KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 69

The episode starts with Sunny explaining his ploy against Aryan to Sanju. After hearing the complete plan, Sanju’s eyes grow big out of fear. He asks Sunny, “But, Bhai….” Sunny cuts in saying, “Don’t worry about yourself, just do as I said and direct Aryan towards me, I will handle the rest as my target is HIM NOT YOU so don’t worry, he will never question you!” However, Sanju still not convinced asks, “All that is fine, Bhai, since the time I have joined with you I have always considered you in the same way as my best-friend, Bitoo, from Hoshiarpur unlike Rhea and Priyanka with whom I have worked earlier and you know why, because I always felt that whatever you did had a just reason but this…..” Sunny emotionally puts his arm around Sanju’s shoulder, “Everything is fair in LOVE AND WAR, Sanju! And here my war is against my own family so whatever I do is ABSOLUTELY JUST!” Sanju shakes his head in disapproval and looks on.

Next morning, Ranbir’s room

It’s 6:00A.M in the morning and Aryan having woken up early is getting dressed up, while Ranbir still on bed is groaning as Aryan is disturbing his sleep, he questions, “What the heck are you doing this early in the morning Aryan? What’s wrong with you? Do you have any special class in the morning?” Aryan murmurs back, “Not Special class, but there is something really SPECIAL!” then while gently rubbing his fingers over the bracelet which Shahana gave him, he says, “Today I will confess whatever I really FEEL for Shahana to her” just when a pillow lands on his head. He turns around and sees Ranbir annoyingly rubbing his eyes, being woken up without completing his sleep. Aryan keeps the pillow next to him and asks for his perfume which is Shahana’s favorite. Ranbir blinks and questions him, “Aryan, are you really fine? First of all, you woke up so early in the morning and got dressed smartly, now you are asking for the perfume of which you are ALLERGIC, if you remember I had given you one full bottle of the same perfume earlier when you asked right before the Fashion Event and you have finished it so fast, Aryan? I’m smelling something FISHY! What is it?” Aryan replies, “Come on Ranbir, I’ll explain all that later now please give me that perfume?’ Ranbir goes near the cupboard, takes out the perfume and hands it over to Aryan just when something clicks in his head. He asks him, “Aryan are you in LOVE?” Aryan jerks on hearing that and quickly says “GOOD BYE Ranbir!” and before Ranbir could stop and question him further, he runs out of the room. Ranbir frowns at first, then smiles and says, “I’m sure HE TOO HAS FALLEN IN LOVE, BUT WHO IS THE GIRL?”

Sarita Behen’s house, Prachi and Shahana’s room

Shahana is wearing the anklets which Aryan had gifted and hunting desperately for matching jhumkas in Prachi’s jewel box. Prachi comes out of the washroom and gets surprised to see Shahana digging through her jewellery. She shouts, “What is wrong with you Shahana? Why are you messing with my stuff?” Shahana ignoring her continues to scout and finally finds what she had been looking for all that while, she quickly wears them and informs Prachi that she is going to college early, just when Pragya comes there. Pragya is amazed to see Shahana all dressed up; however, she does not demand the latter the matter and tells her that she wants to discuss something with her and Rishi together in the living room. Shahana gets disappointed and checks her watch, it had already been 6:45, nevertheless, she obeys and goes to the living room along with Pragya and Prachi. In the living room, Sarita Behen and Rishi had already been waiting there. As soon Pragya, Prachi and Shahana come there, Sarita behen starts, “The events of the last few days were quite distressing for all of us and it frightens me to death when I keep thinking that all this was planned by that GIRL PRIYANKA to get MY RISHI!” Rishi tries to calm his grandma, but she stops him by showing her hand. She continues, “So I have decided to put an end to Priyanka’s EVIL DESIRES by marrying Rishi and Shahana!” Shahana is astounded to hear that and puts her bag down. Pragya notices it, picks it up and hands it over to her asking, “What is it Shahana?” Prachi answers, “Nothing Ma, she is amazed out of happiness!” then she gently strikes her shoulder against Shahana’s asking, “Isn’t it?” Shahana is dumbstruck, unable to speak anything. Sarita behen continues, “Pragya told me that we need to get your concern from both of you before going forward with this decision, so what is your opinion about it?” Rishi hesitantly answers, “Nani, to be honest, I LIKE SHAHANA!” All are bewildered. Sarita behen, Pragya and Prachi smile cheerfully on hearing it, while Shahana gets even more upset. Pragya turns towards Shahana, notices her unsettled state and questions, “Shahana, aren’t you happy with this proposal? If no, then you can tell it openly to your Maasi, I will never force you for anything!” Shahana stays silent while Prachi says, “Uff oh! I’m sure Ma that it’s a YES from Shahana too!” However, Pragya looks towards Shahana for an answer. Finally, she opens her mouth and says, “Maasi, I’ve something important in college that I need to leave right now!” All look at her puzzled. Pragya tells Sarita behen, “I think she needs time to think, Sarita ji, so let’s wait till then!” Sarita Behen sadly agrees. Then, Pragya kisses Shahana’s forehead saying, “Don’t worry Shahana, I will never pressurize you for anything, it’s your life so the decision will also be yours!” Shahana wistfully nods at her and quickly leaves from there.

