Hate or Love? – Part 22 – Proposal + Accepting Part 1

a month later:

adneil managed to make a good friendship level with aniri and in their wicked minds, they thought of the next step. the snake sisters have agreed but only for revenge.

anika’s work place:

anika was sorting the food out fo rthe party when advay came and backhugged her tight.

anika: arre advay, friends don’t backhug friends.

advay: but let’s not be like other friends.

anika rolls her eyes and askes advay to let go of her so she could work. unwillingly adavy letted go of her.

anika: thank you. so sweet.

she looks around and feeds advay a bit of the cake.

advay: thanks yaar.

anika: no problem!

she started to work again and advay stopped her again.

anika: now what?

advay: anika, i have a question.

anika: just say it.

advay: so i am free tonight and i am pretty sure you are as well.

anika: yes…..

advay: so will you go out with me this evening to this beautiful cafe i know?

anika: but i might be busy.

advay: you have a family to help you.

anika: other than that, yes i am free at 8 so i will go out with you.

advay: thanks anika.

anika: no problem now jaldi give these to aunty.

she hands some cupcakes to advay and advay agrees.


gauri’s work place:

gauri was quickly sewing up a rip when neil broke the sewing machine.

gauri: you have got to be kidding me!

neil: what? i just broke it.

gauri: the millionth time that has happened! please neil! be a bit careful with these machines!

neil: arre sorry yaar. i know how to make you feel better.

gauri: how? tell me i want to know.

neil in mind: you better accept gauri. accept else i will make you go twice the pain.

gauri: say na i haven’t got all day!

neil: so i know that you love flowers a lot so i have found out about this beautiful flower garden that we can have a little walk together.

gauri: wow sounds nice but i wanted to spend time with geetu because these days she is spending too much time with this dilpreet so i am feeling like she thinks her mother is not giving her any love.

neil: lekin… lekin you can spend tomorrow with geetu. please yaar! tomorrow i promised to meet my brother.

gauri: well i can make time for you at 8 at least i can pend time with geetu.

neil: sure. 8 it is.

he goes and applauds himself.

neil: wow! i am amazing!

anika’s work palce:

advay: get ready anika. a storm is coming your way.

the scene ends not the tow brothers’ evil faces.

precap: proposal+accepting part 2 

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