Har Mard Ka Dard 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod coming to Mallika’s house. She tells that electrician came and repaired the bell. Vinod says I have one earring when I held you in the morning. Mallika says that it is stuck in her hairs and asks him to take it out. Vinod gets the jhumka and is relieved. He asks what she do? She tells that she runs health centre, massage for men. Vinod asks why only men? Mallika tries to trap him and asks him to sit so that she can give him neck massage. Vinod says he need to go. Mallika says she wants to give him massage and he is insulting her. She asks if he wants to insult his wife’s friend. She asks him to close his eyes and asks him to feel. Vinod is tensed at first, but then feels good. Apsara is in the bottle and says no Vinod. She prays to Devimaa to protect Vinod. Vinod’s locket get rub by mistake and he imagines Sonu angry. He gets up and says no. He runs from there.

Mallika thinks to trap him with second plan. He comes back home and tells that Mallika got her bell repaired. Sonu tells that he is humble man and asks him to give jhumka. Vinod gives jhumka. Sonu says it is not mine and asks whose it is? Vinod says it is of Mallika. Sonu asks did you go to repair her bell or her earring. Apsara asks Mallika not to trap Vinod and says you will not succeed. Mallika says she will make him Deewana. Vinod lies to Sonu that this jhumka might be of his student Moulika and tells that if she doubts on him then it shows that she has lost. Sonu says she didn’t doubt on him. Papa ji comes and peeps in Mallika’s house through window. He sees Mallika changing her clothes with magic and runs saying she is a ghost. Sonu says she is her friend. Mallika comes there.

Sonu asks her if she wants her help. Mallika says no and takes earring from Sonu, saying she was searching it in her house. She says that he might have taken her earring when she was giving her neck therapy. Sonu is shocked and asks why did you go there. Vinod tells that he refused, but she gave him neck therapy. Sonu scolds him and asks him to bring her jhumka. Vinod thinks to go to her house when she goes out of house. He sees her laughing in the balcony and thinks when she will go out. She comes out of house, takes rickshaw and goes. Vinod tries to open the window, but it was closed, while the door is open. He goes inside and searches for Sonu’s jhumka. He goes to room. Apsara tells that she is locked in the bottle, but he couldn’t hear her. He searches for the jhumka everywhere in the house. Vinod finally gets it in the drawer and gets happy. He is leaving and sees Mallika standing at the door.

Mallika asks what you were doing here. Vinod says I came to get jhumka. Mallika says Police will decide and you have to go jail, and shows hand cuff. Vinod is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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