Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu in trouble

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu talking to Resham Pal on phone. Resham Pal tells that his wife is crying and is mad for her brother. He asks Happu to search his brother in law, as if he is not found then she will die and I will take your life. Happu says ok. The guy asks if he agreed. Happu requests the guy to forget what has happened and asks Makwana to do his sena. The guy tells that he will not let him forget. Happu hits stick on his head and he falls unconscious. Makwana holds him. Happu gets tensed. Kamlesh comes to Kat’s room and tells about the new film. Kat tells that her Dad will beat him (Kamlesh) after seeing her report. Kamlesh tells that Balwan Khan is in the film. Kat indirectly tells him that he is Poor man Balwan Khan. He says then you are Poor women Kat. Kat asks him to go. Kamlesh tells that he got money from Papa. Kat tells that money is showering on you from the rooftop. Kamlesh tells that he has taken money from his Papa’s wallet. Kat says you have stolen from your Papa’s wallet. Kamlesh tells no and asks her to come. Kat calls Malaika and complains to her about him. Kamlesh brings the rod and gives to Malaika, says he is ready.

Hritik tells Ranbir that they shall take revenge from Chamchi and puts toothpaste on her hand. they disturb her so that the toothpaste smears on her face. Chamchi wakes up. They laugh. Amma comes there and asks her to say the truth. Ranbir asks did you maun vrat ended? Amma says it is cancelled. Chamchi cries and complains to her about them. Amma punishes them.

Happu brings Resham Pal’s brother in law and calls Rajjo and Amma. They come out and ask who is he? Happu tells that the guy is Commissioner’s brother in law. Amma asks who has beaten him and curses him. beni tells that happu has beaten him. Rajjo asks why? Happu says if you had not called me then I would have went there and beaten him. Rajjo says I didn’t ask you to beat him and asks why did you bring him here. Happu says he fainted as that’s why he brought him here. Beni says you can lose your job. Happu sees Kamlesh looking at them and asks him to go.

Resham Pal calls Amma and tells that they were passing from there. Amma asks him to pass from there. Resham Pal tells that his wife is in tension and that’s why he wants to bring her there. Amma says how to tell him. Resham pal says they shall have just tea. Amma says ok. Rajjo tells Happu that they shall take him to hospital and shall drop him there. Happu tells that then also he will leave the job. Amma comes there and tells that Commissioner is coming here with his wife. They try to take Resham Pal’s brother in law out. Amma sees Resham Pal coming there with his wife and get tensed. They hide him in Happu’s room. Resham Pal calls Happu and his children. He tells his wife that don’t know where are kids? Resham Pal’s brother in law gains consciousness. Amma tells that she can’t lie. Happu keeps hand on the man’s hand. He sends Rajjo out to handle them. Rajjo takes Amma with her. Beni tells that they have to make him unconscious. Kamlesh comes there and asks Happu to send Kat with him. Happu asks him to go and refuses. Kamlesh blackmails him. Beni asks him to agree for now and tells that he will handle him later. He asks Happu to go out. Resham Pal asks his wife not to cry and tells that they are good family. He asks Amma to come there and says we came to talk to her. Rajjo calls her. Amma comes infront of them and sits. Resham Pal tells that his wife was very worried for her brother and that’s why he brought her here. He asks did I do right? Amma says no.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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