HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 30

*Note: Words in bold and italics are flashnack.

The sun was at the horizon spreading the orange colour of the dusk. Sanskar was driving the car while he remembered the morning.

He watched Ragini running away from him. What has he done in his life that never he gets what he loves. Closing his burning eyes he let out more tears and took a deep breath.

He drove to Maheshwari Mansion and locked himself in his room. Sujata who was arranging with Annapurna looked at Sanskar and felt the pain on his face. She walked to his room and knocked on the door. “Sanskar” she called but there was no response.

She banged again three to four times but there was no response. “Tujhe meri Kasam hai beta darwaza khol” she demanded. When he still did not open the door she was about move to call others but stopped hearing the creaking sound of the door and looked at it.

She entered Sanskar’s room. He was lying crumbled on the bed. Sujata’s heart felt sinking looking at her son. She rushed to him and sat near his head and caressed his hair lovingly.

“Sanskar” her soothing voice entered his eardrums and cooled his anxiety. He woke up and hugged his mother in a bone crushing hug and poured out all his emotions. She rubbed his back to console him.

“I really can’t tolerate this maa. I can’t” he cried bitterly. “What happened beta?” Sujata asked calmly. He could not say it.

“Did she say No?” Sujata asked and Sanskar just nodded his head in negative. “Then why are you crying? Tell me clearly” she brought Sanskar out of the hug and waited for his answer.

He narrated her everything. Sujata’s eyes turned painful. “How painful it is for Ragini? She is doing so much. Tolerating so much” Sujata wiped the tears which left her eyes.

“And what do you think of yourself? Why did you even thought of ending your life?” Sujata demanded an answer from Sanskar.

“I felt death maa. When she said ‘No’ I..” he hiccuped. “I could no more breath and suddenly felt a sharp pain which was killing me. And I did not knew that I will be able to live with that pain” he said painfully.

“And you accepted the defeated beta?” asked she emotionally. “I’m sorry maa” he again hugged Sujata. She consoled him.

“My son will not accept defeat. Not at any cost” she brought him to face her and cupped his face. She kissed his forehead.

“Show her how strong is your love. Show her that you will not give upon her at any cost” Sanskar looked into his mother’s determined eyes.

“She might have refused you. But she loves you. You have to make her confess her love and fight for it” Sujata smiled at him with her twinkling eyes. “But Maa” he was unsure.

“Will you be ready to see her killing herself with the pain of being someone else’s wife when she loves you?” asked Sujata and Sanskar nodded his head in a no.

“Then my son you have to stop her from doing so. Because she loves you and will never be able to come out of that suffering if she marries someone else. I have seen Ragini only accepting the pain for others and living a suffocated life. Now when she has a chance to get rid off it I feel she should come out of it. Won’t you help her to do so?” asked Sujata and Sanskar nodded his head.

“What if I hurt her in this?” he asked confused. “Sure you will hurt her. But this is for a greater good. When she is being stubborn to be selfless and accept whatever suffering the life will bring. You be double stubborn to whisk her away from all this mess” Sujata caressed his forehead and Sanskar smiled and hugged his mother.

Life looked less complicated as his mother cleared those clouds covering his mind. Mother a cure for everything.

He smiled landing back to the present. His phone buzzed disturbing his thoughts. He pressed the bluetooth button and answered the call.

“Hello” he spoke and looked at the road. “What the hell do you think you are doing?” he heard furious Ragini’s voice and a wide smile spread over her lips. He was lost in her melodious voice so much that he was not concentrating the road. Suddenly the head light of the truck which was on his front made him jerk and he turned the steering wheel and his car made a screech and stumbled.

But he somehow got the balance of the car back and took a deep sigh. “Sanskar” Ragini’s voice had the worry. She sure heard the screech and the loud honks made her mind numb at the moment.

“Hello” she spoke worried. “ Haa tell me Jaan” he said after taking a deep breath. Ragini closed her eyes annoyed. “I’m not your Jaan” she said as her nostrils flared up.

“So you are Rudr’s Jaan?” asked he and squeezed the steering wheel. She heard the screeching sound again.

“Stop the car will you?” she asked him furiously. “I won’t unless” he stopped. “Unless?” she asked narrowing her eyebrows.

“Unless you promise to meet me now” he said and Ragini rolled her eyes. “You think I care?” she twitched her jaws.

“I know you care for me. And you cannot deny it” he smirked. “I will not meet you” she said and Sanskar smiled this time.

“Okay then” he changed the car and pressed the accelerator. She heard the speeding vehicle passing and worried.

“What are you doing?” asked she biting her nails nervously. “Me darling? I am just trying to talk to the air” he smirked and changed the gear again.

“And believe me I love this speed. Though the traffic police says speed kills” he said and Ragini’s heart started sinking.

“Are you insane” she cried hearing him. “Yes I am. In your love” he said closing his eyes. She heard a speeding vehicle passing again.

“Why are you doing this Sanskar?” she asked painfully. “Don’t you care about my pain?” asked she and the tear tripped his eye.

“Don’t you care about my pain Ragini? Can you see me like this for rest of your life?” asked he painfully. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Fine. I will meet you” she said and he smiled reversing the gear and reducing the speed. “Now that’s what I call right decision at the right time” he said. “I will be waiting for you in the same place where you refused to accept your feelings” “Stop trying to be Shakespeare” she disconnected the call and Sanskar smiled nodding his head.

Ragini sat on her bed frustrated. What was she doing with her life? Why can’t it run smooth? She freshened herself and walked out of the house to reach Sanskar’s apartment.

She stood in front of the door of his apartment and pressed the calling bell. She looked at her buzzing phone. She opened the new message.

“My house and my heart doors will be open for you always” and there was a winking smiley. She rolled her eyes and pushed the door and found the rose petals forming a path.

