His Hostage in Love- Attacked by? ep. 31 IMM2

Attacked by?

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Recap: Vansh and Riddhima had a small date with ice cream while chatting beside the pool side.

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A person in a hoody had a small weapon type piece in his hand and was about to attack Riddhima. Riddhima screamed in reflex. Vansh who was in the bathroom got paranoid and quickly ran out of it to see Riddhima hiding her face in fear. He went and moved her back with her waist and held the person’s hand, noticing the spoon in his hand.

He looked at the person, suspiciously. Pulling the spoon out of his hand he looked on confused and turned to Riddhima who was still hiding her face. He nudged her a bit so she could see. She slowly removed her hands off her face and looked at him.

Vansh: It’s a spoon! You’re always roaming around like a tigress and now you’re behaving like small kitten. Scared of a spoon! (chuckling)

Riddhima: (touching it to assure herself) it’s a spoon….(paused and sighed) and I’m not a kitten! I wasn’t scared okay!

Vansh: definitely you weren’t scared. (laughing)

Riddhima: Stop laughing and look at the person there. (glaring at him)

Vansh turned back and removed the hoody to see Kabir frowning. Vansh looked on shocked while Riddhima glared at him in anger for scaring her. At that point it was like she could have receive a heart attack.

Vansh: What was this Kabir?

Kabir: She ate MY ICE CREAM!! HAZELNUT!!!! (he shouted)

Vansh laughed while Riddhima continued staring at him and Kabir did the same. It was as if they had a war going on with their eyes. They continued staring at each other while Vansh continued laughing till a point when both screamed at him to stop.

RidhBir: Shut up Vansh/Bhai!

Vansh instantly stopped and put a finger on his mouth, innocently. Riddhima and Kabir chuckled a little seeing him and hi-fived each other. Vansh looked at them in utter shock

Vansh: A few seconds ago you guys were fighting with your glared and now hi-fiving as if nothing happened!

Kabir: Oh yea! (going back to his glares) Anyway came to inform you that don’t eat my ice cream!

Riddhima: I will!

Kabir: We’ll see how you do!

Kabir left from there leaving both confused with his words. Riddhima shrugged and went back to the bed. Pulling the blanket, she went in to deep sleep leaving Vansh with his work.

The next morning everyone got down for breakfast. Anupriya had made the breakfast; toasts, Upma and pancakes. Serving themselves, they ate when a call on Riddhima’s phone disturbed their peace. Riddhima received it.

Riddhima: Rihu! Good morning!

Kabir: Headache! (murmuring)

Riddhima: Rihu…..Rihu! You’re freaking me out, say something. Stop pranking me! (panicking)

Riddhima since the call was picked hadn’t heard a single thing from the other side, worrying her. Everyone on the table grew tensed, as well as Kabir. He got restlessness, not knowing why it happened to him. Vansh signed her to keep the phone on loudspeaker. She did so and repeated her words again.

Riddhima: Rihu….are you there? (worried) Are you fine?

Rihanna: Riddh…Riddhu (broken voice)

Riddhima: Rihu! Are you fine? What happened….you’re sounding different. Anything wrong? Where’s Seju? (at one go)

Rihanna: Att…ack!

Riddhima: Attack! Tell me clearly, Rihu where are you?

Rihanna: Hom..home! Come,ahhh!!

Riddhima: Rihu! Rihu!!

Till then the phone call had cut, leaving everyone worried.

Anupriya: You guys go to her

Riddhima: Vansh, I’m going! (teary)

KaVa: We’re coming with you.

The trio ran outside and sat in the car, with Vansh taking the steering wheel and Riddhima taking the co-driver’s seat and Kabir, the back seat. Vansh in no time started the car and drove off to the apartment. He looked towards Riddhima. She was fidgeting with her finger and tears were rolling down, and why not? Rihanna was her best friend, her everything! Vansh held her hand to calm her down and they both intensely locked their eyes together.

They reached the apartment and found the door open, giving them negative thoughts. As they entered the house, they found it completely messed up. Things were scattered on the floor, vases broken, pillows torn. Riddhima screamed Rihanna’s name and her a little wail behind the sofa. They followed it and were shocked to see Rihanna on the floor, her head bleeding, her arm bruised and her eyes slightly open. Riddhima went to her and took her in her lap.

Riddhima: Rihu!! (shouting) Rihu I’m here….what happened? (crying)

Rihanna: Riddh…he came and…did this (struggling)

Kabir: Who? (he fisted his hand and looked angry)

Riddhima: Rihu, don’t close your eyes! Please….stay with us. Who did this to you? (tapping her cheek) Rihu….Rihu! Vansh please call the doctor! She’s bleeding profusely!

Vansh nodded and went aside to call the doctor while Kabir stared at Rihanna angrily, slowly kneeling beside her. Anger bubbled up within him seeing her despair condition. As Vansh came back he informed about the doctor reaching soon. Rihanna had held Riddhima’s hand tight and tried signing her.

Riddhima: Rihu calm down…..where’s Sejal? Where is she? Is she fine?

Rihanna: He…took her. Under…the….sofa. (struggling)

Kabir instantly checked under the sofa and found a small box shaped item. There was a button on it. He pressed it and heard a voice on which him and Vansh grit their teeth, fisting their hands.

So at last you found this. Anyway you must have gotten to know who this is….I’m too famous for any intro. Yes I have done this, and the other one is with me. I’m going to take revenge against Randhir, by hook or by crook.

Want to save her, come to the Dockyard Dungeon. Don’t be late! (laughs)

KaVa: Vyom!! (in anger)

Kabir: I’m sorry Bhai, I shouldn’t have stopped you that day. It was a mistake to leave this bastard! (anger)

Vansh: I’m not going to leave this man anymore!!

Vansh and Kabir head towards the door in anger when Riddhima’s voice stopped them. They turned back

Riddhima: (anger and tears) Don’t leave that bastard! For me at least. Kill him, do anything! (coldly) He dared to do this to Rihu, to Seju and earlier to Dad! Don’t leave him! Vansh, don’t!

Vansh being extremely hurt with the tears on her face felt anger and strength rush through his veins. He had her support. She commanded him and he would do it! He nodded at her

Vansh: I won’t. I won’t spare him, not this time!

Kabir: Sejal will be safe, I assure you, just make sure Rihanna is fine too. Let’s go Bhai, it’ll take around an hour to reach! (anger)

Riddhima looked at their retreating figures and tears rolled down as she looked at Rihanna’s state. After some time she got a thought as she waited for the doctor’s report on Rihanna’s condition. The doctor was treating her inside the room while she patiently waited outside.

“Did I put them in danger by asking them to not leave Vyom!” she thought. “What if something worse happens? No Riddhima, he’s the Vansh Rai Singhania, he won’t back off his words….he’s a fighter! He’ll fight today, fight for me!”

Riddhima had different feelings this time while Vansh drove the car thinking about Riddhima.

“I’ll do anything for you sweetheart….today your Vansh will win this battle that bastard has started. He started it now I’ll end it!”




This time I promise the next episode will have the confrontation scene.

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