Beyhadh 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samay clicks Arjun and Saanjh’s pics. Arjun notices someone near door. Samay hides and thanks god for giving him opportunity to separate Arjun and Maya. He thinks Maya wanted to give another chance, but he does not deserve it, Arjun is a loser and duffer. He walks home whistling and seeing people mourning Prem’s death and thinks people died and left him opportunity. He walks into his room looking at Arjun and Saanjh’s pic and happily dances an sings that Arjun is a cheater, now he is Maya’s lover and will be with her forever. He writes Maya’s name on paper and reminisces Maya removing clothes in front of him and asking to bite and torture her. He kisses Maya and images kissing her. He hugs papers and continues imaging hugging her.

Maya opens door thinking Arjun has come. Samay enters

showing Arjjn and Saanjh’s pic portrait, hugging each other. He asks Maya how many changes he will give to Arjun, she told about winning the bet, but she lost it repeatedly from Arjun, Saanjh is Arjun’s truth, Maya’s truth is Samay. He says only he can do anything for her and can make whole world dance on her tune and die for her, open her eyes and look at him. Maya closing her eyes angrily stabs fork into photo and tears Saanjh’s photo. Fork even injures Samay. Maya says she can understand everything. Her love is not in her vision, but in her understanding. What heart can see, vision cannot and what understanding does not need anything. She warns him not to provoke her against Arjun again, orders him to clean his dirty blood from floor and walks in. He wipes blood from his T-shirt and tries to tear Arjun’s photo. Maya holds his hand and warns she will break the hands which will try to harm Arjun. Samay enjoys her touch. She drags him out holding his hand and closes door. Her fingernail falls down. Samay picks it and kissing it sings Arjun is a cheater and he is Maya’s lover, if not Maya he will take Maya’s fingernail.

Maya picks Arjun’s pic and hugs it. She burns Saanjh’s torn pic. Jahnvi notices it. Maya then sitting on swinger reminisces Arjun’s words that some relationships are unbreakable and only he can handle his dusky, etc. She tells her unborn baby that Arjun did not return yet, not even for him/her, how he fought with her for Saanjh, when child comes out, he/she should fight with Arun for her. She thought Arjun will mend himself once child comes, but he is a fool, he is not bad, but world is and only she can protect him. Jahnvi comes again and notices her schizophrenia.

Maya notices Jahnvi watching her and asks if a mother can do anything for her child. It is a weird world, people cry for people who die and fight with living ones, even she needs some tears. Jahnvi realizes she is going to harm her and press buzzer nervously. Maya pulls her wheelchair repeating even she needs some tears. Saanjh tries to jump from terrace saying she wants to go to her papa. Arjun stops and consoles her. Samay comes there. Maya continues that a mother can kill anyone for her child and even sacrifice her life.

Precap: Maya drowns Jahnvi into bathtub saying if Arjun get console his friend when her father dies, he will console even her when her mother dies.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yaaakkk….

  2. go to helll…

  3. Smreetikhatri

    After watching the precap i guess nobody will support Psyco Maya??
    If somebody does or be in favor of her then Remember that are the most dumb and heartless people….
    Look at Maya insecurities… Seriously How can she kill her own mom to gain Aurjun Sympathy???
    Why CVS is turning Maya more darker and darker day by day? UGH this is getting ridiculous??

  4. Shrilatha

    What the hell..till now I love Maya but now I hate her….yesterday when Prem died she wanted to celebrate and today she is killing her own mom…God Maya is degrading day by day hope Arjun witness this and save jhanvi. Really hope Maya’s truth comes out soon…and Maya lovers please comment after thinking as human beings

  5. Nice episode ?…i know my Maya will not kill samay,i have full trust on my Maya.and I hope precap is dream or she Take back step.because we saw segment already Jennifer asked what torture torturer I just asked questions mom,and also samay and jhanvi characters important.both characters will not end soon it’s simple kid dont trust fake news blindly until air on in episode.and my Maya dailogue to samay today “jo haath mere arjun ki taraf barhenge unko me tor dungi”
    “Agli bar agar mere Arjun k baare me ye sawal pucha k wo kis layak he to jawab sun ne k layak nai rahoge” and how cutely my Maya asked baby like when you will come you will fight with arjun for me.any way waiting for next episode ?
    Love you my Maya more ❤??