MMIS College, Library

Aryan is walking up and down the corner where he had asked Shahana to meet him. He gazes at his watch, sees the time and asks furiously, “Why are these girls always late? I told Madam yesterday to be here at 7:00; it’s 7:15 already and she is not here, god, these girls!” just then he hears footsteps. He gets nervous without turning around, then closes his eyes and turns around with still having his eyes closed, slowly bends on his knees and says, “I’ve been holding it inside me for so long and cannot hold it any longer so I want to say this as fast as possible that I LOVE YOU!” But as he opens his eyes, he gets a shock of his life to see not Shahana but MISHTI STANDING IN FRONT OF HIM, WHILE SHAHANA IS JUST A FEW METRES AWAY. Sanju is carefully hiding himself, spying the three and is astounded to watch the events happen just the way Sunny had plotted them. Flashback, Sunny tells Sanju, “So you have to make sure that Mishti reaches before Shahana in front of Aryan to his chosen place.” Sanju doubtfully questions him, “But Bhai, how can you be sure that Aryan will unknowingly propose Mishti!” Sunny smirks evilly and says, “Something which happens with most men during their first proposal, NERVOUSNESS and I’m sure that my lil’bro will be so nervous that in a hurry, he will keep his eyes closed and will not realise that it is Mishti and not Shahana in front of him!” Flashback ends. Sanju cups his mouth thinking, “All hail to Sunny Bhai’s intelligence!” Misthi smiles in happiness, immediately hugs Aryan and says after planting a kiss on his cheek, “Oh my god, this is what I’ve felt for you, Aryan and today is the happiest day of my life when I heard those three magical words from you!” Shahana gets dejected and her eyes fill with tears on seeing that and she quickly runs from there. Aryan notices Shahana going away in tears and pulls Mishti forward saying, “Look Mishti, there is some confusion! Who asked you to come here?” Mishti confusingly replies, “Sanju told that you called me here!” Aryan clenches his fists in vexation. Sanju gulps his saliva, realising that he has got caught and swiftly tries to escape, however Aryan notices him and calls out, “Sanju!” Sanju rushes outside.

