Shubharambh 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani risks her life for the competition

Shubharambh 23rd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani and Asha are searching for the Khakhra maker. Rani says we have to find it, Kritida might have hidden it. Gunvant and Kritida come there. Kritida says Gunvant gave the Khakhra maker to the travelers. Rani says you can stoop lower but we will still win the competition. Kritida says then go and bring it, they never give things back. Rani looks at Asha and she nods. Kritida says go and try them. They leave. Rani says I am going to talk to them. Asha says no they are dangerous people. Rani says we don’t have time, I have to bring the machine. Darshna says I will come with you. Rani says you both take care of Raja and he shouldn’t know that I went to them. She leaves from there. Asha is worried about her.

Rani comes to the area of travelers and sees a function going on. She sees a saree there and takes it. She wears it and covers her face with a veil. She mingles with people there. Their head is sitting with Khakhra maker beside her. A girl pushes Rani and asks her to dance. The head eyes Rani. Rani sees the khakhra maker.

Darshna gives eye drops to Raja. Raja asks where is Rani? Darshna says she is searching for the machine.

Rani tries to take the machine but the head stops her and glares at her. Rani is tensed. The head makes her dance. Rani takes the khakhra maker and starts leaving but the head puts knife on her neck and says who are you? Rani is tensed and takes off her veil.

Scene 2
Raja asks where is Rani? Darshna says Rani went to ask the neighbor for the machine, she will be back soon.

The head tells Rani that I saw you dancing and understood that you are not from our own. We have a tattoo on our hands and you don’t that’s why I held your hand and didn’t find the tattoo there. What should I do with you? Should I cut your neck? Rani gulps and says I am not stealing, this Khakhra maker is very important for me, I will bring it back tomorrow. The head says I don’t care, you tried to steal from us so you are not leaving, she takes the machine from her. Rani cries and says this khakhra maker can save my life, if we don’t get it today then I and my husband will have to separate for 3 years. All laugh at her. The head says I don’t forgive people who have bad intentions. Rani says I don’t have bad intentions that’s why I am standing here and talking to you, I love my husband a lot that’s why I am ready to do anything, I know my love will win as it’s true love. The head Leela says we will see if you can burn in your love today.

Leela sets up a coal-burning path for Rani and asks her to walk on it. Rani is stunned. Leela puts khakhra maker in the fire and asks her to burn and get this machine. Rani is nervous as all taunt her. Leela says our love becomes pure in this fire so show us your love, your love doesn’t have any spark.. Rani takes a deep breath and starts walking on it.

Raja gets worried for Rani and asks Darshna to call Rani and ask her to come back fast.

Rani is walking on the coals. Leela is surprised. Rani cries in pain but doesn’t stop. She completes the path and tries to take the machine from fire. She thinks nobody can separate me from Raja. She burns her hand but brings out the machine from the fire. She holds the burning machine. Rani thanks, God. Leela smiles at her.

Raja calls Rani but she doesn’t pick up. He says I am worried for her, where is she? Asha sighs and says she went to the travelers, Gunvant gave it to them so Rani went there. Raja is shocked and gets worried about her.

Leela tells Rani that your love has power, you have broken our record so I am giving out the gift to you. Rani smiles and says I need it for today only. Leela says this is yours now, keep it. We will bow down to anyone who has the power of love from now on. They all bow to Rani. Rani feels proud and cries. Leela gives her parsad and prays for her, she gives her balm for her feet also. Rani smiles and limps away.

Raja is trying to leave to find Rani. Darshna says you can’t even see. Rani comes there and falls down. Asha is shocked to see her burned hands and feet. Raja feels her presence and asks if she is fine? Rani gets tensed.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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