Har Mard Ka Dard 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod coming to everyone’s room in the night and stealing their phones. He steals Papa ji, Kanno and Dadi’s phone. He then comes to Bunno’s room. Bunno says don’t do this Bhai while in sleep. Vinod says I am helpless and asks him to try to understand. Bunno is sleeping and talking to Mallika. Vinod thinks he is in sleep and steals his phone. In the morning, Everyone panic and thinks how can our phones get stolen. Papa ji says this is done by the witch and gets shocked seeing Mallika. Mallika thinks Vinod used his mind again. Kanno says some mobile thief came. Mallika says nobody has lost their phones in neighborhood. Mishra ji comes and asks about Vinod. He says his phone is missing since morning. They say even your phone. Mallika thinks Vinod is becoming smart. Vinod

is in college and picks Mallika’s call. She says you have stolen everyone’s phones and asks him not to play with her. She asks him to perform with her and says you have forgotten that I have my phone with me, which can’t be stolen. She asks him to come to her house at 9 pm else she will go to Sonu and show the video. Vinod is shocked.

Mallika tells Apsara that Vinod will dance with her and then Sonu will leave him, and then she will trap Vinod. She says she is going to Sonu now. Apsara is shocked. Mallika goes to Sonu. Sonu says you. Mallika says did you get your phone. Sonu says no. Mallika says what about family members? Sonu says no. Mallika asks Sonu if she has fought with Vinod. Sonu says no. Mallika says you are not performing with him. Sonu says he is busy in college. Mallika says when I said that I am alone, Vinod asked me to perform with him and coming to my house to rehearsal with me at 9 pm. Sonu is shocked and hurt. Mallika goes.

Vinod comes back home. Sonu is sitting sadly. He sees her clothes packed and thinks to give her phone back. He keeps it under her blanket and pretends to find it. He asks her to take her phone. Sonu asks him to keep it back. He hears Sonu’s thoughts. Sonu thinks you refused to dance with me and agreed to dance with Mallika. Vinod is shocked and thinks Sonu came to know everything. He comes to her and says…Sonu asks him to shut up and says I know everything. She says you have no interest to dance with me and says I have become old now, and asks him to think about their respect. Vinod says he can’t refuse. Sonu tells him that if he dances with Mallika then she will talk indirectly to him like Anju. Vinod gets Mallika’s call and says he is coming. Sonu says she will leave. Rasika calls Sonu and says we are missing you and are coming tomorrow. Sonu thinks if her parents see Vinod dancing with Mallika then her respect will be ruined.

In the cultural program, Kanno hosts the show. Jyoti performs on the song Sharara. Vinod’s family are sitting in the audience. Bunno goes on the stage next and sings kya hua tera wada. The man sitting in the audience asks him to stop the performance. He gets down the stage. Kanno says next performance. Mallika and Vinod come on stage. Sonu feel ashamed and cries. Mallika dances on naagin dance. Vinod danced helplessly. The audience claps for them. Sonu’s parents come there and are shocked to see Vinod dancing with Mallika. Sonu sees her parents and is shocked. Anju, Bunno and Papa ji are shocked too. Vinod sees his inlaws and gets tensed.

Vinod tells Mallika that don’t know what happened to him since he became naag and that’s why came to her. Mallika thinks her magic is working on this perfect man.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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