Love? – Episode 15 – Anika wakes up



all was waiting for anika to gain conscious when the doctor came out.

doctor: good news. mrs anika singh oberoi has finally woken up.

all was happy and went into the room anika was in.


anika: hi.

sanju: mum, how are you now?

anika: alright.

she looked left and right but couldn’t find gauri anywhere.

anika: gauri?

naira: that shameless woman?!? oh she left!

aarti: yes mum, forever and she took those illegitimate children with her!

anika: watch your mouths! did we tell you to respect your elders like that?

shivay:  lekin anika, gauri shot you!

anika: shot me?

a blurred memory came back to her and all she could remember was her expressionless face when she was shot.

anika: i don’t remember much but i remember that i was holding some papers. very important papers and i had to show to gauri….

she couldn’t complete as…..


anika: what? no, not property papers! some other people which were still important.

she tried to remember.

anika: i don’t seem to recall properly.

dadi: so you actually took property papers??

anika: no! you all think gauri is some gold digger well you are wrong kyunki she isn’t a gold digger. the only reason she married om was because she was pregnant with his child.

sanju: or kaali thakur’s child! because we all know that woman trapped om chachu.

anika: is this is what i taught you? to insult elders?! no na!

bhavya: forget the kids anika. the good news is ki voh shameless gold digger left forever and ever.

anika: shivay! you didn’t do anything about this?!?!

shivay: she shot you anika! i saw the gun by her side when you were in a pool of blood. we all saw that gun.

anika: and i say that you are accusing a girl you loved as a sister!

jhanvi: but now om’s life is better and we can remarry him.

anika: but divorce…… now i remember they were divorce papers with om’s signatures on them.

pinky: thanks god! she is divorced now and we can marrys om.

anika: what?

precap: om reveals everything to anika

sorry for short chappy. 

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