Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Rajjo refuses to go to London without Amma

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kamlesh teaching English to Amma and Rajjo. Amma asks how to tell nimbu nichodiye. Kamlesh says squeezing the lemon. He says you are insulting me infront of two students to Kat. Malaika comes there and imagines Kamlesh as Peterson and Amma, Rajjo and Kat are poor people. She beats him. Kamlesh runs on his bike. Malaika says I will not leave Peterson. Amma says she is mad and asks Rajjo to call doctor. Doctor comes. Rajjo says she is having british ghost. Doctor asks her not to let her read history and give her agriculture book. Rajjo says I won’t let you read history. Later Kamlesh comes to teach them again. Amma says she is worried about what they will be asked in interview. Kamlesh says they will ask your name, father’s name and DOB. Amma asks what is it? Rajjo says Date of birth. Kamlesh says what you will answer if they ask why you are going to London. Amma thinks for a while and says cooker company sponsored my visit.

Rajjo says I am going in husband ticket and says she is not going with free ticket. Amma says I am lucky and you are not lucky. Rajjo says my husband bought the ticket and it is not sponsored. Amma gets angry and says she will splash the raita. Kamlesh asks why are they fighting? Kat asks them to stop fighting. Amma taunts Rajjo taking Avdesh and her grand mother. She tells that she will not study with her.

In the morning, Amma serves food to everyone while the song plays my heart is beating. Rajjo and happu, Kamlesh and kat and Amma and dada ji dance. Rajjo is packing her stuff. Happu gets upset with Rajjo. Hritik asks for chappal. Happu gets angry on him. Hritik says he wants her to pack and cries. Happu lifts him. Amma asks Chamchi if Rajjo did packing. Chamchi says yes. Amma says she will get gifts for her. Dada ji asks her to come with him. Amma scolds him and asks him to go.

Kamlesh comes to meet Kat. Malaika comes there. Kamlesh says I don’t know any Peterson. Malaika says I don’t know him and says you are the farmer. She imagines him as farmer asking her to buy the grains. She says I will ask my bapu to buy your grains and kisses his hand. Kat is shocked. Kamlesh asks Kat if she is repaired.

Beni calls Happu and asks if they have left. Happu says I can’t push them, they are going in sometime. Amma comes out reading with the stuff and thanks happu. Mausi comes and asks her to go inside. Amma asks why? Mausi says the company which are going to send you is fraud and shows the news. Amma reads the news that the company eloped taking 20000 Rs. each from people. Happu says how can it be fraud, I know manager and others. Amma slaps him and scolds him for not enquiring. Happu asks her to go to Airport and come. Malaika says what are you saying? Happu asks her to go to railway station.

Amma cries and says she went there many times. She can’t go in flight now and asks Rajjo to go. Rajjo says I will not go to London alone and pacify Amma. She asks Malaika to bring their bags inside. They go inside. Beni and others friend come there and lift Happu. Abhi toh party shuru plays in background. Happu asks Beni why did he call them. Beni says they are 10 and says 140 friends are remaining. Happu says Amma and Rajjo haven’t gone as Mausi splashed the raita. Beni says Mausi is inauspicious. A friend calls Happu as Reshma ka deewana and says he took her in the fields. Rajjo and Amma come there. Amma asks Rajjo to beat him. Happu says they came to say you bye. Beni asks the friends to come to his house for party.

Rajjo sees the stain in kadai and thinks the masala is burnt. She thinks to clean it before Amma comes. Happu comes there and asks why it is burnt. Rajjo asks why are you shouting. Happu gives her Expert dishwash bar. Rajjo uses it and asks how many you bought? He says one as it will be used in many days.

Precap: Amma slaps Happu for coming late. Happu says he was in Sharma’s house. Hritik says he was not there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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