Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chamchi and Hritik to scare Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beni calling Rajjo and asks if she is practicing Chudail’s acting. Rajjo says she forgot and says she will make breakfast and then act. He asks then to act like Vimlesh and get drown in acting. Rajjo asks him to ask Vimlesh to do acting. Beni says she is far away from here. Rajjo asks him to end the call and thinks to practice while cooking food. She walks with her head twisted and rolling her eyes. Happu gets shocked and calls Amma. He asks her to see what happened to Rajjo. Amma is shocked and thinks what happened to her. She calls dada ji. Dada ji sees Rajjo twisting her head and walking and gets shocked. He gets scared and says she is Dayan. Happu says she can’t be Dayan. Amma slaps him. She asks Dada ji why he is scared being a ghost and asks him to be shameful to get scared. She says we have to do something. Happu runs to police station. He asks Manohar about the file. Manohar says it was taken by the commissioner. Happu asks whom he was talking to. Manohar says he was talking to his wife and was scared as she talks in male voice, says everyone is afraid of her. Happu asks him to take breath and say. He says he is believing on this ghost story and asks him to tell without taking the breath about the tantrik. Amma thinks what to do. Dada ji comes to her. Amma says you are a stain on the ghosts. Dada ji says he has handle more dangerous chudail than Rajjo. Amma asks him to go. She says she will ask Beni to call tantrik. Dada ji says he will send chudail to her. Amma scolds him.

Rajjo comes to beni and asks what he was doing? He asks her to get him married to Vimlesh. Rajjo tells that she practiced nicely of chudail acting. Beni says you are fine actor like Vimlesh and asks her to act. Kamlesh comes there. Rajjo is doing acting of chudail. He asks if she is doing drama. Rajjo asks him not to tell anyone about the drama. Kamlesh says I will not tell anyone and gives juice to her. Beni asks from where did you get it? Kamlesh says I developed this juice. Beni says he talks wonderful English and teases him. Beni sits and asks her to drink this red juice and act. He says I was also in the character. Rajjo comes to Beni and acts like Chudail. Amma sees her. Rajjo tells that she will suck his blood and acts as drinking his blood. Beni acts as his blood is sucked by her. Amma is shocked and says she is a very big dayan and runs inside. Beni tells Rajjo that she is a good actor. Rajjo says I will go before Amma comes here. Amma is hiding in the bathroom and thinks if she had known that Rajjo is a dayan then wouldn’t have let Happu marry her. She says she has killed Beni and calls Happu. He tells him that Rajjo went behind Beni and said that she will drink his blood. She cries and says she drank his blood. Happu is shocked. Amma says yesterday she said that she will drink my blood. Happu says don’t know what happened to her. Amma says I came to know on the marriage day itself when she had applied red lipstick. Happu says that she did in love and is a different matter. Amma asks him to call tantrik and tells that she is sitting in the bathroom to hide herself. Happu asks her to be there until he brings tantrik. Manohar asks are you sure that your wife is chudail. Happu asks him to take a breath and say. Manohar says wrongly.

Hritik comes to Chamchi and asks her to see what he brought. Chamchi makes fun of him and asks him to show. Hritik refuses to show her. Chamchi says sorry. Hritik shows the masks. Chamchi and Hritik laugh. He tells that his friend gave him mask of ghosts which he used in school function. Chamchi says if we had such function then would have enjoyed. Hritik says we will act and enjoy at home. Chamchi says they shall scare Beni. Hritik says he just talks about Vimlesh and says they will scare Papa. Chamchi asks if Papa will get scared. Hritik says Papa gets afraid of Dadi, Mummy, Commissioner, Malaika and even Kat. Chamchi says lets scare him. Hritik says Apna is Apna.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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