She looked at the house confused. It was decorated beautifully with dim colourful lights and the scented candles burning on the edge of the petal’s path. She opened one more new message in her phone.

“Won’t you bless the flowers to crush under your beautiful legs?” she closed her eyes annoyed. “You know I’m gonna slip with so much cheese” she walked inside.

“Oh don’t worry sweetheart either I will catch you at the right time or we both will fall down together and how about you fall on me and I protect you?” he appeared in front of her jerking her.

She placed her hand on her chest hyperventilating. “Have you lost it?” she asked angry. “My heart? Yes to you” he smiled cheekily.

“Ahh” she gritted her teeth annoyed.

“Fine” she took a deep deep deep breath to relax the anger within her from raising. “Tell me why did you wanted to meet me?” she crossed her arms.

“Not this way” he forwarded his hand and waited for her to place her hand. She rolled her eyes. “Come on now. More you take time I will appreciate to spend more time with you” he teased her and she placed her hand finally covering his palms.

“And this is the best feeling” he looked at her hand and looked up at her. Before she could say something he dragged her near to him and she collapsed on his hard chest.

He moved his hand to cover her with his hands placing them over her waist. He walked with her further and stopped. Ragini was looking into his eyes and was not able to move them.

He forwarded his left hand and signed her too look forward. She found a table arranged like they were on some date.

She looked at it confused. “This way my lady” he whispered in her ear sending shivers down her spine. She closed her eyes feeling his hot breath fanning her neck making those butterflies in her stomach to dance.

He smiled looking how she gets affected by him. He moved a bit away to turned the music system ON.

And that piano music jerked her and she opened her eyes.

Tum dil ki dhadkan me rehte ho… Rehte ho… rehte ho…..

He held her one hand and with other hand dragged her body which collapsed on him.

Meri in saanso se kehte ho… Kehto ho….
Baho me aajavo Sapno me khojavo

He twirled her and danced with the music making her feel new sensation all over her body. She looked at him and his eyes had that love and it was for her. Only for her.

Der na kar duniya se na darr sunle dua oh bekabhar

She moved away

Ruth na mujhse oh Jaane Jigar

He held her hand to drag her and she was in his embrace struggling not feel the sensation he was trying to make her feel.

Kat tha nahi tere bin yeh safar.

He nuzzled her cheek with his jaws squeezing her skin which burned and tried not to feel his touch.
He twirled her and hugged her and she struggled in his embrace.

Tum dil ki dhadkan me rehte ho… rehte ho…..

“Sanskar” she pushed him away. Her face was covered with pain.

She closed her eyes letting the tear to fall out. Sanskar moved near to her and wiped her tear with his thumb finger and his touch made her to loose herself again.

“Don’t do this to me please” she looked at him painfully. He cupped her face and kissed her forehead deeply.

“I can’t stop loving you. Never” he touched her forehead with his. “I can’t let you destroy yourself in this” she said painfully.

“I don’t care. When you are the cure for my every pain I don’t mind this painful life at least you will be with me” he smiled through his twinkling eyes.

“I can’t be yours Sanskar Maheshwari get that in your hard skull” she jerked and moved away.

“For the fact to be Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari you are already mine” he smirked with tears still in his eyes.

“Only it’s the matter of time that you will be in my life for forever. And don’t worry that will happen soon and it’s my promise” he dragged her and made her sit on the chair.

She just looked at him surprised. He served her the food. “Have it” he signed her and she did not move.

He rolled his eyes. “You want me to feed you now. I don’t mind it but then” he moved from his place and Ragini acted quickly and ate the food. Sanskar smiled looking at her.

Ragini was in her thoughts while Sanskar was driving the car. ‘Where has she landed herself? She can’t see Sanskar in pain and at the same time can’t stop him. She can’t stop herself from feeling his love’ she folded her lips and looked at everything but her brain did record a single thing.

Rudr who was on Patrolling removed his goggles looking at Sanskar’s car. He was not pleased by the incidents happened in the morning.

But he did not wanted to force Ragini to say something which she was not comfortable with. Her thought alone was enough to make him smile.

He took out his phone and dialed her number. Ragini jerked as her phone buzzed. Her eyes widened when she found the name of the caller.

She gathered all the courage and received the call. “H…hello” she spoke fumbling. Sanskar turned his gaze at her.

“Ragini how are you?” he asked concerned. “Haa Rudr Ji” Sanskar’s nose flared up hearing his name and he twitched his jaws. Ragini sat adjusting herself.

“You had food?” asked he. “Hmm yeah” she said weakly. Sanskar banged on the honk making Ragini close her eyes. Rudr narrowed his eyebrows hearing the sound.

“Where are you? Going anywhere?” asked he confused and looked at his watch. “Um. No I was watching the movie. So” she stopped and closed her eyes again when Sanskar banged on the honk again.

“Oh okay. Good night” Rudr spoke. “Ji good night” she disconnected the call. She turned to look at Sanskar.

“Are you insane?” asked she furious. “What did I do now?” he feigned innocence. “Who told you to honk now?” asked she.

“What you want me to do then when people are carelessly walking over the road. Hit them and run away?” he asked and Ragini fumed looking at him.

She turned her face looking back at the window. Sanskar smiled looking at her.

As he drove of the car after dropping at Badi Ragini walked inside only to get greeted by a pair of bloodshot eyes.

I can’t be more happier to find my Superman back on track.

What do you feel? I’m so nervous whether I will not ruin Sanskar’s character with this shade. So I need your honest opinion are you happy with this change or have I disappointed you people.

Trust me I’m damn nervous as I pen down this chapter. Hope to get a feed back from you people.

And it’s 30th episode. I never knew I could run this story

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