Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 6

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……


His thoughts broke when the phone ringed, he picked up and stood shocked.

He could assess what might have happened.

‘’Hello …you there?’’ a voice was heard

‘’I am coming home’’ Shivaay rushed making himself capable once again to handle the situation

While exiting he gave an angry glare to Anika and left from there. He turned the key started the car and was driving it towards his home.


Omkara was cheerful during his childhood, but when they moved to London , his life started changing. The constant fights between Jhanvi and Tej and to add the fuel in fire the taunts of Pinky made the situation worse. It was all and always about the power and superiority between the elders.

Rudra was too small to understand and Prinku was taken away by the maids whenever the fights happened, so she didn’t know many times and she didn’t understand other times. But the one who was most affected was Omkara(Om)…. Shivaay viewed every situation differently, but the values Dadi imbibed in him helped him to be rock solid and stand against all odds. But how much rock solid he was , he used to melt when it came to his siblings.

Om used to break down with the situations so much that he started loosing confidence to do anything. Shivaay feared the most about this. He always encouraged Om to be confident and face situations. He ensured Om doesn’t take any wrong path. Om kept his belief, he never took wrong path, but his confidence level wasn’t too high. And with the years passing by Tej also never left a chance to taunt Om for every failure he faced. Every time he failed , Om made his state miserable by locking himself in a room. This Shivaay too couldn’t change. He ensured that he waited outside his room begging , pleading and praying for Om to relax and open the door so that he can persuade and make him normal and once again boost him up to face the situation.

After coming to India and Dadi assigning the work to all four grandchildren…Shivaay explained Prinku and Om that the Australian deal would be the foundation for Oberoi Industry to race high, and that it would be the issue of pride and prestige …. Prinku and Om promised Shivaay that they would do anything but get the deal.


Shivaay’s thoughts travelled and all the situations of Om’s miseries were being played in a fast forward mode.

The call he answered few minutes before was from Rudra..he informed Shivaay that Om has locked himself in his room once again. Shivaay was shocked because, he thought with every success that he and his siblings attained, Om was gradually getting rid of his habit of locking himself. But he could not assess that it will still take time for him to let this go. He understood the situation that Om could not present the presentation in an expected way and could not convince the clients for the deal and the clients might have stepped back because of which he locked himself in room cursing himself being a failure.

He was upset that though the deal was important for them, it is not much important than Om. He can crack ‘n’ number of deals , but he cannot bear Om being upset for anything. In other sense he cannot see his siblings being upset for anything, because they are his strength and they are his weakness, they are his lifelines.

Travelling through these thoughts Shivaay reached Oberoi Mansion and ran towards Omkara’s room infront of which Rudra and Dadi were already waiting. He knocked the door rigourously only to get zero response

‘’Om listen..it’s okay if we lose the deal. ‘’ Shivaay spoke as loud as he could

‘’No Shivaay…don’t try to cover up..i know what my dad says about me is true..i am a loser and will always be’’ Om replied

‘’it’s not like that Om…please listen…you did your best, I know and believe you, isn’t it enough if we siblings and dadi trust you …why do you even think anything else…after lot of hardships you are what you are today…the best businessman Omkara Singh Oberoi…do you understand you are simply the best.’’

‘’No Shivaay…it’s not so…I could not simply explain the points that Anika gave me to present. I can’t believe I could not do this simple work. And you are calling me successful and best…please leave me alone Shivaay…please’’

Once Shivaay listened Anika’s name his anger multiplied by bounds and he threw his phone on a rage. Dadi came to him and asked him to relax

‘’Billu..please relax…please…we know him since childhood..let him take some time…he will relax soon’’ Dadi spoke

‘’No dadi..i am not angry on Om..I am angry on Anika…’’ Shivaay got enraged

‘’Anika’’ Dadi’s eyebrows frowned as she remembered Anika daughter of Harsh and Meghana.

‘’Who is this Anika ? billu’’ she again asked

‘’Our new employee dadi. She just joined today and see what all happened?’’ Shivaay replied

‘’tell me everything in detail Billu’’ dadi ordered to which Shivaay explained

‘’after listening to you, I don’t think she is at fault Billu’’ Dadi said

‘’no dadi..she is responsible as her presentation might not have been upto the mark or as per the expectations of the clients. I, Om and Prinku were handling other things and we trusted that employee I mean Anika based on her talents. With whatever she said in meetings we were impressed, but I doubt she might have not read the requirements file properly and missed something for sure, due to which all this happened. I don’t care if I lose a deal because of her…but her mistake has made my brother suffer and I will not leave her for this. Now she will have to face SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI and I will ensure she will face hell’’ Shivaay vented his anger

‘’Billu..if she made a mistake it’s our choice to keep her in the company or terminate her…but remember if she is not at fault then you cannot blame her. I would suggest you to first go to the depth of the situation before making any decision’’ Dadi advised and left

‘’Shivaay Bhayya…relax….first lket’s bring O out of the room..later we can discuss business related issues’’ Rudra placed his hands over shivaay’s shoulders to calm him down.


After few hours, Om opened the door and Shivaay and Rudra immediately hugged him. Om face showed guilt and he was feeling ashamed to lose the deal to which Shivaay just gestured to forget everything as he will handle. The three brothers reached their favourite place, the oberoi kitchen and Prinku joined them. All three tried to cheer Om and made every possible thing to make him smile…after few attempts they finally succeeded and Om slowly came to normal.