Shahana is walking outside in tears, just when a hand catches her, she is surprised and looks upwards to see Rakhi. Rakhi smilingly tells her, “The other day when you came to meet me, your college id fell from your purse while taking out my anklets, so I thought to return it you, following the address on the card.” Soon Rakhi’s smiles vanishes noticing Shahana’s misty eyes. Rakhi gets concerned and asks her the matter. Shahana instantly hugs her and narrates each and everything that happened a few moments ago. Rakhi is startled to learn everything and opposes the fact that Aryan loves Mishti saying, “It’s impossible Shahana that Aryan does not LOVE YOU BUT SOMEONE ELSE, I have seen love in his eyes WHICH IS ONLY FOR YOU even before I met you, I can’t believe what you are saying”. At that very moment, Sanju comes there trying to escape from Aryan. Yet, Aryan catches him and madly shakes him, holding his collar. Sanju screams, “Arrey leave me Aryan, whatever you want to ask, ASK YOUR BROTHER! He is waiting for you where you met him last!” At once Aryan leaves his collar in shock. Later, without noticing Shahana and Rakhi standing there, he rushes towards his bike. Rakhi asks Shahana, “Aryan has a brother? But what is his problem with his brother?” By that time, Aryan had disappeared from there. Shahana tells her, “It’s a long story di, but right now, I think I need to follow Aryan!” on saying that Shahana rushes to an auto and asks the driver to follow Aryan. Rakhi gets thinking for a moment, “I think I too should follow and help them” and immediately catches an auto asking the driver to follow Shahana’s auto. Sanju sorrowfully thinks, “No matter whoever tries to stop, Sunny Bhai will win this Kalyug!”

Sunny’s workshop in the garage near his house

Sunny is hitting his punching bag really hard. Aryan enters. Sunny smirks realising Aryan’s presence and continues to punch without looking at Aryan while pronouncing, “So my lil’brother got to know about the chakravyuh I had set for him!” Aryan angrily demands, “What are you trying to do?” Momentarily, Shahana too reaches there, but she does not enter, she watches the conversation from the exit. Sunny still having his eyes on his punching bag continues, “Remember Aryan you HAD MADE A PROMISE TO ME EARLIER!” Aryan and Shahana heart beat rate increases on hearing that. Aryan asks in a shaky voice, “So what do you want me to do?” Sunny stops punching, turns towards his brother with an evil glower and says, “FORGET SHAHANA AND MARRY MISHTI!” Aryan-Shahana are thunderstruck on those words.


To be continued.

  1. Oh so much confusion.1st Prachi,Sarita behen,Ranbir think Sahana also love Rishi?.2nd Mishtithinks Aryan love her.Why there are so many obstacles in the life of two lovers who love their partner from bottom of their ?.I hope everything gets fine.And I know ArHana love life is not going to be easy but let’s hope.Btw Aleyamma is this episode is 68 or 69 ? Because u already wrote episode 68 then why this episode is also 68? This episode should be episode number 69

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey Krishna, so good to see you wishing for the good of ArHana. That’s shows your kind side.
      Yeah this is Episode 69, there was a technical error while uploading this episode. I reported to tellyupdates twice but they have not changed yet!
      That is why I checked several times the comments section to see if my readers are confused or not! Fortuantely only you have commented till now,

    2. I have seen your thread of this fanfiction on India forum. Can you add a bit more information about the pairing on titles e.g., Pranbir fanfiction, Because you can’t tell about the story through the title. If I weren’t Al already reading your fanfiction then would’ve thought that Was a random thread and would’ve ignored it. Maybe next to the title write all pairings given names e.g., arhana. And write fanfiction. And please pair Sanju and rhea. And please join in on our abhigya Pranbir Aryan and ranbir discussion threads on India forum.

    3. Aleyamma

      Oh thanks Sam, I recently checked the messages on this episode and when I saw your message I started the account and posted there but since I’m a newbie I have so many restrictions. I cannot just like that add any pair name because my FF focuses on all the pairs. But yeah, I have mentioned that it is a FF on new generation.
      However, I did not see much response, maybe as you siad people are ignoring or maybe there are better FFs than mine in that platform!

    4. Hey Aleyamma I hope u are fine ,take care and stay safe.

    5. Aleyamma

      Thanks a million, Krishna for your concerned filled message. I’m absolutely fine, just a bit of body ache issues. But, thanks a lot for your concern. The next episode is out. Please do read it and give in your opinion!