    1. Luv u maya so much ❤️❤️

      Yes i agree..luv maya ❤️

    2. The precap is equally as likely to happen as you saying that Maya won’t kill anyone. We have seen Maya kill before, so why can’t she do that now? the premise of the serial it is your opinion, but there is an overjustification for Maya’s behaviour which I’m sure people wouldn’t commend in real life.

    3. u heard only one line maya told r u blind sahme on u guys

    4. Only saying the truth

      URGH, Even if that’s the case @KS , nothing justifies what she has done with her mother that’s so sickening, putting her mother through all that ,it makes me sick to my stomach !!
      I can’t even justify this in her wildest dream either no matter what she has raised Maya without the help of her so called “husband”, had she wanted she could have abonded Maya n lived her life as she wanted to but no she’s always stood by Maya how can she do this ?????????? ?????????

      1. Dear Ostt…With out know what happened there don’t take any decision..just wait and watch..who will like Maya or not..i don’t’s ur wish guys.i will not stop you guys,..i love my Maya.?❤’s enough for me.k Chil enjoy the story ??

    5. Resonance1290

      @OSTT the way they’re showing maya now, they’ll probably justify that Jhanvi never left maya because she was emotionally blackmailed by maya by trying to suicide like shown with Arjun 🙁 it’s sad how they’ve turned this show and all things loveable completely on its head.

      1. Only saying the truth

        @R1290, to right that’s exactly how they gona show it but in it funny that Jhanvi n Arjun get blackmailed according to their own convenience .

    6. Hey KS, why don’t you just kill yourself? The world does not need a pathetic thing like you.

      1. ???? ha haha funny people still is there ???

      2. Like seriously what is your freaking problem? Your comments should not even be allowed on this site. I too disagree with Ks. Hell I detest Maya. Please please stop using such language. It suits no one.

    7. Only saying the truth

      @Ks,no doubt we’ll have to c the episode, if Maya’s not guilty of killing Jhanvi then she sure is guilty of putting her mother to fear of death 🙁 yes everyone’s free to like or dislike whom they want to . don’t you think that Maya putting her mother in bath tub to scare or drown her is wrong ? I’m totally against this. Maya hurting herself or others to gain Arjuns love ,trust, sympathy is totally wrong this way she’ll never b able to free herself from this vicious circle she’s doing all that day in day out she seriously needs to break this vicious circle so she can move towards redemption.

  6. Finally we get to see Maya commit murder she killed her father as well. Just to get sympathy from arjun won’t arjun realize that a crippled mother cannot drown in the tub!!!!! No one will catch her a crazy Maya will still rule. In the serial among viewers as well who just love her. I find the serial sickening too much of negativity criminals getting away the innocent suffering the writers should draw in their claws and start punishing the evil.

  7. Oh my God… All my love for Maya went today….and the cv’s should just shut this show. Just so done with this show…I feel so bad for supporting and trying to understand Maya till now….she has reached another level… cannot watch her ir this serial anymore..

  8. dont india has anxone who can stop this pscyco serial.blo*dy…writter …sending wrong massage…

    1. It is for a serial though. For the specific premise of the serial, it drags. However, I do believe that authority and people wont be that stupid in real life not to notice those sort of behaviour. Soon someone will catch Maya’s evil avatar too

  9. Ohhh myyyy God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Samay’s flashback and Maya’s precap……overall disgusting epi

  10. Tit for tat..I hope her Child will do same with her.I was also a maya fan.but god saved me….

  11. worst episode ever… just hate maya nd samay… how can she kill her mother…?? writers r making people mad day by day.. i m not understanding what they r trying to show.. i used to watch this serial becoz of its diff story plot.. bt now its same like other shows , where herione (saanjh) just always shed tears nd villian (maya) always wins nd smirks at her nd the hero (arjun) as usual nothing much has to do…. maya is going to kill jhanvi , nd belive me guys no body will suspect maya for killing her mother , becoz writers doesnt want to show maya losing… nothing is going to change after leap.. after 3 years of leap she used to injure herself to blackmail arjun , now after another leap show will use her kid to blackmail him.. just fed up of this torture..plz writers kabhi saanjh ko bhi khush hone ka mauka de do… plzzzzz fed up of this mayas torture….

