a haunted mansion (horror shots) starring shivika raumya ishkara priveer (Part 4)

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it would be scary
lets begin
shivay:why do you want to go jumritalaiya where you have a husband who can afford holiday in exotic location.
anika:oh I can see that it is better then spending quality time with ghost
shivay:so you believed that cooked up stories isn’t it???
anika:she wants us to be careful and what’s wrong in that ,sometimes I felt that you are more treacherous then ghosts .
om:guys please stop brawling ,this is not right time .
rudra :ya please stop tom and jerry show we will continue in evening ok
saumya : lets go to our respective rooms and we will meet during dinner time
ishana:this is a dilapidated house so I think the material is not available for cooking ,we need to find something for night meal.anika di shall we go inside kitchen
shivay:I am sure you will find nothing here ,what do you expect from this house ,
anika:should we stay hungry whole night ????
om:don’t wry we had made the arrangements look we brought food packets .
ishana:you are so sweet.
om retorts back”ya we are not that bad husbands “.

prinku felt thirsty so she went inside the kitchen to check whether water is available or not but in vain suddenly she heard some grin and moan near refrigerator ,she walked towards that direction following that voice ,she saw a girl sitting leaning her back towards the wall of refrigerator ,it seems that her whole body had rotten and just skeleton is remained ,she fix her gaze towards prinku and smirks .tears streaked down prinku’s chin and ran outside room ,she hugged ranveer and started crying ,she was startled with this experience and she was not able to figure out that appalling experience which she had encountered.ranveer consoled her ,he understood her situation so he didn’t ask about the situation.
shivay:what happened prinku???? you are looking as if you saw something dreadful don’t worry we all are with you.
ranveer:shivay It would be better if we don’t ask her she is trembling .
prinku:no wait I will describe everything about her.
prinku :a girl which I saw a while ago
saumya:there is no one I just went inside
she reminisce about that lady incident and shout”is it the same lady which I have seen in night???””
om:might be
anika :shivay do you have any remark about that???
shivay replied”no”
ishana ask prinku to take sleep so that she can forget that incident prinku nodded “yes”.
they went to respective rooms ,few hours went they are trying to forget that incident but in vain .
anika was sitting on the counch when she felt someone’s hand upon her shoulder ,she was startled but felt relieved seeing shivay ,she stood up and hugged him.
shivay assuaged her by reciprocating hug .they came back to normal.
shivay:I am going to take a bath so i am thinking
before he could speak further she started blushing and hid her face under the palms .

shivay smiles seeing her blushing .he snapped back “I was just asking you to keep towel at the couch nothing else”
she realized what she thought and give him an angry look .he whispered in her ears “I knew about your thoughts”
shivay took his shower and came out of bathroom and what he saw was unimaginable .he saw anika was sitting at dressing couch and her reflection was missing on other side of mirror,chill ran down his spine and his mind froze in terror.gaining all his strength he ran outside the room and collides with anika while running .he could not believe how can she be present at two places so he punched her to confirm her identity .she screams at the top of lungs .
anika :do you need mental asylum ??why did you punched me ????I know you are mad but I didn’t knew that you can go to such extent .
shivay hugged her and kissed her on her forehead .she asked him whats wrong with him on one side he punched her and on other side you are showering love .he breaked their hug.
anika:what happened ???you are breathing heavily and your whole body is drenched with cold sweat .did you saw ghost????
he replied yes .

@rudra ‘s room
rudra:sumo I felt that someone is peeking through window but I found no one .
saumya : oho rudra your mind is tired so take rest
suddenly lights started flickering and they heard knock on the door ,saumya goes to check but finds no one .she closed it but again they heard knock bit louder then previous ,saumya is frightened now .
this is it ,I have tried to lengthen
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  1. Its awesome…….loved it…..
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    Ok..chalo maaf kiya’tum vi kya yaad rakhoge’ 😉 . Next time…don’t do this much late ok sweetu! And…coming to today’s epi…really scary. @rumya’s room when lights were flickering…suddenly my light also went off…so much scared! Description of That…girl leaning towards fridge was…yuck!! And…anika sitting front of dressing mirror without reflection!! Was imaging shivay’s expression ha ha ..finally tadibaaz got scared. I think om and ranveer are left to have darshan from ghost. 😉 Actually…what’s that jhumritalaiya? 🙂 . I would like to suggest you 1 thing…if you don’t mind…change display pic and make it type of horroric ( don’t know this word exists or not) 😀 it would become eye catching thrill.

    1. Sweetuishkara

      thank you dear I will change my dp

  4. Wow…amazing update

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    Wow . I was waiting for this episode. Please post the next ASAP

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  6. Fabulous… loved it… Eagerly waiting for the next episode… plz post asap…

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    Update ASAP

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    All I can say is eagerly eagerly waiting for nxt episode…

  9. Awesome waiting eagerly for the next.

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    Scary scary . Update was super

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  14. This is soo scary ..god ..please don’t kill anyone.

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      no one is going to be killed just wait for a twist

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    I hate u…


    So late….seriously I hate u but I I am just dumbstruck reading ur ff..I am commenting for first time I guess..bcoz I was busy…but seriously ur ff is just a treat for me and and and if u post the nxt part soon u r surely dead…

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      thank you I will post it by today I was busy

  16. Kavya347

    Woh…..????? the scenes were terribly scary yaar. ShivRu saw the ghost, now Ranveer and Om remaining with their ladyloves.horror story is now getting even more suspenceful and interesting dear. It is great. Waiting for the next???

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