  2. Hey aleyamma, Thanks for confirming that this is episode 69 bcoz I was also confused. I hate sunny for this cheap act ?? how can he interfere two lovers’ lives like this. I understand that whatever happened with him was very wrong but he should ruin purab’s life first n not poor aryan’s ??
    However, I loved Ranbir n aryan’s scene together. I read their bonding after a long time in the FF. So that was cheerful. ?? Hope shahana understands the confusion as she knows all the secrets between Aryan n sunny

    1. Agreed.

    2. Aleyamma

      Thanks a lot for your comment, the day before yesterday, when I was in a hurry and went through this page for comments and did not see yours, I was heartbroken.
      I really have an attachment with other’s comments, but I look forward for yours, Krishna’s and Jasmine’s becaue you are the MOST LOYAL commentators of this FF since the beginning. So, I felt sad at that moment, but now I’m really happy to see this comment! Thanks a lot!
      Your guesses are kinda right, but you have to see what will happen!

    3. Thanks a lot aleyamma. I feel proud to be one of ur loyal readers.

    4. Aleyamma

      Love you, Shanaya!

  3. Jasminerahul

    ranbir can’t understand that the girl Aryan loves is shahana.i wonder how he will react when he knows it.i am glad that sarita pragya decided to give time to shahana.since shahana is smart n outspoken i hope she will say about aryan openly to them.shocking that sunny sent mishti there n Aryan ended up proposing to mishti n shahana saw this.I hate sunny for the first time.though Aryan told mishti that there is a confusion I doubt whether she understood it.good that rakhi n shahana decided to follow aryan.aryan sunny confrontation …aryan knowing sunny’s real colour. .well written scene.now shahana too heard it.so i think she understood that Aryan loves only her n he has been troubled by sunny

    1. Aleyamma

      Absolutely right, Shahana is a gutsy open minded person, but will she reveal her LOVE for Aryan or not, you have to wait and see!

  4. Please make arhana end up together (maybe priyanka changes grooms) arhana and pranbir getting married please
    I beg you
    and make kiara’s memory come back.
    Lovely episode
    Can you please and more of kiara and sunny fun scences (arguments, playing, nok jhok, sunny taking care of kiara (sunny doesn’t know she is kiara) and kiara tells about the tramatic incident and pregnancy to sunny. And Pranbir same as kiara-sunny Please. I really feel bad about arhana especially aryan after all that he went through.
    Do you have india forum account. If you have pleasea post it there.

  5. everyone please put your opinion aswell.
    I want pranbir, arhana, sunny-kiara, sanju-rehea, mishti-rishi, priyank can fall in love again and marry with that molestator sanju hired when she goes to jail.
    Again everyone put your opinions of what ships do you want.

    1. ??
      I agree with all the pairs u mentioned ??

    2. U are right I also want this only

    3. Aleyamma

      Okay, Okay I have heard all of you Pranbir will be together, Kiarsu scenes are soon coming up! But Arhana there might be TRAGEDY! So, wait and watch!
      The other pairs let me see!

  6. Hey aleyamma, I had a question. As we are sitting at our homes all day, r u planning to resume the beyhadh fan fiction by any chance??

    1. Aleyamma

      Really good question, Shanaya!
      Infact that’s what I’m doing right now, trying to resume the FFs from which I have taken a break, but I was unable to write this weeken due to some health issues, but will surely resume everthing soon! Thanks a lot for remembering it!
      You are very sweet!

    2. Jasminerahul

      plz update the jabir ff also

    3. Aleyamma

      Yeah sure Jasmine, as I said, I’m resuming all the FFs from which I have taken a break and will soon resume everything so even Jabir FF will also be resumed!

    4. Thanks fo doing so. Hope u r alright now ??

    5. Aleyamma

      Yeah I’m perfectly alright, thanks a lot!

  7. Osm ff Aleyamma please update soon

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks Sara, seeing your comment after a really long time!

  8. Hey Sammmmmmmy Me too want all the pairs together as you have mentioned . BTW Rhea with sanju! LOL??

    1. Aleyamma

      Same here Krishna, Rhea-Sanju, LOL!

  9. If possible please do the updates faster. It’s a request.

    1. Aleyamma

      Yeah sure dear! Actually I was having some body aches and trying to update the my other ffs also which is why it is becoming late!

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