    1. well dr.. this serial doesn’t belong to that ‘good one’ heroine ‘bad one’ villain type stries…..Maya is the heroine as the story is all abt her…yup Saanjh too is a parallel lead….anyways me too fed up…….today’s epi was lyk negativity at it’s peak

  12. Okay this is madness. She needs to go to a mental Asylum immediately. She is even capable of doing the same to the child for Arjun..

  13. Subhashree Subhamita

    Maya lovers now where is your comments.yaak shame on Maya today you prove it you are not a human being.

  14. Hate Maya Always

    She killed her own mother. What about that long speech about a mother n child’s relationship that she gave a couple of episodes before?
    I thought that after Arjun, she loves only her mother but I was wrong. That means if need be she can kill even Arjuna.
    Now Maya fans would justify her act by saying that Janhvi was not a good mother, she betrayed her own daughter, she didn’t save her from Ashwin etc, etc….but let me tell u all that she was a good mother and a mother can never be bad for her child.
    The problem of Maya fans is that they only think about Maya. Have u ever thought that how Janhvi overcame the hard times when Ashwin betrayed her? She loved Ashwin very much but left him only for her child. She even went to kill Ashwin for Maya’s happiness. She brought up Maya all alone and admired her daughter when she became a businesswoman. But what Maya gave her in return? Maya could have become support of her old mother but in return of all the love she decided to give her mother a captivity of lifetime. And before saying that a mother would support her child even if the child is wrong, please go and ask ur mom this same question yourself.
    Neither Ashwin nor Janhvi but Maya herself is responsible 4 her bad condition.
    At the beginning of the serial,we appreciated her 4 moving on in her life, but did she really move on? The answer is NO.
    She kept her surrounded with all the negativity. She allowed that one bad experience to decide the course of her whole life. Even Arjuna lost his father in early age but unlike Maya he made a friend who always showed him the right path. But Maya , she was so proud of her and so self occupied that she never gave importance to anyone. She could have made a friend instead of visiting a psychiatrist, that could have helped her a lot. And 4 her it was easy to find a friend coz she was admired by all but no she was an OVERPROFFESIONAL boss in her office where everyone loved and respected her(remember how everyone went against Arjun when he got aggressive on anniversary day).
    At last I would say that before blaming others please see that how Maya has been to everyone n pls stop blaming Saanjh for no reason.

    1. Only saying the truth

      A mother goes out of her way to protect her children , let me give u an example .
      There’s a show called “Kiya kasoor hai Amla ka ” where Amla gets raped by 3 men n the mothers of those 3 rapists know that their sons have committed this heinous crime although they’re against this disgraceful crime non of the mothers handed their sons over to the police , I can believe one mother can b wrong but how can all three mothers b wrong in not to hand their sons in ? motherhood is natures best gift given to women’s , they can go to any extent to protect their children xxx

      1. Hate Maya Always

        Dear only saying the truth!!!
        If they r protecting a rapist then leave about mother, they r not even a WOMAN…

      2. Hate Maya Always

        Then what about the stories like Mother India, where a woman killed her own son coz he was wrong. We frequently get the news of mothers of terrorists n rapists , handing over their sons to police or army. In their case everyone supports them, then why not in Janhvi’s case.
        Love is love only until it shows a right path otherwise it becomes a poison. The blind love of a father caused a deadly war of Mahabharata, n can u remember what was the end? He lost all his sons. Supporting your children in something wrong is same as giving them weapon of their own destruction n every good mother knows that.
        And above all, before being a mother, a woman is a HUMAN BEING first n no human being would ever support the wrong unless he/she is wrong himself/herself.