————Next Day, Oberoi Industries

Anika was punctual to office, she came and resumed her work. When Shivaay budged in her cabin. She stood up being a bit scared and nervous

‘’you ..here?’’ she stumbled

‘’This is my office. I can come anywhere anytime …even in your cabin’’ Shivaay replied with arrogance

‘’what happened?’’

‘’wow…you are asking as if you don’t know..really? are you working for oberoi industries or for some cheap company with no value?’’

‘’Can we please get into the matter Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi?’’

‘’Sir…call me Sir..because this time mistake is entirely yours…understand…’’

Anika just looked at him

‘’you mean to say because of my presentation Oberoi Industries lost the deal…is this what you are trying to say?’’ Anika questioned Shivaay straight

‘’yes..this is what I mean…and now listen Ms.Anika….because of you My brother Om, he got upset…we trusted you, relied on you..and you without even reading the file properly made the presentation ..we thought your experience, your capabilities are excellent and we need not cross check and just went ahead just after one meeting and you proved us terribly wrong’’

‘’I read everything and them made it..you can’t’’

‘’I am not done yet Ms.Anika…so listen’’ he screamed

She was clearly scared

‘’You wanted to resign yesterday, I stopped you…but now you can leave..just get lost from my company and never turn back and I will ensure you will not get job anywhere ‘’ he screamed

‘’you can’t do this Mr.Oberoi…you can’t just do this…I have done my work perfectly..i don’t know what and where it went wrong..but you can’t simply blame me for anything ‘’ she countered

‘’you don’t know what I can do when it’s about my siblings…you were saying that you did no mistake..now I say prove it….i will again set up a meeting with those clients, now you will do the presentation and get the deal for Oberoi Industries…’’

‘’Challenge Accepted Mr.Oberoi..’’ Anika spoke firmly

‘’Fine…I will fix meeting with them in couple of hours, you have 120 minutes and if you fail, remember you will not only be terminated from our company but I will ensure you will not get a job anywhere ‘’ Shivaay sounded the maximum possible rude

‘’fine I agree and if I get the deal then what?’’ she countered

‘’then you will not be bound by any contract from Oberoi Industries. You can continue or discontinue with our company at your will at any time. We will charge no compensation if you leave’’ he made the deal clear

‘’agreed’’ Anika replied

‘’All the best Ms.Anika’’

‘’get ready to lose the challenge Mr.Oberoi’’ she retorted

‘’ I never lose any challenge Ms.Anika remember it and get ready’’ Shivaay set his hair in style and left from there in anger

Anika TAM ‘’I know I have put in my 100 % effort, but still I must prove him wrong. And I will prove him wrong under any cost and leave this company forever . I can work anywhere but not somewhere , where my self-respect is at stake every moment’’


Precap : Anika fails to gain the deal from the clients. Shivaay to terminate Anika. how will the next meet take place, who will make them meet ?

This is the Sixth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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  1. Katz

    Hi harika, how are you doing. I’m good and my kids are also fine. Thank you. One more fast paced episode. Really amazing one. And I’m waiting for the next one, as your precap is exiting…. Bye…

    1. VHM

      Hey Katz…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode in a couple of minutes from now…lots of love and best wishes to you and your kids…keep smiling and take care

  2. Niriha

    Superb episode di..precap was shocking How can anika fails to gain the deal plz di make her win eagerly waiting for next part
    Love you 😘😘 Take care

    1. VHM

      Hey Harini…thank you so much dear….thanks a lot….next episode in few minutes from now…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Hello Akka..yet another Amazing episode…urgh ee bhagad billa ki kevalam tadi choopinchadame vachu..i know om ni ala choosina tharwata he lost his senses..kaani ala ela anudi ni blame chesesthadu..stupid billu..Precap is shocking..so nenu next epi kosam eagerly waiting..thwara thwaraga post chesai akka..Till then take care…and bye for now👋👋👋..and haa keep smiling😃😃😃…..love you loads❤❤❤…

    1. VHM

      Hey Prabha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…yeah his obession for brothers is too high…evarinaina blame chesthadu….lets see what happens next…next episode in couple of minutes….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  4. Hi frnd this is one of the khidikithod n perfect fight between catrat.surprised alot than enjoying through everyone’s point if view.here everyone is correct at their points not at fault any default.but not getting one thing where went mistake.n for whose wrong who is suffering.again precap is at the gunpoint n how shivika will deal with each other.really it’s amazing like Tom n zerry.n who will meet n stop anika.full marks to the brother role of shivaay but it’s delighted to watch anikas khadoos frnd role.if he sent Anika out of his life then how the mystery of their childhood friends gets to know.you are making me very very much favourite to this day by day by every episode vhm.keep continue n take care.

    1. VHM

      Hi Raji…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee, so sweet of you….expect the unexpected Raji dear….next episode in couple of minutes from now….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  5. JeevithaTK

    Hi akka. The episode was good. Ya I liked shivay and also nt. I loved the caring shivay nd at the same bit bad for nt listening to anika. Thadibaaz nd kidkhithod in challenge will be good. But akka ur Precap can’t wait shocking to. Excited to know they again. Plz post next episode asap. Nd Ya how was ur day akka. Hope it went on fab. Lots of love to u nd Akki. Tc

    1. VHM

      Hi Jeevitha….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….next episode in couple of minutes …lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  6. Avika

    Hi Harika di… Amazing episode…It was sad to read about Om’s childhood and tej’s behavior with him… Shivay is misunderstanding Anika .. but as a brother he is right on his place … let the misunderstanding get cleared soon. ….Precap. . How anika failed to gain the deal??? Do post soon… Waiting.. stay fit. Stay happy

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing dii. Little sad for Omkara

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