Healing my sweetheart (part 4)

Vansh went to angre to talk to him.He reached his study where angre was present,Angre greeted him and said

Angre:good morning boss

Vansh:good morning angre

Vansh:tell me what happened with riddhima when I was not here?

Angre:Boss,many things happened . Bhabhi had a panic attack,she used to imagine  u and would run in the whole hotel finding u,dadi started taunting her that she is a curse, blo*dy orphan.,she was missing u very much.

When u came back,she had high hopes that u would hug her and took her in ur embrace  but u didn’t do anything like this and ignored her. This broke her heart.u shouldn’t have done this boss.

After listening to angre vansh got shocked that his sweetheart suffered this much in his absence. She cares for him this much and he broke her heart.He decided to punish himself and his family and decided to win her back.

He ordered angre to block everyone card.

To be continued

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