Hate or Love? – Part 6 – confronted + gauri ill


Gauri came home tired with little geetu in her arms only to find Anika and ansh. Noticing Gauri, Anika put ansh down and took geetu from Gauri.

Gauri: arre di……

Anika: what ‘arre di’? You look so weak. Rest.

Gauri: but……….

Anika: when your di says rest means rest.

Gauri goes on the sofa to rest.

Anika starts to play with ansh and geetu whilst keeping an eye on Gauri. She was feeling so weak. Soon Gauri stood up and went into the kitchen. Anika kept ansh and geetu in the play crib and rushed to the kitchen hearing the steel pans bang. She finds an unconsious Gauri.

Anika: Gauri! Gauri….gauri……..wake up.

She fills a cup of water and sprinkles some on Gauri. Gauri wakes up.

Gauri: di………

Anika: what ‘di’? Go to the downstairs bedroom.

Gauri carefully stands up and does what she is told.

Anika gets her phone out and calls the doctor.

Five minute later…………..

The doctor came and went into the bedroom.

Anika who was tensed like anything checked on ansh and geetu whilst praying for Gauri. Just then the doctor came out from the room. She quickly rushed to the doctor.

Anika: Docotr, what happened to Gauri??

Doctor: She is not eating.

Anika: what?!

Doctor: I’ve checked her and she hasn’t ate for about a month.

Anika: but when I give her food, she eats it.

Doctor: But have you seen her eat?

Anika: no, because I have her daughter and my son to check as well.

Doctor: listen, God forbids that if she doesn’t continue to eat then she might loose too much weight along with the fact that she might die as well. Please take care of her.

The doctor leaves and Anika collapses on the floor crying.


Tej was on the phone with Anika.

Tej: what? Gauri is not eating.

Anika: yes papa.

Tej: she needs to eat. If she doesn’t, I don’t know but geetu needs her mother.

Anika: I know.

Tej: do check on her.

Anika: I will papa bye.

Tej: bye beti.

He cuts the phone only to find jhanvi, pinky, shakti and dadi.

Jhanvi: got anything to say??

Tej: Not at all……………………..why??

Pinky: tells us, dos you knows wheres Anika and Gauri are?

Tej: oh what do you mean?

Dadi: we heard Tej. Gauri’s name.

Shakti: Bhai, just tell us.

Tej: and what if I don’t?

Dadi: we will break this relation.

Tej was shocked by his own mother.

precap: Tej says the truth

so sorry if this was short. do note that some chappies may be short but I will try to make them long.

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