Bhagya Lakshmi 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Lakshmi meet the Judge

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Lakshmi that he doesn’t care for her, not today or before. He asks if she is happy and goes. Lakshmi sees a speedy car coming towards him and runs to save him. She scolds him and asks if he didn’t hear her? Rishi asks what you have to do with me? Lakshmi says I have to do with you, you care for me or not, but I care for you. She says I have regarded you mine, not only for this birth but for every births. Rishi looks at her and goes.

Malishka comes to the engagement party. Karishma says you are looking beautiful and made the outfit beautiful. Neelam says you are beautiful and gorgeous. Ayush says beauty with brains. Malishka says thank god you said and says otherwise I thought Lakshmi has brain to do unbeatable tricks. Ayush says inner beauty is something and tells that Lakshmi is not match for her. Malishka wishes Rishi would have heard this. Neelam says she is eager to get call from Rishi informing her that he got divorced from Lakshmi, and hopes she shall take her stuff and leave. Dadi asks about Ahana. Ahana comes there. Neelam says so beautiful and takes off bad sight from her. Malishka says that bad sight is going from home today itself. Karishma asks what did you wear it? This is Lakshmi’s saree. Malishka asks seriously, you are wearing Lakshmi’s saree. Neelam asks Ahana, why did she wear her saree when she is about to start her new life. Ahana says exactly and says she wanted to be like Lakshmi, simple and no show off. Malishka asks what are you saying and says she didn’t see any girl showing off like Lakshmi and says she has mask on her face. Ahana says stop it Malishka and says Lakshmi is my family. She asks who are you? You are not our family member. Karishma scolds Ahana and says Lakshmi doesn’t deserve your love and emotions, she is stain on our family. Ahana thinks she has saved my respect and haven’t stained it. Malishka goes from there angrily. Karishma says you have upset Malishka, because of Lakshmi. Dadi says her thoughts are good, but don’t do like Lakshmi. Neelam says Lakshmi has done a sin and now her character came infront of everyone, her relation will be over with us. Ahana asks Karishma to give her phone and takes it and leaves. Neelam says Lakshmi has trapped her, she is upset about Rishi-Lakshmi’s divorce. Virender says he never saw her angry like this. She tells Virender that you have regarded her as your daughter. Ayush also wonders what happened to her.

Lakshmi and Rishi walk in Judge’s cabin. Ahana calls her and says she will talk to him after going to room. Rishi thinks why did he lie to her, that he doesn’t care for her. He thinks why did he feel love when she touched him? why did I feel good when she held my hand, when I know what she did with me, no I can’t be weak and can’t let her play with my emotions. He says they had so many moments in the room. He recalls their happy moments while the song plays. He thinks if Lakshmi has forgotten about the time spent with me. He thinks he was inebriated state that time, but whatever he said was truth. He thinks why did she do this with me? Lakshmi thinks she has been doing this Ahana and hopes truth comes out and Gautam’s family accepts her happily. She sees Rishi walking towards her and thinks he wants to say sorry to her. Rishi says he has forgotten file in the car and will bring.

Ahana finds Lakshmi’s phone switched off and thinks to call Rishi and tell him truth. She then thinks Lakshmi has asked her to have patience and thinks she can’t tell anything to him. Karishma comes there and asks Ahana if something happened, if Gautam said something. She says if you don’t like Gautam then tell us, we will not push you in this relation. Ahana says Gautam is good, honest etc. Karishma asks if marriage rituals or life after marriage is going to be. She asks her not to worry and says she talked to Anjana, about her life after marriage. She asks her not to worry. Ahana gets vomiting and runs to bathroom. Karishma checks her mobile and sees Ahana calling Lakshmi. Ahana comes back. Karishma asks what is wrong with her. Ahana says she had fries in the morning, when she had gone out with Gautam. Karishma relaxes. Sonia says your inlaws came and asks her to come. Ahana thinks Gautam must have told everything to his parents.

Gautam’s parents come there. Anjana says Gautam haven’t come with us. Gautam comes there. Dadi says she will dance and praises herself. Virender says you are eating like old times. Karishma says she wants milk, ghee etc. Dadi says she don’t want to be lean like her. Neelam calls Mukesh to bring snacks. Dadi asks them to have it. Gautam’s parents start tasting. Anjana asks if Lakshmi haven’t made this food. Gautam’s father says she has magic in her hand, I am sure that she didn’t make this. He says we will have it later. Anjana asks about Ahana. Karishma says she is nervous. Anjana says she will have similar house like this. She says even Gautam is nervous and haven’t told them anything. Ahana comes there and greets her inlaws. Anjana says she is beautiful and simple. Gautam’s father says you are looking like Lakshmi’s reflection, beautiful like her. Neelam asks Gautam and Ahana to sit together. Sonia asks why are they silent? They ask them to smile. Ahana and Gautam look at each other.

Rishi and Lakshmi come to the Judge’s cabin. The judge asks if they talked anything. Rishi says what is left to talk now, she had said this in the morning. Judge says then it will be easy for me to give the verdict.

Precap: The Judge asks them to stop their knok jhok/arguments for now, time is not left for this. Rishi and Lakshmi are sitting in the café. He takes milk/juice in his hand. Gautam and Ahana have a dance during the engagement. Ahana tells Gautam that Lakshmi’s relation can break because of her and says she is trying to get involved in a relationship, by breaking her brother’s marriage. She says this is wrong. Neelam tells Gautam’s parents that Lakshmi doesn’t deserve your love and doesn’t deserve to be my son’s wife and our bahu. She is pregnant not with Rishi, but with a goon who was our driver before. Ahana gets up and shouts No. Everyone looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Sad that everyone realizes that something is wrong with ahana but they’re all to stupid to investigate and properly find out. They only believe maliska and her antics seems she is more the daughter of the family than ahana, every karishma is more concerned for maliska than ahana. Such utter crap, a lot of stories left unsolved or no answers just hanging and new evil plot introduced

  2. La verdad sigo el show porque quiero ver cómo la familia va a pedirle perdón a Lakshmi. Es una lástima que piensen que una persona puede cambiar tanto solo porque no hizo lo que todos esperaban de ella. Eso sin contar los trucos baratos de Maliksha con los que sin manipulados. Cuando llegue ese día me divertiré como nunca.

  3. This show is having the most disgusting people in. Only Dadi and Ahana is good characters, rest of them are disgusting. All the abusers, cheaters, liars, shamless people are in this show. Good and bad should be in a balance…But in this show negativity is very high. Rishi is a liar, abuser, cheater and brainless. worst male lead ever. Shamless lakshmi lost all her self respect and she is runing behind someone always abusing her and trying to marry another woman and keep saying that he loves her. Lakshmi joined and danced in Rishi-malishka’s engagement party. 🤮🤮🤮 What a disgusting show.

    1. Ekta only doles out negative crap says a lot about the kind of person she is… probably alone cause she brings nothing but misery and misfortune

    2. I agree 100%. Why in the world would Lakshmi change in identical clothes and dance with Malishka?? And everyone just watched while Rishi danced with both of them like he was some macho stud. LOL LOL. The whole family is looney. That completely confused me. It was so absurd and ridiculous. I must have missed something in the translation because that was completely strange and demented. This whole show is strange and depressing

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