bhai!

Riddhima, laughing ran from there leaving Vansh in shock.



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