Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Beni tries to destroy Happu and Rajjo’s happy life

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Beni coming to Happu’s house indisguise and blames Happu for having relation with his wife. Happu asks who are you? Malaika asks Happu to say. happu asks what nonsense. He takes him out and tells that he is a police officer. Beni asks why did you have an affair with my wife. Happu asks who is your wife? Beni tells that his wife used to take his name in night and asks him to take her away. Happu asks him what is he saying? He makes Rajjo doubtful and goes inside. Happu asks Rajjo to trust him. Rajjo says this house will break and you will be responsible. She says she will call Beni here to make divorce papers. Happu says ok, all the ladies shall divorce their husbands. Chamchi asks Rajjo not to do this. Kat asks Rajjo not to spoil her happy life. Amma blames Happu. Hritik asks Rajjo to give a chance to Papa. The kids tell that what will happen with them and where they will stay? Rajjo thinks what to do. Happu says a man is blaming me and you are doubting me. He says you don’t have any mind and asks did you see that man’s wife. He says you didn’t see that lady and is doubting me. He asks her to break the house. Hritik says Papa is right. Kat, Chamchi and Malaika agree with happu. Rajjo asks Amma to have food. Amma refuses. Happu says I will have food. Rajjo calls the kids to have food and tries to convince Amma. Beni hears them and thinks to show proof to Rajjo. Kat tells Malaika that everyone was looking at mummy and dad.

Kamlesh brings jai prakash halwai sweets to Kat. Kat tells him that mom and dad had a fight. Kamlesh says I know, I heard them fighting in their room. Malaika scolds him for peeping in their room. Kamlesh tells that he didn’t see intentionally. He asks Kat if uncle and didi take divorce, then with whom you will stay? Kat thinks and says I am not sure. Kamlesh asks Malaika. Malaika beats him and pushes him out of window, she throws his bag as well. Kat asks which one you will choose.

Beni calls Rajjo and tells her that his wife went to Police station just now. He asks her to go and see his wife with her husband, as she wanted to see with her eyes. Rajjo asks how do you know? Beni says she got the info. Rajjo says if this is not truth then I will beat you.
Later in the night, Beni makes drink and dances while sitting. Happu comes there and tells that he came to just sit and not to drink. He tells that someone is behind him. A woman and her husband wanted me to get divorce and want to break my home. He says once I come to know that cheap man, I will beat him. Beni says I will beat him. Happu says I will take them to Police station and tells that what to tell Amma and Rajjo. Beni asks what did you do? Happu tells that a woman comes to the police station and told her story. He says he touched her to take bicchu out of her clothes, just then Rajjo and Amma come there and see him with her. He gets angry on that man and calls him with bad names. Beni says I will go to your house and will make Amma and Rajesh understand. Happu cries. Beni plays the song. Happu closes the tape recorder.

Precap: Amma tells Happu that she don’t believe him. Happu says divorce will happen in this house. Happu that she don’t believe him. Happu says divorce will happen in this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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