Hate or Love? – Part 23 – Proposal + Accepting Part 2

this focuses on advika then next hai neilri.


advay was waiting at the cafe very very impatiently. anika came dressed beautifully:

advay in mind: today will be the night your life takes a u-turn!

advay in mind: today will be the night your life takes a u-turn!

anika sits on the chair next to him and smiles. advay smiles back and orders something for the both of them. anika looks around and sees no people.

anika: advay, are we in a cafe?

advay: yes….

anika: then where are all the people?

advay: private booking.

anika: oh ok. thanks for telling me now.

advay: meaning?

anika: could have told me earlier!

advay: sorry.

anika: anyway you wanted to tell me something?

advay: yes i did in fact.

he gets the box and takes the ring out. he remembered what he had rehearsed and went down on his knees and anika stood up, shocked.

note whatever he says next is fake.

advay: I adore you, and I love you.I can’t imagine life without you.I wanted someone to care, I wanted someone to love, I wanted someone to be true. All I want is someone like you. will you marry me?

anika was speechless. shaadi? punar vivah? remarriage?? why? she only known advay for a short time and now proposal. shivay on the other hand was spying in the bushes and when he heard advay’s proposal. he was shocked and was praying silently for anika not to accept.

anika: shaadi? again? advay, i can keep you as a friend but going this far. no i can’t! think about it!! i was married earlier, i was tortured, divorced and now i have a small son from that marriage and he is only 1!! i have him to look after. meri behna, meri gauri, she is my lifeline. i can’t live with my sister. she takes care of everyone but herself so if i marry you, my concern for gauri might fade and i don’t want that!!! i have a niece to help look after. i got my job as well. that job has been helping me and my sister a lot.

advay: and think anika this!! when ansh grows up, he gets bullied in school only because he does not have a father and he will ask you this question a million times!! anika, i know that i don’t have kids of my own but i can look after children. i am very capable and that job. please! i am not a that typical husband who stops his wife from working!! if you don’t want to marry me because of the past, then think of ansh!!!

anika was silent. she sat on her chair very very quiet. shivay wanted to kill advay but didn’t as he needed to know the answer.

anika in mind: today life has gaven me two options, punar vivah ya a bad childhood for ansh. as a mother, i have to do what’s best for him.

advay: your answer.

anika: yes.

yes echoed in the b.g. shivay was shocked and tears escapes from his cat eyes. he wipes them and says in whisper: i don’t blame her. i was the reason for her pain.

advika hugged tightly with advay in mind: my revenge is to be complete now.

precap: proposal+accepting part 3

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