Harphoul Mohini 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini and Harphoul say yes

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Scene 1
Mai says have some shame? You’re a man and you can’t make a washroom for your women? He says I can make 10. She says why didn’t you make one for your mother and bhabhi so far then? His friend says mai is right. Will you lose your land for your ego? He says I won’t bow down to her condition. I told you I won’t marry her. He leaves. Mohini’s sisters and Harphoul’s friend plan to make them meet by fooling them. Beli says once they talk to each other they will find a solution. She says let’s call them at the lake. Harphoul’s friends tell him she wants to talk to him. Mohini’s sisters tell her Harphoul wants to talk to her. She says he said he wants to say sorry? Harphoul says I knew she would come after me. Mohini says I thought he has an ego. Harphoul says okay I will meet. Banwari follows them. Balwant calls Banwari and says it should be their last meeting.

Mohini and Harphoul come to the lake. Mohini says I was very wrong. I am sorry. I will never demand again. Please forgive me. He says okay I forgive you, never demand again. He was imagining it. Mohini imagines Harphoul saying sorry and saying he was wrong. She says I was imagining him? They see each other. They stand silently. Mohini says wanna say something? He says yes say. She says it’s a question. He says you called me. She says why would I call you her? He says so you think I called you? Am I crazy? She says am I mental I would call you? Harphoul says what are we doing here? She says would you say something now? He says you demanded a toilet? She says I will leave my whole house and adjust so much. And you don’t even care about my small comfort? Am I asking it for myself only? Your mom and SIL will use it too. It will save your family’s women from many diseases. Did I say anything wrong? Say something. He says I don’t think we will get along. She says did you try? If you try, I will. He says then try. They both walk away. Harphoul collides with a tree. Mohini laughs. Harphoul laughs and says you fell too. He says I’ve not said yes first.t She says I’ve not said no either. They both leave.

Banwari informs the goon they’re on road. A truck is about to hit Mohini. Harphoul runs and saves her. They both fall into the boat. They both fight again. He says I fell in this net because of you. She says silently. She takes him out of the net. A net gets stuck in her earring. Harphoul takes it out. Harphoul’s friends and Mohini’s sisters come there. Mohini says thank you. He says mention not. Savi says I was so scared. Harphoul asks his friends what are you doing here? Beli says let’s go home. We have a first aid kid. Harphoul’s friend says let’s go bhabhi. Harphouul says what bhabhi?

Scene 2
Harphoul and Mohini come home. Mohini’s mom does their dressing. Achha says thank you Harphoul for saving her life. He says it’s my duty as a human. Mai comes and says you’re so injured. She says Mohini is injured too. Shalini says this girl is a curse. Achha says to Mai you didn’t answer yes. She says give me 2 minutes. She takes Harphoul outside. She asks if is it yes or no? She said what was in her heart. He says I can’t get alone with he. She says did you even try? He says we’re very different. She says your dad and I never fought. Your dad was educated, I wasn’t. He sent me to school. He taught me how to live life. God took him from me. I feel like he’s still around. That’s what a life partner is. Mohini will make your life better. Harphouul says what if Banwari is right? What if she starts ruling us? She says you trust him who is Balwant’s snitch? You don’t trust your mom? You remember what he did to Santosh? He took his half land. What will we do if we lose our land? You always said our land is infertile because women aren’t respected there. Now you don’t respect Mohini’s demand which is rightful? Ask your heart. Mai comes out and says it’s a yes from our side. Mohini nods. Achha says it’s a yes from our side too. They all hug. Mohini make faces at Harphoul.

Episode ends

Precap: Harphoul is informed his house is broken. Harphoul says to Mai that his life is in that house and leaves.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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