His Hostage in Love- Randhir saved ep. 28 IMM2

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His Hostage in Love- Suspicion ep. 27 IMM2


Riddhima: who are they?!! (letting out a shriek)

Vansh: Shsh! Whisper! They can hear us (whispering)

Vansh pulled Riddhima further back so that they would be out of their sights. There were men dressed in fully black, husky and heavy bodied. They had a set of guns with them and they stood motionless like a statue. Leaning near the walls of the hospital was a long ladder indicating someone had gone through it.

Riddhima: Who can it be? And wait that room….(realization hit her) that’s dad’s!

Vansh: Meaning they are here to attack! Shit!

Riddhima: We need to alert Bhai, Siya and mom!

Vansh: Right!

Riddhima quickly ran to the side where everyone was while Vansh getting a call from Anupriya stopped.

Vansh: Yes mom

Anu: Where are you both? Do you know how worried we are!

Vansh: Don’t worry mom, we’ll be back soon. For now I really need to go.

Saying that he quickly hung up the call and ran behind Riddhima. As Riddhima reached where the rest were she quickly pulled Aryan and Siya to the side and told them everything. Siya agreed to stay back with Uma, making sure she wouldn’t know anything about it while Aryan decided to go with her.

Riddhima: Bhai we need to catch them red handed and before they do anything to dad.

Aryan: Yea Riddhu, go from the front while you go from the back.

Aryan said directing her and they both left for the room. Vansh who heard them from far followed them but decided to us the mid- way to reach the room. Hurrying up the stairs, Vansh took long strides on the staircase to get to the room quick before anything else could happen. He had already seen Riddhima so dejected and broken, he couldn’t afford to see it again. He reached the ward when he heard a shout in Randhir’s room.

The sound was quite familiar and one that he knew well. Stopping for a while he tried to figure out to only sense that it was Riddhima’s. His heart raced against his chest, panicking. Not wasting anymore time he ran for the room in full speed. He pushed the door wide open and his eyes widened. He quickly ran inside and held a guy who was dressed in black and had his face hidden from the waist before he could stab the knife on Randhir. With all his might he held him till Aryan reached and helped him to control him too.

Vansh saw the knife dripping blood and followed the spots to see Riddhima on the floor with her hand that had a slit, bleeding profusely. Signaling to Aryan, he left the man with him and went to Riddhima. Kneeling beside her he took her hand and blew upon it, trying to find a cloth he could tie over it to stop the continuous bleeding.

Vansh: Riddhima! You’re bleeding! Let me call the doctor….Doctorr!!! (Shouting)

Riddhima: I’m fine Vansh but dad! (in pain)

Vansh: How are you fine…..it doesn’t look like you’re fine! (worried)

Aryan: Exactly Riddhu, you’re bleeding a lot! (hitting the man in black) How dare you!!

Riddhima: Check if dad is fine? (worried)

Vansh: He’s fine don’t worry. But you’re not fine, come on get up. Let’s go to the doctor’s ward! (worried)

Riddhima: It’s a cut, a kind of small one. I’ll be fine but for now this guy should be exposed. It’s important for us to know who it is!

Vansh helped Riddhima get up. Once she stood fine, he went to the guy in the black and tried punching him however the person managed to release from Aryan’s hold and pushed Vansh away. The person ran away towards the window and pushed Riddhima on the way, jumping off. Vansh got up and went towards the window to see the guy disappeared along with the other husky bodyguards.

He looked towards Riddhima and went to him, slowly bringing her up.

Aryan: Who could it have been? (anger) I’m not going to leave him!

Riddhima: Bhai it has to be someone really close to us. We haven’t informed anyone about Dad!! (thinking) But Bhai how did he leave your grasp so easily?

Vansh: Riddhima, he was just too strong for Aryan (looking at Aryan)….for now you sit down. You need some dressing to your wound first. (concerned)

Aryan: He’s right! Sit down, I’ll bring the first aid box.

Aryan went outside the room to get it while Vansh kneeled in front of Riddhima who was seated on the sofa, her gaze fixed on Randhir. He looked at her hand and then her face.

Vansh: (thinking) She hates her father but is even ready to give up her life or even take his pain upon herself.

Riddhima: Vansh! (Shouting) Where are you lost?

Vansh: Huh? Nowhere! (coming out of his trance) Are you fine?

Riddhima: Relax I’m fine! Don’t need to worry about me. I can manage this.

Vansh: Why are you saying it this way? Don’t you want me?

Riddhima: No Vansh, but it’s just that even before you came I did everything alone and now too I’ll do everything myself.

Vansh: (angry) what do you mean by alone? Am I not there with you? Or you still haven’t considered me as your friend?

Riddhima: Why are you getting so hyper….anyone we’ll not be beside each after 25 days! (coolly)

Vansh: Can’t you not forget the one month thing and move on? (anger) you know what leave it!

Vansh got up in anger and went towards the window. His hands were fisted against the window sill and he looked outside trying to lessen the pain and anger that Riddhima had ignited in him by reminding him of the one month deal. Aryan entered and saw the couple away. Wondering he went to Riddhima and called out Vansh for the dressing.

Aryan: Vansh you can do her dressing. I’ve brought everything.

Vansh: (without turning) I guess she can do it herself, she doesn’t need my help nor my concern for her. (stern) I have some work, I’m leaving. I’ll come back after finishing and after things get better.

Saying that he walked out of the room without taking a glance at Riddhima who was looking at him teary eyed. Somehow the one month deal was affecting her too now.



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