Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Everyone gets exposed infront of kids

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Happu asking Amma to handle kids from 2-6 pm. Amma says she is going to temple at that time and says she can’t handle kids. Rajjo asks her to let God rest in afternoon. Amma says she talked to Pandit ji also. Happu says he will ask Kat to take care of her siblings and calls her. Kat comes. Happu asks her to take care of her little siblings. Kat says she is going for the extra classes with Kamlesh, and says not possible today. She goes with Kamlesh. Chamchi says who will take care of us now. Happu sees Beni and asks what is his program today? Beni says he has some important work today. Happu asks him to come near the wall. Beni tells that yesterday he got the dream about the hidden treasure, but his dream was broken and he locate the place of the treasure in dream. He says that’s why he will sleep early today to get that dream. Amma says he is bahu’s friend. Rajjo says he is your son’s friend. Happu asks him to handle the kids as they are going out. Beni says he can’t. Amma asks him to handle kids being their Chacha. Beni agrees. Rajjo asks Happu to drop kids to school.

Kat and Kamlesh are in the theatre. She says it is fun to bunk classes, lie to family and coming to theatre. Kamlesh talks about romance. Kat says Kamlesh..She sees Happu and Rajjo coming there and hide her face. Kamlesh asks why are you hiding your face. Kat asks him to see her parents. Kamlesh says they lied to us that they are going to hospital. Kat says don’t know why people lie. Rajjo says why he takes side seats. Happu says there are benefits of side seats and says if they don’t like then they can make their own film. He says who will come to see us here. Rajjo sees Amma and tells him. Amma comes there and asks Dada ji’s soul to come. She sits on someone’s feet and says sorry. Amma and her husband sit on the chairs. Kamlesh says your all family are liars. Happu tells Rajjo that even pita ji came.

The film starts…

The kids play with each other and tell that Chamchi is cheating. Beni asks them to go to Police station and see from where Chamchi is learning. Beni asks them to play a game and call Vimlesh. Chamchi says it is a boring game. Beni asks them to call Vimlesh. Kids tell that mummy asked them not to call mausi. Beni offers to give them chocolate. They bargain with them. Beni says you will get 2 chocolates each. Chamchi calls Vimlesh. Vimlesh asks if everything is fine there. beni hears her and closes his eyes. Vimlesh tells them that she is busy as someone came to see him. The kids get happy. Beni is shocked and heart broken. The kids congrats vimlesh. They ask Beni, whom to call next.

Beni cries and is heartbroken. Rajjo tells happu that she is feeling shy and they shall go home. Happu says Amma doesn’t know we are behind her. They watch the film. Amma enjoys watching film with Dada ji. Dada ji asks Amma to give her a kiss and fulfill her wish. Amma asks what nonsense? Dada ji says everyone is busy in watching film. Amma gives kiss to Dada ji. Rajjo sees Amma giving kiss in air. Kat is shocked and says grand mother…Rajjo says Amma fulfilled dada ji’s wish. Happu asks Rajjo to kiss him. Rajjo kisses Happu. Kamlesh says your whole family is overloaded with romance. He says it is a wonder. Amma says you said that it is a religious film. Dada ji says love is also a religion.

Everyone comes home and having food at home. Amma asks what did Doctor say? Happu asks which doctor? Amma says you went to hospital to show to Rajjo. Happu says Doctor says no need to worry. Amma asks why did you take her then? Rajjo says Doctor asked her to be happy. Amma says did anyone throw snakes on you. A kid asks Amma about the Prasad. Amma says Dada ji came with her and had eaten all the Prasad. Malaika comes there and tells that my friend called and said that you went to watch film with Kamlesh and asks why did you lie? Kat says they went to theatre to study. Amma asks if this is the new idea? Rajjo scolds her and asks if they taught her to lie. Kat says yes mother, you only teaching this. She says I am telling the truth, and says you went with father to watch the movie and…..Amma says what did she say in English. Happu says she is apologizing. Amma says so long. Chamchi says even mummy lied and went to watch film with Papa and Kat saw her. Amma says I was praying to God to make my bahu fine and they lied to me and was watching film. Rajjo asks which God you was praying to? Amma says Vishnu God. Rajjo says I was behind that God and watching film. Amma is trapped in her own words. Hritik asks what is the film’s name and the story. The kid sing golmaal hai bhai….

Precap: Amma asks Happu about Raju’s wife. Happu tells that Raju will treat his wife well now. Amma gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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