    2. Only saying the truth

      @Hma, Well yes supporting a rapist is a disgrace to entire mankind let alone just women’s , what I said was an example that a mother can go to any extent to protect her children.

      Just to add , Jhanvi didn’t leave Ashwin , Ashwin left her . History is repeating itself like Jhanvi was crazy for Ashwin despite him being with another woman which irked Maya many a times , in the same way Maya is crazy for Arjun knowing he always goes back to Sanjh be it 4 friendship or something else .Please don’t say what Maya has done for her mother in return of her upbringing her single handed , she has protected her mother every time Ashwin tried to harm her she was always there for her mother whenever she needed her.

  15. Seriously dey should stop the show… It’s like some vampire story killing innocent people… Season 2 is worst .let’s see what will happen after leap

  16. Highly rubbish…deeply saddened by this show….cannot believe how could I even like Maya…

  17. Luv u maya so much ❤️❤️

    Maya has not killed her mom till now as usual it might be a dream! Maya is so towards towards her hubby.. n the way she talks to her child is so innocent.. luv u maya u were looking so cute today

    1. u talk tomorrow ok after watching episode then we will talk till den shut up maya puppets

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Until we see the episode we shouldn’t comment, but one way or another they are trying to make maya as far from her season 1 counterpart as possible and turn her from an object of love and sympathy to that of hate and disgust, which is incredible how they’ve been successful but consequentially it has crippled the fan base, viewers and love for the show, which is sickening to see how these writers think.

        Word of advice creatives: never show evilness from a tortured child, it sends all the wrong signals. Plus dont make a character first an angry but remorseful and a pained lonely child that garners sympathy and love only to turn her into a murderous psycho, it betrays the love people built 4 her and that hits harder than anything.

    2. Shrilatha

      Have some shame before commenting…wait till Maya kills her mother r u crazy to support that lady…u find Maya talking to child cute ..hello if she finds arjun being close to her child she won’t mind killing the child as well…I feel it’s u who needs mental attention

    3. Only saying the truth

      @TDH, I agree with u , I too cannot relate myself to this Maya anymore n that really hurts they’ve made her a completely different person in season 2 ??, I supported Maya right until now but what she’s going to do with her mother now is a breaking point for me it has shattered my soul to c how the writers r portraying a mentally ill patient in a such a bad light ????

      Nway it was nice to read your cmnt once again, hope your safe with all that’s going on in Manchester stay safe always xxx

  18. Hahaha, I am happy to say that I have been Team Saanjh since the very 1st episode.

    1. Same here Ally too happy for being team saanjh

  19. This is d height yaar…till 1 week ago…I was thinking tht this is the fantastic romantic thriller show…I couldn’t stop thinking whole day abt this show

    Bt day-by-day it become nly negative n crimestory n lyk whtever maya vll do, nly she can win
    Bt 1 has to suffer for their here truth nvr wins..
    I feel so bad by prem’s death…n dis is d height of insecurities. ..I don’t think in real world.any person can feel insecure lyk dis..
    N nw jahnvi’s turn…bt I also think tht she won’t kill jahnvi..bcoz in precap , they show tht in last scene…her expression lyk…ye meine kya kar diya? N lyk she has raprimand for I think she will nt let die jahnvi, she will save her ..n nky jahnvi is d main witness n clue of every crime of cv won’t see her death

    N if she will kill jahnvi, thn arjun shd use his mind tht its nt an accident, its murder..
    Bt I think, maya vll surely save her

    1. Resonance1290

      Mistake after mistake after mistake, the writers have dug this shows grave since the rape case, yet they are blindly happily pursuing a track that is receiving more hate than love, I have no words. beyhadh season 1 was iconic and was done completely right, this phase was just an absolute failure, just pathetic how they took such beautiful writing, kept the dialogues apt but destroyed everything else that made the show worthwhile, like elements of positive and negative mixed that kept people on their toes but also made them enjoy episodes too.

