The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 14

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Hi guys! x

Episode begins.

( Its morning. Sayaam and Suhani are sitting beside Krishna on the bed. Sayaam is holding her hand and taking care of her. )

Suhani: Dont worry. She will wake soon.

Sayaam: Im just so happy she is with me ma.

( They smile. )

Sayaam: Ma, can you stay with Krishna? I will just come.

( Suhani nods and Sayaam leaves. Sayaam bumps into Kaira. )

Sayaam: Oh sorry Kaira.

Kaira: Its okay. You have a habit of not looking where you go.

( They smile recalling the first time they met and Sayaam bumped into her. )

Sayaam: Look, Im sorry. Things are like this and I cant marry you. You know that right?

Kaira: Yes. Im happy for you. You have your Krishna back.

Sayaam: Friends though?

( Kaira speaks although about to cry. )

Kaira: Yes. Friends.

( They are about to hug but Suhani calls Sayaam. )

Suhani : Sayaam! Sayaam! Come quick! Krishna is awake! Bhavna, Sharad!

Sayaam: What!?

( Sayaam runs to the room. Krishna has her eyes open and is slightly conscious. )

Sayaam: Krishna!

( He lifts her face to his shoulder and hugs her crying. )

Suhani: I will call the doctor!

( Everyone leave Sayaam and Krishna alone. )

( Sayaam is still hugging her and crying. )

Krishna: Sayaam…..

( Krishna says his name weakly. Sayaam is shocked hearing his name. )

Sayaam: Krishna!

( He looks at her face and they cry. Krishna is about to say something but Sayaam stops her. He kisses her forehead. )

Sayaam: Dont say anything.

( Sayaam smiles happily and lies her down on the bed. He kneels beside her face on the floor and they stare at eachother lovingly. )

( Suhani and Yuvani enter with the doctor. Krishna sits up and the doctor checks her over. )

Doctor: The patient is fine. She will just need to rest for a few days.

( The doctor leaves. Kaira stands at the door. )

Suhani: Krishna!

( Suhani hugs her and kisses her. Yuvani sits next to Krishna and hugs her. )

Yuvani: Krish I missed you SO much! Oh god we have so much to talk about!

( They laugh and smile. Priya sits beside Krishna and stares at her. )

Yuvani: Priya, thats creepy stop it!

Krishna: Sayaam..who is this?

Sayaam: Krishna, this is Priya. Yuvani and Karan’s daughter. Your niece.

( Sayaam hugs Priya. )

Priya: Mamuuuu! Mami, sorry. No one can love mamu more than me!

( Krishna thinks: Maybe. But i have lots of love for him. More than I ever did. )

( Everyone laugh with Krishna and smile. Kaira watches sadly. She goes to her room and packs her bags. )

( Kaira comes to the hall and is about to go but Suhani stops her. Everyone except Krishna and Sayaam come there. )

Suhani: Kaira? Where are you going?

Kaira: Um….aunty thank you for having me. But i should leave now. I dont want to burden anyone.

Bhavna: Kaira, you are not a burden on anyone.

Yuvaan: Kaira, you cant go! Your here for business!

Kaira: I know. But its okay, i can stay elsewhere.

Suhani: No, Kaira. You will stay here until you have to go home. And thats final.

( Back in Krishna and Sayaam’s room. Krishna comes out of the washroom ready. Sayaam sees her and smiles. )

Krishna: Why are you looking at me like that?

( Sayaam just stares at her. Krishna walks towards the dressing table but trips over the carpet. She falls in Sayaam’s lap. )

Krishna: Sorry….

Sayaam: Why are you saying sorry?

( Sayaam hugs her. )

Sayaam: Do you know Krishna, all these years i have wondered. If i would ever see you again. Without you, my life was incomplete….

( Krishna stops him. )

Krishna: Im here now arent I? We will be together forever now.

( They smile. Sayaam kisses her. They leave and enter the hall. )

Suhani: Krishna….

( Krishna sees Kaira and is shocked. )

Sayaam: Actually Krishna…..

Krishna: Who is that……and why does she look like me?…

( Sayaam is about to tell Krishna the truth about him and Kaira but Yuvani signals him not to. )

Priya: Mami, this is Kaira.

( Krishna looks confused. )

Priya: Kaira was going to marry mamu but then you came!

( Krishna is shocked. )

Yuvani: Priya, go to your room.

Priya: But mumma….

Yuvani: Now!

( Priya leaves. Krishna cries. )

Kaira: Krishna, look its not like that.

( Sayaam stops Kaira. )

Sayaam: Kaira, its okay. I will tell her.

( Sayaam holds Krishna’s hand. )

Sayaam: Krishna, you were gone for so long. We had lost a lot of hope and faith.

( Krishna continues to cry. )

Sayaam: Seriously Krishna. There was never anything between me and Kaira.

( Kaira is shocked. )

Sayaam: We were just friends…nothing else.

( Krishna speaks through tears. )

Krishna: Sayaam, why did you lose hope? You thought I was dead? You never looked for me? Why? Why? Why would you marry someone else? I thought you loved me? Me and you were forever? What happened to that? I loved you!!

( Krishna cries heavily, hurt. All the family are in tears. Sayaam is speechless. )

Sayaam: Krishna….but I do love you….and only you….

( Krishna removed Sayaam’s hands from hers. Everyone is shocked. )

Krishna: Today I have lost trust in the one person I had. The one person I loved.

Sayaam: Krishna….

( Sayaam tries to hold her face. Krishna slaps him. He holds his face and is shocked. Everyone else is shocked. Yuvani runs to them both but stands in shock. Krishna drops to the floor and cries. )

Episode ends.

Precap: Sayaam puts sindoor on Krishna’s forehead. Krishna cries.

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  4. Aarti32

    Y does Krishna nvr listen to Saiyyam!!

  5. excellent wonderful fantabulous emotions and Kriyyam moments also

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  6. finally…..Krishna is back in ur ff nice update

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