Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone is getting mehendi on their hands. Dadi tells that her dream is finally fulfilling. Badi Bhabhi thinks what she heard. Sindhoora comes and takes Ranveer to side, asks until when he will be angry on her. Ranveer says he can’t be angry on her for much time as he is her good boy. Sindhoora says she wants his happiness and accepting Suman for him. Ranveer smiles. Sindhoora tells that she is scared since goons incident happened and asks him to be alert. Ranveer says you are thinking much and asks her to cheer up. Sindhoora looks on upset and thinks mehendi is the boring event in the marriage.

Contract killer comes to Sindhoora and asks if Ranveer is her son. She says yes. She asks who is he? Contract killer tells that he is decorator/contractor. Sindhoora thinks why did he talk to him. Manan asks where is Suman? Ranveer gets tensed. Antara tells that she went to wash hands. Sanjana thinks why she didn’t get a loving life partner like Ranveer and Manan. Dadi asks Sahil to write his name initial on Sanjana’s hand. Brijesh asks him to apply mehendi. He writes S, but ruins the designs. Antara tells that she will go and check Suman. Contractor gives sherbet to Sindhoora and asks money. She says Bhai Saheb takes care of expenses. He says he will talk to him. Sindhoora asks for juice. He takes back sherbet.

Antara comes back and tells that Suman is not here. She went to wash her hand, but she is not here. Ranveer says he will check. Manan and Sahil also search her. He gets Suman’s phone near the tap. Manan tells that he has checked all the rooms, but she is not in any rooms.

Suman gains consciousness and finds herself locked in the basement. She knocks on the door and thinks door is locked. She shouts asking someone to open the door. Manan asks where she could go? Ranveer hears the sound and runs towards the basement. Suman cries. Ranveer asks Manan and Antara to check.. Suman shouts Ranveer. Ranveer says basement and runs towards there. She asks him to open the door and says she is feeling suffocated. He breaks the door and finds her. Suman hugs him and cries. Ranveer asks her to relax. Mahi Bolna song plays….He says I am with you. Suman continues to cry. Ranveer takes her inside. Bade Papa comes inside and asks where was she? Ranveer says she was in store room and tells everything.

Bade Papa thinks who will lock her in store room. Ranveer doubts on Sindhoora, but says no. Antara brings water for her. Ranveer makes her drink water. Sindhoora thinks she is doing acting to gain sympathy and will defeat me. Suman tells that she went to wash her hand, when someone came and suffocated her with chloroform. Ranveer asks did you feel any presence. Suman says when I gained consciousness, it was dark and I got scared. He asks her to think if she thought someone is keeping eye on her. Suman recalls Sindhoora eyeing her.

Contract killer tells Sindhoora that they are good together, but someone wants to separate them. Later Dadi tells that Suman’s mehendi is dark and that Ranveer loves her very much. Sindhoora thinks she can’t lose her son.

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    Sooooooo much cute …. when ranveer opned door and suman hugged him so tight… ?????
    Sindhoora is sooo dumb who can’t recognise contractor, though she not see him but must recognise his voice atleast…

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      How are you? Hope you are well. 🙂


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  2. I like sumveer the most
    I like the scene when suman hugs Ranveer so tightly
    who like Ek vivah aisa bhi serial it is my favorite serial
    Fans of the show comments on my article

  3. When will marriage happen?
    Will sonali create problems in sumveer marriage?

  4. Hey thanks for the update MA truly outstanding just love sumveer ❤️❤️❤️❤️ They are marvelous hate sindoora??? can’t wait for the wedding to happen

  5. Looking forward to wedding…hopefully it will happen very soon without a hitch. I am thinking, could it be Sanjana behind getting Suman locked in basement room? Looking forward to next episode. 🙂

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