      I am a maya lover for a long time, but I heartily condemn every stupid mistake of CVS to make maya darker than is even believable, they expect us to believe the maya they showed us in season 1 is the same maya they show now? They are trying to fool us as stupidly as when they brought the inspector for murder case and said he slapped Arjun even though we clearly saw a different actor in the real incident that we REMEMBERED.

      This is a good point, MEMORABLE, where are these memorable episodes? Season 1 almost ALL episodes were so well executed; characters, music and aesthetics as well as storyline and a proper villain made it so engrossing that we remember a little something from EVERY episode. Aside the 1st episode of this season and Maya’s pole dance for the perverts who remembers anything memorable from season 2? This show is now a complete disaster and a big middle finger to the amazing creation they had formulated since October till mid march and they only continue to insult that golden age every episode hence. jennifer Winget is outstanding in her acting as maya, but now that seems to be all that keeps people attached to this show or even maya for that matter, whereas prior this season everyone loved the show for something or the other, and maya lovers were somewhat justified in justifying Maya’s actions as they all in all weren’t criminal and were mostly provoked. Now however they are showing obsession at a stupid level they should have started showing sooner, else people got the wrong idea seeing maya trying to change and be happy, and the sad, broken girl they showed in phase 1 really well, now this is just a disgrace and a serious derogation to what they showed b4, people got attached to that maya for good reason so to poison it in such a way and create false hope and leads for many months was very wrong IMO.

      I love maya and her character, but only when she actually has complexity and reason to be loved again, else I’m sitting this one out.


  20. I think the writers are trying to test the patience of the audience

    Dear writers,

    We all think you should just stop the nonsense and end this show. Audience are super frustrated with the way the show is being written. Is that what you want to achieve? Your job is to entertain people not frustrate them…this show has only negativity and nothing else…pls pls pls put an end to this bullshit. We want to see something good which can give us some peace and relaxation and not spreading negativity in the minds of people who watch the show. I have no words to explain the evilness u r showing. You are not showing just MAYA as a character in such evil shade but a ‘women’ which is not acceptable. So PLEASE end it asap!!!

  21. Now it’s disgusting… sammy’s flash back.. yakk. shame on her… yes ur maya is great but yea don’t compare with Saanjh she never do such cheap things removing shrug making other person attracted towards yu… and using his mad love by asking hmm to bit the neck… what happen to her love no body can touch arjun she can be with someone can touch her…
    And precap is no words ???
    Where is that motherhood bakwas
    Maya hence proved she is a murderer and criminal

  22. The Dark Hunter

    It’s very sad really. Maya all the way up to season 1 end and even season 2 start was so relatable, loveable and broke many hearts by showcasing her pain. Season 1 was so well executed it was brilliant, with no repetitive plots aside the murder track, but that too wasn’t heavy hearted or negative and so viewers could still ENJOY the episode. Key word: ENJOY. the enjoyment of this show is all but vanished since mid-season 2, focusing on the darkest of negativity and making the show emotionally draining not exciting as a thriller should be. Worst, the maya they promised from day 1 was a sociopath and obsessed, but GREY. Making her kill just like that is blackness. The CVS have forgotten what they were pining for for so long, that or this was their intention from day 1 which is even worse as by advertising a grey character that takes this route, most of the fans feel incredibly CHEATED especially because of how they showed maya b4 and what depravity they are showcasing now.

    People ask why I don’t comment anymore and to those I thank for missing me as I’ve missed you all as well, but I have no reason or want to analyse episodes where the script is so poor, negative and hurtful to so many maya lovers or haters alike that its painful, not enjoyable to watch for most of us. The CVS should have realised that by making maya the way she was till season 1 end, that would make a majority watch the show for her and her character. Showing such a drastic negative take will only make things worse and worse from now, plus make us feel like we have been misled and betrayed by loving someone who never deserved love in the first place despite all they showed that genuinely were confirmed as her character and thus made us love her, it’s unfortunate how the writers have backfired on themselves so badly that even hardcore long lasting maya lovers like @hardika want nothing more to do with this show, as do I.

    Those who support maya plz continue to, and those who hate maya only comment about her, not the lovers themselves please the show has divided and destroyed many of us and our love for this serial and its characters since this season started lets please be civil with each other. I will stay on hiatus or leave altogether if things go to the dogs, only an episode where maya shows redemptive qualities or a consistent track of her willingness to change for the better will illicit any love and comments from me towards her, as I love maya, but only the maya I knew from season 1 and season 1 shades in this current maya, like in the hospital which was beautiful by the CVS, but then they snuffed that light of hope out just as quick.

    Thank you guys for your support, but until further notice I will be abstaining from this show, collectively voice out your angst on Instagram or twitter if you wish, CVS need to hear feedback from fans and whether their approach has created a mockery and shadow of the beauty this show once was, which in my case it has especially concerning the nature of how mentally ill abused people see the world and are thus rightfully neglected, which is a wrong approach to take and it fills me with disgust seeing what they’ve done as of recent.

    Yes I praise maya, but only when the CVS adhere to the maya we knew from before, the maya we could relate to, this is not that maya, and so I don’t support her roght now don’t worry haters good maya lovers are those who love her good and bad times, but don’t support her wrongs just encourage and hope for her to make right in the end.

    Love maya (season 1)

    1. TDH seeing ur upset more in ur’s better to stop watch ur side..don’t hurt yourself for fiction when you can’t face total know Na it’s Maya &ArYa love story.i know you are waiting for her redeem. But people not giving any chance to her.Maya time is bad.she wants to change for her baby and for arjun but at the same time prem died,so arjun left her for saanjh,samay came to provoke maya to show saanjh Arjun together anger Maya closed her eyes stabbed pic but while samay also got hurt,he is hurting but still he didn’t moved a side,he enjoyed Maya anger&her clearly shown he loves Maya ill not supporting Maya bad deeds,i just love my maya..want to see Maya redeem(im not expecting it has to happen asap).i will watch till end.and I will love her till end this serial.k take care buddy

    2. Yes your maya is really great removing dress in front of the person who loves a lot… using her beauty to attract…
      asking him to bit… he may kiss the neck while bitting is that all correct for you people right…
      Saanjh never cannot do such mess…
      she is very respectful lady not like shame less maya…
      Saanjh never removed her dress to attract…
      never used someone emotions…
      never blackmail.. infact she helps other who are in problem…
      she is not a trouble maker like maya…
      Your maya is cheap, shameless, etc…

  23. Jhansi and Samay will be killed

  24. what kind of serial are the writers encouraging….maya is a fictional character the ones that are giving me goosebumps are the audiences who cheer for her in all her psycho deeds… she has made lives of all people around her hell and these people enjoy these all? they are the ones that should be put in an asylum asap…what a disgrace they are to the society… supporting and cheering for the crimes of their favourite character…none of the deeds of maya are justified…maya supporters if u r male then would u like to have a wife like maya all ur life if yes then may god grant u ur wish…and females supporting maya God bless u people too…

  25. hie guys i cant say anything right know watevr i have to say il say tomorow bcz i have faith dat maya vl not kill janvi n if dat happen my trust vl become more stronger on maya character dat d way i m thinking about her is right n if she kill dn il quit d show forsure n lastly today episode was awesome atleast v cam to know dat maya herself know how arjun is n cant let him harm by any1 els her n dosent came n dat samay talk if she would have come in his talk dn forsure they would harm sanj n kill her but atleast maya trust arjun its just dat she is too addicted to him n i love her talk watever she said was absolutely right n sanj lover look both d side if snj is suffering for her father so evn maya is suffering bcz gor d 1st tym in life arjun left her so its not easy for her to take it i think she is just not reacting bcz of d child n i guess she is changing bcz uptill know she dint did anythng evn samay came so she dint beleive in him n supported arjun dn her baby talk i guess she is changing n about her mom i cant comment right know eagerly waiting for tom epi i just hope wat i consume abt maya is right bcz i dont know abt odrs but i vl b really hurted luv u maya always?

    1. Nice Riya,let’s see,hope for best..we are thinking someone change like good life..other people thinking&waiting for people death&maya death..we are more good than there is no hesitate to share our opinion..we are always right…if cvs shows negative it’s not in our hands..our Maya is not only villain to hate her,she is hero&heroine too in this serial. It’s Maya show…any way let’s see…?
      Love u Maya?❤
      (i will give respond to only old beyhadh fans)
      love u Maya ?
      (i will give respond to only old beyhadh fans).

  26. I hate my hope arjun and saanjh unite earlier .

  27. well said PS,Pranali.maya talk a lot about love where her love is not pure love.just showcase.i hope they read ur letter PS.

  28. Ha haha??..In this page im seeing more mental unstable peoples than Maya.i thought only Maya can’t identify right or wrong in anger but im seeing real life people losing their sense for fiction.ha haha…feeling pity on those enjoying to see those senseless comments.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ha haha ha haha ha haha ha haha ha haha ha haha ha haha ha haha,carry on,enjoy it guys.
    Love you Maya ❤

    1. Hi5 yaar.really love all ur comments and how cool you are!I think they’re hating Maya lovers than Maya.what a silly thing?.Any way,love u jenni?❤

    2. @ks :im silent reader,,I love your comments.,, daily checking this forum only for your fun comments.,,

    3. Sry to say this ks… will yu kill your mom if you are in Maya’s state ???
      Means you can kill anyone for sympathy ,??
      If your best friend father passed away don’t yu go and console ???
      Or yu just say there are lots if peaple are there to console my friend… let
      me party….
      yu have so sarcastic nature na
      Tell me
      I guess yu can kill any one like maya ?????
      Shame less maya… and her fans

  29. @ks you are a mental case confirmed. By your laughing and talking you are proving that you are mentally ill.comedy piece ks funny lady ha ha ha ??

    1. You are also laughing like them,it means you are also comedy mental ill piece.

      1. I m Bhallaldev???

      2. Mera Vachan hi hai Shashan???

      3. I will kill u.

      4. yeh kya ho raha he yahaaa

      5. Hi Bahu!!!???
        Bas teri hai Devsena lalalalalalalala…

      6. Shut up!!!
        I hate u Shivu, u didn’t give me much role.???

      7. Superb lol

  30. i guys this is the first time i am commenting . I am from chennai….every body commenting maya character so badly…i love jenifer acting..and i admire her beauty….i don’t like to comment for this friction series it was just for enterainment we are watching the shows.some show are showing some good message to people some are not.
    But today some person made me write comment for this pathetic and disgusting serial….in show starting it just show obession of person called maya(in termed as love) bla bla bla…what ever but day by day it become too much of negativity…..enaka sometimes maya va tight oru slap vaikanum pol thonuthu…etha south side tha iruthda avallam mental hospitala noo noo kill pani my opnion to state that ….
    the reason for i am commenting is psycho like ks says that what ever maya wil doing is good and mentioning her like to be god ….i think they will worship devils that why the are supporting her…because of like this mentally ill person this kind of serial are telecasting…
    one small request don’t telecast this kind of disgusting serial in tamil nadu….
    actually i am reading writtern update only..nalla vella intha mari seial illam envethil pakka mathanga vacha chappal allya athipanga…
    because of this kind psycho itha mari kevallamana seral ellam ethukuranga…ithula ennana killing her own mother u will support that and writing awesome episode..what kind of pathetic fool are u…if ur are in south think about state for supporting this kind for bruttal statement supporting a psycho ??????
    iam not scolding but stating that today episode nice attempting to killing a mother only made me comment me like this ….stop this kind negative thought and stop supporting that fool

    1. Pls comment in eng.. I cannot understand Tamil…

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